I am under NO ILLUSIONS what Donald Trump is up against…, and what he could even be part of!  The corruption we the people experience starts at the very top!!  This video interview of Cathy O’Brien…, will tell you as much…, if you are willing to listen.

What has happened in the past is not likely to be erased by One President…, and if he does “nothing” to expose it…, then it can be assumed he is most likely cutting deals to keep it hidden!

Only “we” can help to expose all of this!  Give a listen!


Trump has a battle on his hands of EPIC proportions just to get into the highest office only because EVERY CRIMINAL of the past has been “protected” from the very highest levels!

It is the WILLING ignorance of the American people AND of the world…, that allows HELL ON EARTH to continue!

Maybe some day…, people will want to let go of their ignorance!




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