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You just cant make this stuff up people!  See the links below:

Chrissy Teigen isn’t afraid to swear, and she’s encouraging all women to join her in frequently dropping the F-bomb.

On Monday, Teigen and her husband John Legend helped kick off a three-day policy retreat for House Democrats by speaking about politics, their feelings about Trump and social media, and, of course, the one phrase Teigen feels women should say more often.

At one point during the discussion, moderator and political commentator Melissa Harris-Perry noted that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi encouraged women start saying “no” more. Harris-Perry asked Teigen what she’d like to hear women say more often, and she bluntly replied, “Fuck you.” Beautiful.


You’ve got to ask yourself…, WHAT DO TWO LUCIFERIANS have to say to the House Democrats that could possibly be of any importance whatsoever?

Unless the Democrats were suddenly taking their marching orders from SATANTISTS!!


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According to this report, this past week saw one of the most bizarre political events ever occurring in American history when the entire Democrat Party membership of the US House of Representatives ignored every crisis their nation is facing and secluded themselves away from the media to attend a secretive conference—that on its opening day was headlined by a Hollywood elite singer named John Legend (who studied English with an emphasis on African-American literature) and his supermodel wife Chrissy Teigen (who dropped out of high school)—both of whom critiqued and blasted Trump’s tax and economic policies—and when asked what advice she’d give to House Democratic women, saw Teigen demonically replying “you should say fuck you more often”.


For those of you a may not know, John Legend and Crissy Teigen practice BLACK MAGIC, and did a very specific “magic ritual” geared at “demonizing” the yet unborn fetus of their child in order to create a “moonchild” who they subsquently  named LUNA!

See this post:


Below is a Q drop from 2018 talking about John Legend’s “connection” to Hillary Clinton and Haiti!   As well as about their “moon child”!

And now…, these two goof ball IDIOTS are giving “Lectures” to the House Democrats…, on WHAT SUBJECTS??

Going from bizarre to outright lunacy, this report continues, the roughly 170 leaders and lawmakers of the Democrat Party attending this secretive conference, who had previously held lessons on “how to talk to real people”, began their retreat with a “Who Are The People?” lesson given to them by elite Ivy League professors from Harvard and Yale universities

—after which they took part in yoga and a celebrity-chef demo, with several members sharing a tee time at the golf course on-site—and then cut loose with a game of trivia, answering questions about Beyoncé’s fan baseone of many Democratic socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez easily got right—and which had a category titled the “Green New Deal” that was all about marijuana.

Best likened to when French Queen Marie Antoinette supposedly said upon her learning that her nation’s peoples were starving because they had no bread, “Let them eat cake”, this report notes, the blindness to their country’s problems exposed by these Democrats’ orgy of frivolities seemingly makes no sense—that is, until, one notes that the main intended focus of this conference was to hold a secret meeting between these Democrats and Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell—who, just weeks ago, had defiantly claimed: “no, Trump can’t fire me”.


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