By: Bradley Loves






Who gets to “decide” what punishment is the right and correct “punishment” for countless trespasses when any human being, and/or “Off Worlder” harms another living and breathing human being – harms their property and their natural life?

Who decides what is “fair” compensation for all “damaged property”, if that “damage” takes place during an incarnation upon the Earth?


The living human soul who was hurt or damaged “DECIDES” what the punishment is!           THAT’S WHO DECIDES!


Does it seem strange that it would work this way?


Only the soul who actually experienced the TRESPASS, or the HARM…, knows how it “felt” to have that done to them.

Therefore, IT IS ONLY THEY who are capable of deciding what a just and equitable REPARATION or PUNISHMENT for that harm should be!

Prime Creator, the Single Creator of all that is – does NOT say:

OKAY…, this is the punishment that you get for such and such an ACTION while you were there on Earth.


Prime Creator was not the individualized soul that had to “EXPERIENCE” the damage or endure how it felt while living on the Earth…, and therefore Prime Creator does not decide what the punishment should be!

The “COSMIC RIGHT” to assess all punishments, fees, and/or damages for any harm caused…, belongs to, and is ALWAYS reserved for the very soul who experienced the damage and harm!



Thus, it is “they alone” who have the right to face any and all of the human souls (men and women) and/or all other off world entities who may have caused them such harm, and once they are ON THE HIGHER LEVELS, GET TO HEAR THEIR DEEPEST REGRETS!

Then, it is they and they alone who decide what a proper CONSEQUENCE – RESTITUTION – and yes, even what PUNISHMENT should be given for that harm!

RESTITUTION means that anything of value (this includes lost opportunity, lost time, lost good health, happiness, and even lost experience) that were unlawfully stolen, (according to Natural or Cosmic Law) must be repaid to the SOUL from which these things were taken.


This is the exact reason why:

“I WAS ONLY FOLLOWING ORDERS” is not a viable excuse – and will never be heard on the other side as valid justification for harming another.

PRIME CREATOR will always say to the Soul who caused the harm:

“I gave you FREE WILL to chose what to do and not do, I did not FORCE you to listen to other men, nor did I make any demands that you obey their criminal orders!”


Therefore, all that has been stolen, parasited, pirated, or taken in the form of tangible things such as property, money,  good health, as well as things like “time” and  “energy” or “good karma” must be returned 100 percent and totally to who ever it was stolen from. 

This is usually why incarnations on other levels of creation are necessary for certain souls…, and that is so one soul can make FULL and TOTAL RESTITUTION to another soul.

Prime Creator only gets involved when the crimes of one SOUL are so great (usually world leaders – bankers – kings, queens and the like) that their harmful and criminal actions literally affected millions and billions of souls in very harmful ways. 

The restitution they must make at this point would be SO IMPOSSIBLY LARGE that it could cripple the SOUL for eternity if the FULL AMOUNT was to be repaid.

In other words…, the crimes of that soul are so great and so far reaching, that they could never possibly make amends for all of them, even in a billion years of slave labor.

This is where “Savior Souls” like Jesus Christ – become a “gift” to the biggest sinners on the planet.  Only through HIS GRACE and HIS Intervention do these SOULS keep from being literally DESTROYED under the weight of their own crimes against other men.

Jesus himself said:  I do not come for the good…, but I come for the WICKED! 

Thus, he walked with Bankers, Tax Collectors, Politicians, Lawyers and Judges.

“Those who are upstanding and righteous, do not need me…, only the WICKED NEED MY HELP…,”

….and now you know why!!


If not for HIS intervention…, these wicked souls…, whose actions and behaviors here on Earth have HARMED BILLIONS OF SOULS…, would be destroyed trying to pay it all back.

Still, even so, there are THOSE SOULS (in their arrogance) who refuse to repent and refuse to have remorse for the HARM that they have caused other men and women!

More than anything, these souls need GRACE – yet do they refuse it!  

These are the Souls who can NOT be helped – and who owe so much in restitution, but refuse to pay any of it back.

What other choice does GOD our loving Creator have?  

You’ve got a few created Souls…, Souls that did horrendous damage and caused endless HARM to countless other innocent Souls, and then to top it all off…, THEY SIMPLY REFUSE TO APOLOGIZE and THEY REFUSE TO MAKE IT UP TO THEM.

These “damaged Souls” stand in front of the Creator and say: 

When I was on Earth…, I stood up for righteousness and followed your NATURAL LAWS.

However, these Souls here TOOK FROM ME and DAMAGED MY LIFE while I was on Earth – I demand restitution from them.

What is GOD to say when those criminal souls REFUSE TO APOLOGIZE and furthermore, REFUSE TO MAKE ANY REPAYMENT FOR THE HARM THAT THEY CAUSED??

Just think about the Central Bankers who caused impossible to imagine HARM to countless millions of families who had worked hard all of their lives – paid huge sums of money for years and years on their houses and their homes…, only to have those homes STOLEN from them with the stroke of a pen!




This is exactly why we should all be very careful as to what we do to others…, and how we may be either hurting or harming them!

Jesus said:

“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”  …for a very good reason.  It was for YOUR PROTECTION.


Many people believe that “Jesus” came to make reparations for countless souls who did horrible and unspeakable things in their lives while living here on the Earth.

I do believe that this is so!

It holds validity only because countless souls were actually conned into doing very horrible and violent acts while here on Earth by the Fallen Ones, as well as Demonic Entities.

Not really understanding what they have done…, some of these souls may have done so many horrible and unspeakable things to other living beings that only through the grace and the intervention of another being like Jesus – could such a HIGH PRICE be paid back!

In fact if you see this post:

The truth of the matter may be that in many cases…, the COST would be simply impossible to payback!!

This is especially true if things like GOOD KARMA were being stolen through the use of technology, and being taken from beings and then BAD KARMA was placed upon them through the use of advanced technology…, THE COST to re-balance that displaced energy might be so great, so far reaching, and take so long billions of lifetimes…, that it would be very literally IMPOSSIBLE TO PAY BACK!    




Here is something to think about for those men and women who STILL WORK FOR THE DARK CABAL.

In my case…, for ALL OF THOSE men and women who have done “harm” to my natural life and my body, mind, my family and MY PROPERTY…., during this single incarnation (and you KNOW who you are)

I am planning some of the most interesting consequences and reparations that have been (as of yet) imagined in the after-life.

Just know that!

This is NOT OVER, and the “fat lady” has NOT YET SUNG!

You have caused me extreme suffering, and I will NOT FORGET THAT! 

Even if I do leave this physical body “suit”,  I am not dead!


My soul and consciousness goes on and on!  You may not be clear on this, but I AM!

“On the other side”, I will have a really LONG memory of what happened to me while I was here!

And there are “RECORDS” of every second of time within my natural life, and what happened in it, and “who did what”.

This includes the “cut and paste” parallel realities – and the “outside of Time” holographic realities that the Grays and their ilk were using to change and split apart Time-lines only so they could criminally direct the flow of events on Earth!

Every single being – human and otherwise, that was working for the DARK CABAL – and had even the “tiniest” effect upon my natural life by taking actions that may have harmed my body, mind, natural life, and/or caused damage to my property, KNOW THAT YOU OWE ME, and I am now calling in the Debt that YOU OWE.

Besides the constant and unspeakable “targeting” of my physical body and mind with every kind of synthetic wave, frequency, and disruptive technology imaginable – which I will make certain that those who did this get REAL CONSEQUENCES FOR…

There is the “actual property damage” being done, as well as the “theft” of my energy, my opportunities, and my pre-selected life plan.

I’ve got some VERY special consequences in mind for every wet behind the ear’d brat at the NSA/CIA/NRO and former military PRIVATE SUB-CONTRACTOR, who uses, and has used directed energy weapons on me or members of my family.

Once you leave the physical portion of your body…, all I have to say is:


Oh…, and for those who think they can “claim” they had the “right” to do this harm because they were ORDERED to do it, or…, they had “jurisdiction” over my “corporate fictional ALL CAPS NAME” which they claim is “owned” by someone else, sorry, those “names” have been claimed by me, and I as a living man have shown up!

I am no longer missing, presumed dead!  The records are now changed!

I was never a Corporate Fiction, and for you to have “assumed” otherwise is YOUR MISTAKE – not mine.

That I have not yet been “made whole” and seen restitution of all that I am owed – is a further CRIME and INSULT for which you will be charged.

I “dis-avow” any connection to the ALL CAPS NAME/CORPORATE FRAUD that was perpetrated upon my living being when I was born. 

I have claimed all Trade Names as my property, and any and all uses of these names must STOP.

Therefore, YOU, yes YOU will have to pay back/make restitution/endure the CONSEQUENCES that I say you will have to endure.

Your “Supervisor” never told you THAT, did he or she?


All debts must be paid, and all energy must be restored, re-balanced and repaid to those from whom it was STOLEN!  


Some souls may in fact choose to “forgive everything”.

I feel that real learning can not occur unless a criminal soul “FEELS” deeply the very serious damage that they themselves have caused to another living being!

A single life-time on Earth is very short!    

80 years is nothing in terms of ETERNITY!  

So why (pray tell) are so many, so willing to sell their very souls simply for a paycheck?

Selling your “services” for something as fleeting as a “paycheck” just to do HARM to another soul on Earth…, is a VERY BAD  BARGAIN…, because the COST is far greater that you can possibly imagine in your tiny mind.

It would be like getting the joy of eating a single bowl of ice-cream…, and then finding out much later you had to do 20 years of hard labor in a prison camp for that one single bowl of Ice-Cream.

Is it worth it??


Time to re-think what you are DOING with your TIME here on this Earth!  

And to re-think who you are working for!

If you are working with Directed Energy Weapons, if you work at any of the Super Secret CABAL underground bases, or in Antarctica, if you are using technology to torture the innocent MINDS of living and breathing human beings, you may be very surprised when you find out that the COST and the CONSEQUENCES at this point are already impossible to PAY BACK!

Maybe “JESUS” was seen as an absolute necessity by our PRIME Creator!

Something that you may want to think about…..




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