By: Bradley Loves

The Golden Rule says this:

Do unto others as you would have them do unto you….

There are countless people who have “awakened” enough to see the benefit of this statement in the creation of a better planet, a better place to live, and a more harmonious environment for growth.

Therefore those men and women who are “HALF” awakened, have determined that what:

Do unto “others” as you would have them do unto “you” means is this:

Do not kill them…

Do not steal from them….

Do not “hurt them physically”…


Naturally this is a good start…, and as I’ve said…, those men and women who are HALF (or less) awakened would take this statement in this way!  The 3 possibilities that I’ve listed are the most “gross” and most “dense” and “heavy gravity” interpretations of the Golden Rule…, and would sound logical to a person who is barely out of the most gross and most dense vibrations.


However…, the subtleties  of the Golden Rule are endless…, AND the farther up the vibrational ladder one goes…, so does the expansiveness of the Golden Rule.

A much “higher version” of the Golden Rule, which could be restated simply as:

Treat others the way you’d like to be treated….

….encompasses an “endless” variety of loving action…, all of which are aimed at mending the illusionary divide between souls.

In this sense…, the MORE SUBTLE ideas like:

Helping another person when they need it

Seeing to sick persons needs

Helping a friend who has no money get a job or, giving that person a place to live


You see…, IF THESE THINGS WERE HAPPENING TO YOU…, would you not want someone else to assist you?

Do unto others…, as you would have them do unto you…

Means that you will do for another person ANYTHING that you would want to be done for you IF (at some future time) you might somehow accidentally be in that situation.

This includes things like:

Feeding the hungry

Giving refuge to the homeless

Clothing those who have none

Do unto others…, as you would have them do unto you (if at some time you were to find yourself without means)

Is a more subtle…, but equally as important and valid interpretation of the Golden Rule!

It is a step up from simply “refraining” from attacking, or doing bodily harm…, and actually moves into a proactive role as a “CARING” member of society and humanity.

An ever MORE subtle level (for far more advanced souls) are these types of things.

Do not deceive others, whether in contract, word, or deed.

Do not lie to others, even if only in passing

Do not try to get one over on another in business, or any other type of endeavor

You would not do these things…, BECAUSE you do not want “others” doing these things to you.

A better way of putting the Golden Rule would be this:

Anything…, that you would not want to be done to you (EVER)…, you should NEVER do to another….

Do unto “others” as you would have them do unto you…., (can you see now?)

Now we have reached the “INTERMEDIATE STAGE” of the Golden Rule.

This has removed a significant amount of the illusion of separativity between souls.

This is far past the beginning stage, and into the advanced stage.

However…, THIS LEVEL is not the end!

There is another step to take…, and it is this step that completely abolishes the physical separation between souls!

It is this type of ACTION which determines who understands what “ONENESS” really means.

This is the HIGHEST LEVEL!

You will not even ALLOW actions to be taken against “others” if you would not want that action done to you!

This means that you will INTERVENE on another’s behalf…, to prevent action being taken against them, if in fact it is an action you would not want done to yourself!

This means that if you see a “rape” taking place in front of you…, you INTERVENE on the behalf of the one being raped and put a stop to it!  Since you yourself would not want to be raped!

This means that if you know of RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE or SATANIC PROCEEDINGS…, you “intervene” on behalf of the one who is about to be sacrificed, or otherwise abused, BECAUSE “YOU” would not want to be sacrificed and/or abused.

This means that if you are a “banker”…, and you see that a beings home is being taken from them fraudulently…, YOU INTERVENE on that beings behalf because YOU would not want your home taken from you!

The “highest” level of the Golden Rule calls us into SACRED ACTION…, in order to bring the vibration of ONENESS and LOVE directly into the physical realm…, and out of the theoretical mental realm.

Think on these things!



As we speak…., the GOLDEN RULE…, is under attack…, from all corners…, not least of which is the Channeling Community!

Any Entity which tells you that no matter what is happening to another soul…, don’t worry about it because they “contracted” for that…, is taking direct aim at the highest level of the GOLDEN RULE, and trying to destroy it’s true meaning.

Those who follow such nonsense will never be able to grasp the subtler meanings of any spiritual teachings BECUASE they refuse to get past gross physical separations…, and see their true oneness with everyone!

The GOLDEN RULE is a gift!

Don’t abuse it.

All my love….





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