By: Bradley Loves

With all my love for those who come here to read, to grow, to learn…, I am going to continue this series…, because I think it is really important!


Who is it that is behind “Everything” ?   That is the question that we need to ask ourselves!   What would it take to get an entire planet…, and an entire species so topsy turvy…, that it was on the verge of self destruction?

Just one simple thing…, and I’ve written about it over and over again…, and like a broken record. I repeat it as often as I can.   The answer is:


But we are not just talking about a tiny amount of deception…, because that could be over come by the good hearts of mankind!  What I am speaking of is constant, persistent, and massive deception on a GLOBAL SCALE for thousands of years!

Who is it that could possibly organize such deception and get away with it?

Secret Societies!

Mystery Babylon…, or the name they go by these days:


Here is what the Freemasons think about lying and deceiving the “profane masses” who are “undeserving” of the TRUTH…

From Albert Pike:


So far…, we’ve seen the busy little hands of Freemasonry creating FAKE religions in every single corner of the globe!

Their members have created:

  1. Modern day WICCA (Witchcraft)
  2. The Church of Scientology
  3. Christian Science
  4. Bible Watch Tower and Tract Society (Jehovah’s Witness)
  5. Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints
  6. The New Age
  7. The Nation of Islam
  8. The Ku Klux Klan
  9. The Aryan Nation
  10. The Kabbala (Cabala)

And…, this is just the tip of the “iceberg” my friends!  I haven’t even begun to scratch the surface yet of the outlandish lies, and the monumental deceptions that just one single SECRET SOCIETY (known as the Freemasons)…, have perpetrated upon the world at large over the course of many hundreds of years!

They like to call themselves the “keepers” of the ANCIENT MYSTERY SCHOOLS…, which go all the way back to Babylon, but they are nothing more than two bit whores…, and even the Bible says so!


Remember THIS ARTICLE that I wrote so clearly about lies and deception…, and Satanism and Secrecy…, and where it leads??

Now would be a good time to reread that article just to remind yourself where lies and deceptions lead to…, because even the Freemasons tell us by their own writings that they follow the left handed path of LUCIFER!

They are Rebellious Spirits, and will do whatever is necessary to bring LUCIFER into power.

Perhaps this is why Hillary Clinton wrote her Doctoral Thesis on a man named: Saul Alinksy…, who wrote a book called: RULES FOR RADICALS…, and who dedicated that “book” to LUCIFER!

Here are his 12 Rules:

Hillary Clinton “admired” Saul Alinsky as one of the most notable figures she could think of.

When one follows the left handed path of Lucifer…, then one MUST use lies and deception constantly!

Telling the TRUTH is a sin and a crime to those who follow that path!

Why do you think “TRUTH TELLERS” are now being killed, imprisoned, tormented, hounded and bullied??

It is because the LUCIFERIANS have finally gotten into the halls of POWER!

To the Luciferians…, telling the TRUTH is a CRIME!

I just can’t make this any more clear than I’ve written it!  And THIS is the very reason why you are seeing those who want to tell the TRUTH being put in JAIL!

Now…, if you “want” the Luciferians to stay in power…, then just DO NOTHING!!

Go sit in your corner and  repeat OMMM…, all day long…, but remember this…, it was the Luciferian Freemasons who started the NEW AGE MOVEMENT…, and who “told” you that there was no such thing as bad!   They did this for a very important reason which I will get into soon enough!

But you must also remember this…,

by their OWN ADMISSION…, they LIE about EVERYTHING!

Madam Blavatsky…, who is show in a picture along side of 3 so called Ascended Masters wrote in her book entitled the Secret Doctrine that LUCIFER was the God of the Earth!

How many “channelings” by St. Germaine have been posted on the internet which are claimed to be all about “service” to humanity…, and yet…, it is also claimed that he (an Ascended Master) was helping a known Luciferian…, to start a brand new “Secret Society” known as:  THE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY!   A society in which Adolph Hitler himself was very interested in.

See the footnotes in the picture below!



Can anyone tell me what I’m not seeing?  Because apparently the New Ager’s must know something that I do not!

Let’s move on!


Here is how Albert Pike (defender of the Left handed Path) justifies his belief.  An unabashed Luciferian…, he proclaims that LUCIFER IS GOD!!  And then, continues to say this:

“Unfortunately” Adonay is also God.

Forgive me…, but “unfortunately”??        It’s the same God according to you!

In one sentence, he proclaims Lucifer as God…, HIS GOD!  And then, as an after thought…, he says…, well God’s got an alternate personality…, which apparently no one really likes…, Adonay (Yahweh)

This is supposedly the SAME GOD!   But apparently…, even Pike (who is bringing us this interesting information)…, only really likes the LUCIFERIAN HALF!

How convenient!

Here is where up becomes down, and down becomes up…, and again, why Truth Tellers are now being sent to Jail!

Carl Hackse said this:


(Remember from Mark Passio what “Occult” means…, it simply means hidden!)

“Cabala” remains the Hidden Science, or…, what Carl Hackse terms as the Theology of “Initiates”…, but it is a theology essentially SATANIC!

To those men and women who practice Satanism…, people who tell the TRUTH and people who do good works are CRIMINALS!    This is what Hackse calls: Counter-Theology!

Now…, it’s time for a “come to Jesus” moment for everyone out there in internet land who is in TOTAL DENIAL!!

The ONLY WAY that truth tellers could be going to jail, or…, even more importantly, as has just happened after Donald Trump’s election…, where truth tellers are being called: FAKE NEWS and all of the Corporations like Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc, are moving very fast to “STOMP OUT”  Truth Telling…,

The ONLY way this could actually be happening is IF…, the LUCIFERIANS were already in power!

Since that is what we are currently seeing taking place…, then THAT is what has happened!

Since Barak Obama is President…, and this is happening while he is in the White House…, then WHAT does that tell you about HIM????????

Now are we on the same page??   How many more articles with the Headline:


….posted by some clueless New Ager, who got that idea from a “channeled message” am I going to have to read??

If the light had WON…, then we would NOT be seeing what we are seeing!

Can this be made any MORE CLEAR?

More Will Be Coming!!


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