By: Bradley Loves

This part of the series is going to focus once again on Madame Helena Blavatsky…, but it is going to trace all of the links directly from her (along the slippery slope) of the New Age, all the way to where we are today!

She has been called the God Mother of the New Age…., and this article should prove why!


Below is a link to the Biography of Phineas Quimby, who lived from 1802 to 1866 and called: THE FATHER OF NEW THOUGHT!

If you read it, you’ll notice that one of his so called STUDENTS was Mary Baker Eddy!

However…, in an earlier part of this series…, I showed you that Mary Barker Eddy (founder of Christian Science) was actually a FREEMASON!

Here is Mary Baker Eddy’s Shrine, located at the place of her “birth”!


Wow!  I wonder how much money an eleven (notice the number) foot tall Granite Pyramid would cost??   And you also wonder why the Freemasons were so grateful to “Mary Baker Eddy” that they felt it necessary to celebrate the very place of her birth with a PYRAMID??

So if Mary Baker Eddy was a Freemason…, what are the chances that Phineas Quimby was ALSO a Freemason??



If this is what all New Ager’s believe…, and it is safe to say that most of them do…, then what is the “DOWNSIDE” of this type of thinking…, or the “DRAWBACKS” of it??


Having experienced many “encounters” with Astral Beings myself…, it is clear to me why the Bible actually forbid these types of contacts!


My experience has shown me that the Astral Level is literally filled with Demons, Dark Forces…, and Negative Entities (most likely who are “trapped” there) and who will do ANYTHING to use and abuse human beings…, even if it means lying to them constantly about SPIRITUAL THINGS!


The problem with this type of thinking…, is that it completely IGNORES that there really ARE very dark “forces” out there on unseen levels that want to corrupt, hurt and destroy mankind!

These forces (fallen Angels) and the like…, who have given up their very souls…, are out to gather followers!

IF there really are no winners and no losers…, then it becomes VERY EASY for these forces to convince good people to do HORRIBLE THINGS…, because seemingly there are NO CONSEQUENCES to wrong action!  And, if not able to convince good people to DO horrible things…, then at least to convince them to LOOK AWAY AND ALLOW horrible things to be done!

Here are a few pictures of the war zone in Syria! (Why do the New Ager’s Look Away from this??)



It is due to the fact that their favorite “Channeled Entities” are telling them that this is actually NECESSARY…, and is clearing KARMA!

They have all been duped by ASTRAL ENTITIES!

The past “war” in Iraq…, the current “war” in Syria…, and the “desired” war in Iran…, is really (IN TRUTH) all about the CENTRAL BANKS getting those countries to capitulate to the Western Banking System!  PERIOD!   It has NOTHING TO DO WITH KARMA, and everything to do with pulling these last few remaining countries into the Rothschild’s Western Banking Cartel…, so that the human beings who live there can become “chattel property” just like the rest of the world.

Who are these Entities that come into peoples living rooms…, (Through Channeling) and are running cover for the Central Banks????

Ask yourselves these important question, and suddenly you’ll know why they are running cover for the Banking System!!

Let’s continue to look deeply into the NEW AGE….


So the Theosophical Society…, AND, the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn…, where very heavily influenced by the SECRECY of Freemasonry!

There is that word again: SECRECY (DECEPTION)

Here is a link to the Hermetic Order, where the Introduction page clearly says that SECRECY is very important and “fundamental” to MAGICK!

It further says:

The secrecy wrapped around Magick isn’t just for fun or mystery or manipulation. As a matter of fact, it makes spreading the message of Magick, the message of our individual power as divine beings, far harder.

 People naturally distrust and resent secrets. So WHY are so many Magicians so secretive? Why was so much about the Golden Dawn system kept secret for so long?

 The simple answer is because Magick is dangerous.

 The revelation, and explanation, of how to use advanced techniques can bring on insanity and even death if the student isn’t ready.

Could one of the “DANGERS” be the idea that most of the “power” that real MAGICIANS use and draw from…, comes from having SEX with little children??

Certainly THAT…, and that alone would make becoming a Magician…, and using Magick very DANGEROUS…, don’t you think??

Once again…, far down the Introduction page…, the writer says that Lying and Deception are so very necessary to keep the knowledge of Magic out of the hands of those who are not ready for it!!!

So…, the TRUTH really comes out here because this one page tells us that all who really wish to have deeper SPIRITUAL KNOWLEDGE have to eventually become MAGICIANS!

But is MAGIC POWER really spiritual knowledge??  As a spiritual seeker, we all have to ask ourselves this single important question!!

Is the ability to have power OVER others really what WISDOM is all about??

Or, is simply having and sharing LOVE the true nature of SPIRITUAL POWER???

Due to these “connections”, and countless other books I’ve come across…, it is my OPINION that Madame Helena Blavatsky was in fact a MAGICIAN!

And…, it is also my opinion that these men (who she is pictured with)…, instead of being “ASCENDED MASTERS”…, where in fact MAGICIANS!


Here is a Bio Page for Saint Germain

As proof that St. Germain was more of a Magician that an Ascended Master…, there is this quote:

In the 1925 book The Masters and the Path by C.W. Leadbeater, an adherent of Theosophy, St. Germain is called both the “Comte de St. Germain” and the “Master Rakoczi.”

His previous incarnations are enumerated (the same ones as noted below in the paragraph about Guy Ballard).

On page 240 of The Masters and the Path it is stated that when performing magical rituals in his castle in Transylvania, St. Germain wears “a suit of golden chain-mail which once belonged to a Roman Emperor; over it is thrown a magnificent cloak of crimson, with on its clasp a seven-pointed star in diamond and amethyst, and sometimes he wears a glorious robe of violet.”

Other “STORIES” about St. Germain are even more SENSATIONAL!!

In the Godfre Ray King books, and Law of Life books, it  is said that St. Germain was Joseph the foster-father of Jesus, Merlin the magician of King Arthur’s Court, Roger Bacon, Christian Rosenkreuz of Germany, Christopher Columbus, Francis Bacon and Prince Rakoczy of Transylvania, in previous reincarnations.

These beliefs about his previous incarnations are also promulgated by the Church Universal and Triumphant, with the addition that he was also incarnated as the ancient Jewish Prophet Samuel, as Saint Alban, and as a high priest of the white magicians in Atlantis.

Guy Ballard claimed his book The Magic Presence was channeled to him from St. Germain (The official I Am edition of The Magic Presence, regarded as a sacred scripture, is printed in a violet colored typeface on lavender paper.).


Further down this bio page…, we find this:

Secret societies were the fashion in pre-revolutionary France, and some of them recognized Saint-Germain as an ‘adept’, or one who knew the ancient wisdoms hinted at in the rites of the Freemasons, Rosicrucians and Knights Templars.

He influenced Freemasonry and the secret societies, though many modern masons have denied this and have even omitted to mention him as a great source of inspiration.

More will be coming!!


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