By: Bradley Loves


So, as we embark upon Part Seven of this series…, how are you enjoying it?

Are you surprised at how “old” these manifold deceptions really are?

Does it shock and amaze you that a there is a “group” of human beings that could “hold” the ideal that the profane and undeserving masses (that’s you)…, MUST be lied to and deceived about EVERYTHING??

If it does not shock you…, IT SHOULD!

All you have to do is to “look” at the Main Stream Media (which is most assuredly in the hands of the Luciferians) to know that they have NO PROBLEM with lying to you each and every day of your life!

What did our friend Albert Pike (33rd Degree Freemason) say again?


Remember in Part Five…, I wrote this about Carl Hackse’s idea concerning “Counter-Theology”:

To those men and women who practice Satanism…, people who tell the TRUTH and people who do good works are CRIMINALS!  

To the Satanists, the God of the Christians is EVIL..., and Lucifer represents the GOOD, because Lucifer is willing to give over the “knowledge of power”

To the Satanists, Lucifer represents the “knowledge” of MAGIC POWER, and thus success in life on Earth.

This is why the information given to us by Jay Parker (who was born into a Generational Satanic Family) is so incredibly important to know and learn!

Fully 12 to 15 percent of the ENTIRE world’s population is Generational SATANIC…, and that is why there are endless people who are willing to LIE and to DECEIVE the masses!

They happily do this for their “god” LUCIFER!

This means that in America alone…, (without even taking the rest of the entire world into account) with a population of 300,000,000…, that somewhere between 30 to 45 MILLION people are part of these Generational Satanic Families!

Now can you finally see why LIES and DECEPTIONS are everywhere??   Can you now understand why Pedophilia is so rampant (but hidden) in America and the rest of the world?

Sex with children is a “sacrament” to Satan, and is a very integral part of the rites and rituals of gaining MAGIC POWER! (Black Magic).

Even though I may sound like a broken record…, I will continue repeating this until the masses finally LEARN THIS LESSON!

The reason that they have not yet learned it…, is because they are DENYING IT!

They have been taught (by the Satanists themselves) to deny that EVIL even exists!  But to the Luciferians…, it is the ignorant masses who are EVIL…, and profane, and undeserving…, and should therefore be LIED TO!

(Yes…, even IF you are a New Ager)!

To the Luciferians, Lucifer represents the knowledge of pure MAGIC (Magnetics)…, and the ability have have POWER over others!

“LOVE” for others…, which PRIME CREATOR represents…, is meaningless to the Luciferians, who only seek to have a good life on Earth that is filled with ease and success!

SEX…, has always been one of the main “ingredients” or “gateways” into creating MAGICAL POWER.

In fact, in one of my EPIC articles (written on November 21, 2014), and is posted on Jean Haines wonderful website, can be found HERE:

I wrote how the Satanists draw POWER from the MAGIC of doing sexual acts with children!  The title of the article above was very carefully chosen when I wrote it for a reason, and it is very important to know!

The KEY to our Enslavement is the SEXUAL ENERGY!!

In part SIX of this series…, at the very end…, I just started to scratch the surface of what the CATHOLIC CHURCH really is…, and really stands for!  So now let’s continue!!

Just how is the “Celebration of Mass” of the Catholic Church still continuing the pagan “SUN WORSHIP” using Symbols?  (As opposed to Son Worship)


If this is not enough to convince you…, then let’s go back in time (Before the emergence of the Catholic Church).


Mithra (ism) came AFTER Babylon and was prevalent in Ancient Persia.


Notice how close the two words really are:

The “SUN GOD”…, and the “SON GOD”  (or rather, the SON OF GOD) ??

All Catholics really do go to church each and every “SUN DAY”…, to worship the SON OF GOD!

Okay…, so someone please tell me…, WHAT AM I MISSING??

This is word play…, it is WORD MAGIC…, and it is blatant and in your face!


Here are a few unknown facts about Mithraism:


Take NOTE that they met “underground” and “in caves”!


So let’s put this aside for a moment!   And take a look at this:


Hmm, I wonder WHERE they suddenly “found” these documents…, 700 years after the fact?   Maybe just laying around??   Remember this SYMBOL??


And this:


So apparently, The Knight’s Templar…, AND the current day Freemasons are quite compatible with each other!

So if the Knight’s Templar/Freemasons are compatible…, AND…, the Knight’s Templar and the Catholic Church are now compatible…, it stands to reason that FREEMASONRY and the CATHOLIC CHURCH are now compatible!

But wait…, exactly what do the Freemasons believe again??



Okay…, moving out of DENIAL…, let’s all say it together!

The CATHOLIC CHURCH secretly believes in LUCIFER!

Are we learning anything yet??


click to enlarge

Let’s review…, anyone who follows and believes in LUCIFER either wants or strives to be a MAGICIAN!!

Magicians want to “LORD POWER” over others!


What do Catholic “Priests” consider themselves to be when you strip away all of the coverings?



Mmm, is he saying that Catholic  “Priests” consider themselves MAGICIANS??


Okay…, what do the words:  THE MOST HIGH really mean?    If indeed, the Catholic Church is secretly invested in the power of Lucifer…, would then it not be logical to conclude that a Priest of the MOST HIGH…, might consider LUCIFER to be the MOST HIGH GOD?

I’m not saying that the above is true…, I’m ASKING the reader if it is not at least logical to conclude this!!


So what then is the POWER that the Catholic Church claims to hold over mankind?

Where does this POWER come from?

How do these “Priests” actually gain this POWER??

Apparently the Vatican has no problem with Witchcraft and Magic as seen in this article concerning Harry Potter!


Hmmm,  let’s look at some more SYMBOLS!




How “important” is the Ancient Egyptian SYMBOL of CHI RHO??  (Cairo)

X…, and P…., CHI, and RHO, are simply two letters in the Greek Alphabet!   Put them together and apparently they look very much like an Egyptian (and Reptillian) Symbol!

Constantine…, the founder of the Roman Catholic Church (claimed) he saw this same Symbol in a dream, and then proceeded to put it everywhere…, even on his coins!

Wow!  He claims that it was a SYMBOL for Christ…, but the very first thing that he did was to Associate the SYMBOL that he saw for Christ, with MONEY!!   Hmmm….





But how far and deep does this one single symbol really go??  And does it really “stand” for CHRIST??  Here are some MORE images to consider:









Here is our VERY FIRST CLUE that connects ALL of what we have been talking about so far…, (Satanism…, Black Magic, and Luciferiansim) to OFF WORLDERS…, or ET’s!

This one symbol suggests that all of this goes OFF WORLD…, or at least into “other” dimensions!

This Symbol is Claimed to be of “ARCHON” origin.

Here is a article talking about CHI RHO!  (Read with extreme discernment)

Much MORE will be coming!!




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