By: Bradley Loves

This will be the most “explosive” part of the series yet!  It will uncover the belly of the beast!  Hold on to your hats!


I spent almost all of Part Five trying to establish what is written in the above slide!  If you are uncertain…, then please go back and see Part Five of the Series!

There was one question that I asked at the very beginning of that article…, and then did not answer…, DID YOU NOTICE??

It is this!


In order to answer this…, we are going to have to take a circuitous route…, and retrace some real History so get ready.


Introducing the “SUN” and the “MOON”!   Or…, the “fertile crescent” which is also a SYMBOL for a woman’s vagina (a throw back to pagan SEX WORSHIP), and the off spring which comes from her womb!  The carved relief below is Assyrian…, and represent the pagan god BAAL-HADAD!



In “Astro-Theology” it is the “moon egg” which gives birth to the SUN GOD!



In pagan terms: ISIS is once again the “moon goddess”…, and here she is shown above wearing the “crown” of her WOMB on her head!  From her womb, is born the SUN!  (Once again which is total Astro-Theology).

In the slide above, not only is she giving “birth” to a Sun…, she is also the wife of the SUN!   OSIRIS is already a SUN GOD!  The moon goddess is his bride…, and their offspring is another SUN GOD!  The image above is important because it depicts ISIS (as a female) giving birth to what is considered in those days to be DIVINITY! (Because she is able to birth a SUN GOD)!

What is most impressive to note however…, that Astro-Theology is still a false and fake teaching, because what it really boils down to is: GENETICS!

All of this “outer” Religion is a con that is being perpetrated on the profane masses in order to hide the REAL RELIGION which was always about GENETICS!

That is why the Bible starts with the very first book called:  GENESIS!


Above is a Babylonian Tablet which once again proclaims the birth of the SUN…, coming out of the “fertile” Crescent of Moon…, or Womb of the Goddess.  Notice that the moon is placed on top of the pyramid…, a SYMBOL of the structure of control on Earth.

The Sun…, is above the Moon…, is above the Controllers!


Even Greek coins were very cognizant of Astro-Theology, which again is code for human DNA and our own genetics!


You think someone in Turkey “knows” the score??


You think they “know” the score in Tunisia?

You know…, George Lucas filmed some of the first Star Wars Movie in Tunisia!  I wonder why??


Above is a picture of THOTH!  He is an Egyptian “god” who represents Gnosis, or Knowledge.  Here, he is pictured birthing a SUN from his head.  Or rather…, “THE LIGHT” of knowledge, which we (even today) will depict in pictures like these:



Below is a slide of “Pharoah’s Daughter being “carried” by the lowly masses because she is a representation of DIVINE LIGHT!   The masses gather around her and honor her with fans made of Ostrich feathers keeping her cool as she is transported on the backs of those who serve her!


The reason the daughter must be “carried” by the masses is that her Father the Pharoah was “believed” to be a SUN GOD in the flesh!  Or, the highest DIVINITY ON EARTH!   

Naturally…, this is hogwash!

Below is an Egyptian Relief taken directly from the ruins of Egypt!


And for those who were patiently waiting…, HERE is the payoff!  Let’s look at the slide below!


Let’s compare the two…


Wow…, could it be any MORE CLEAR??

The Roman Catholic Church is simply a continuation of the FAKE…, EGYPTIAN SUN GOD/MOON GODDESS RELIGION given to the masses as a “distraction” to keep them from finding out the real TRUTH!

Even in the days of Egypt…, it was always a CON!



Above is a picture of Astarte, shown giving birth to a SUN…, which is what the ignorant masses of most Egyptians did actually worship!  This is the fake TRUTH that was given to those masses at that time!

However…, those who were initiates (Mystery Schools) saw the picture above like this:


The “SYMBOL” of the SUN always to the Mystery Schools represented KNOWLEDGE AND WISDOM…, or rather LIGHT!


They used the “SAME SYMBOL” and gave two different meanings for these symbols…, one meaning was for the undeserving profane…, and the other was for the Initiates!


Notice also…, the hands pointing up and down…, giving the sign for… “as above…, so below” ??

Remember this?


To the “initiates”…, LUCIFER is the true bringer of Knowledge and Wisdom!

Here again is a “SHRINERS” hat!


Although most of these “people” in Secret Societies THINK they have more TRUTH than the masses…, they are equally ignorant of what the real meaning of these SYMBOLS are!



Do all the WICCANS who practice “magic” realize where their teachings even come from??


Never worship “images”, “symbols” or “idols”!

And yet…, this is ALL that these SECRET SOCIETIES DO all day long!

Secret handshakes…, secret meetings, secret signs, secret symbols…, secret meanings, secret knowledge….






The Catholic Church…, is nothing more than a continuation of the SAME LIE that was started back in Egypt and Babylon!  It is the “deception” that is meant to be given to the undeserving masses!

It is an “old pig” in a brand new “party dress”…, with a different color of “lipstick”…, that’s all.

Once again…, all of these symbols are really representations of Genesis and Genetics!  To the handful or few at the very top…., it is a grand story of our DNA…, and what is inside of us!

We are the TREASURE…, we are the creations of the CREATOR!  We are the VALUE!

Do you think that the VATICAN knows this??    You bet they do!


Here is one that is interesting:


Naturally she is not standing on the Serpent!  Why would she be?  The Serpent (according to the Mystery Schools) represents LUCIFER…, or THE LIGHT OF TRUTH!  Which stands for true knowledge or GNOSIS…, so why would she crush out that?



This picture of ISIS looks a lot like the image of Mary directly above it!

Take a look at this next slide!!    Manly P. Hall is a self-proclaimed Luciferian!!




Below is a quote from Manly P. Hall….



Father, Mother, and Son worship has been going on ever since Babylon!!  It certainly did NOT start with the Catholic Church!  The point once again is that this is all about SYMBOLS…, and what these SYMBOLS represent!

Symbols, like words, can have different meanings to different people…, and thus using them creates imperfect understanding because the real TRUTH can always be hidden behind their use by giving a FALSE interpretation of what a symbol actually means!

That is why one should NEVER worship Idols, Symbols or Images!

Here is the New Age version of the same SYMBOL…, which is once again just an “image”!


Here again…, is an IMAGE or SYMBOL that Catholics bow down to:


All that these slides demonstrate is that the Roman Catholic “Religion” is a continuation of the Sun God – Moon Goddess – Light Bringing Religion of Lucifer!


Ask yourself this question.  Do you know what these SYMBOLS really mean??

Below is a Symbol from the Pagan Federation of Witchcraft!  Looks eerily similar to what is above…, doesn’t it??



Many of the Pagan Worshippers of Rome (before the Catholic Church) were actually SEX worshippers…, which also had to do with male and female fertility!!


click to enlarge

All the way to the right…, in the image above is the Obelisk in St. Peters Square!  The “profane” masses are not supposed to know that it represents the male phallus!

However…, if you look into the middle image…, do you suppose that the sculptor had any doubt of what he was trying to tell us the Obelisk really is???

What is this image in the middle of Nowhere??


Are we starting to see a “pattern” in the imagery all around us…, and facing us EVERYWHERE??

What are these??


Are the buildings we live and work in trying to tell us something??

We can honestly say now that we have just scratched the surface!!   Much more will be coming…, and you will only continue to be amazed at where all this leads!

All my love…..


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