By: Bradley Loves

This is the third installment of this series.  Please go back and read the first two installments before reading this one!

Freemasonry believes THIS:


And they consider themselves to be part of an Ancient Pagan Religion called:


Let’s look at another Religion that is woven from the same cloth!



In this case, Joseph Smith became a Freemason shortly AFTER he started his new religion!



Apparently Joseph Smith was a pretty quick study…, OR…, the Freemasons badly wanted him to rise up through the degrees very quickly so that they could CONTROL the new Mormon Church!

So…, maybe it was just a co-incidence…, maybe a “fluke” of sorts…, and the Church had nothing more to do with Freemasonry!

Let’s find out!



Okay…, I was wrong!  Brigham Young was a 33rd Degree Level Freemason as well!  Nope…, NOT a co-incidence at all!

But now…, wait.  What exactly do the 33rd Degree Levels of Freemasons believe again??


Here is a picture of Brigham Young, and his 21 wives!


Let’s look at some More SYMBOLS of Freemasonry:


Apparently the Beehive is “big” in Freemasonry!


Now let’s look at the Joseph Smith Memorial.


So, I guess Joseph Smith got a Beehive instead of a pyramid to honor his service!  Apparently…, the ENTIRE STATE of UTAH is full of Freemasons, because they even have a Beehive quarter dollar!


Okay…, so let’s look further!



So “who” do you think it was that actually helped to “design” the MORMON TEMPLE in Nauvoo, Illinois? (Long before the Mormons moved to Utah)


In this slide above, it says the architects name was William Weeks. And, although you can’t see it in this image too well…, the weather vane at the top is the Angel Moroni with the inverted Compass and Square of Freemasonry above him.

Let’s see the next slide.


So who “else” has an INVERTED Compass and Square as a Freemasonic SYMBOL??


So the “weather vane” on top of the Mormon Temple at Nauvoo, Illinois was actually a Freemasonic Symbol!!


Next, we find a common story inside of the Freemasons teachings which say the original name of GOD was lost, until it was found again, printed on pure Golden Tablets.

Who else claims this same thing?


Here is a picture of the Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City, UT.


Here is a Freemasonic Handshake literally chiseled into the building!


Here’s the Beehive on top of the Temple (A known Freemasonic Symbol)


And here is the “All Seeing Eye” chiseled into the building.


Okay…, so are we starting to see a “pattern” here yet?

Just who is it that is giving ALL of these “RELIGIONS” to the masses…, or what has been called:  The Undeserving and the Profane??

It is…, and always have been the FREEMASONS!!  That’s who!  It has been MYSTERY BABYLON the entire time…, pulling the strings and using constant deception!


And who do the Freemasons think they really are according to Albert Pike?


Every Religion geared toward the masses…., for the last few thousand years has been a complete and utter LIE!

This includes, by the way…,  THE NEW AGE!

There is no doubt what so ever…, that the “New Age” is simply the latest and next generation of lies, deceptions and trickery to be “cast” (like Dark Magic) upon the unsuspecting masses who are undeserving of TRUE KNOWLEDGE.

This was “done to them” by those who do not see lies and deceptions as a MORAL PROBLEM!

It was done to them by FREEMASONS.

Remember what I said in the last installment!

Not only are they hiding the TRUTH…, and actively keeping secrets…, they are also going out into the world…, and “creating” FALSE RELIGIONS…, so that the “undeserving” will never find the TRUTH!

More from Albert Pike:


More will be coming!!



















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