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In our last post with this title…, we left off with C.T. Russell, founder of the Bible Watch Tower and Tract Society (Jehovah’s Witnesses).  We were almost certain that he was a 33rd Degree Freemason!

Let’s finish up with him before continuing!


We were talking about THIS SYMBOL…, and how C.T. Russell had it printed on some of the books he wrote.


According to Graham Hancock and Robert Bauval…, this SYMBOL can be found at the Freemason’s Hall in Philadelphia, PA on the floor, and they say that strangely, many other “Royal Arch Chapters” of Freemasonry have designed all or parts of their Temples in the “EGYPTIAN” style.

But Freemasonry CLAIMS to the general public to be a “Christian” organization…, so why all this interest in Egyptian SYMBOLS??


Getting back to C.T. Russell…, here is a slide of a Jehovah’s Witness Assembly Hall taken in the 1960’s.


Notice the WINGED SOLAR DISK on the building??


Remember this “SYMBOL” stands for the Sun God “RA”, otherwise known as Osiris!  But aren’t Jehovah’s Witnesses supposed to be “Christian”??

Let’s move on from the Jehovah’s Witnesses to another outright CON!


Christian Science was started by a woman called: Mary Baker Eddy.


What is strange about Mary Baker Eddy is that she always wears a “slanted” cross when ever a picture was taken of her.


Here again,


What is interesting about her is this:


I wonder why??


OF COURSE!  Where have we seen that before??


Mmmm, the “Knights Templar Logo of Freemasonry!

Oh Snap…, she was a Freemason too!

Why are all of these “Christian Religions”  being run by FREEMASONS?   It seems as if they have their sticky little fingers in EVERYTHING!!

But what do Freemasons believe at the top levels?


Here are some books written by Eddy,


And here again, the “logo” of Christian Science…


Are we starting to see a pattern yet?  Are we starting to see some “deception” going on here?

Compare the “Christian Science” logo above with the logo of the TEMPLARS below:


Wow…, looks like one big happy family…, OR…, rather one big happy “Corporation”!    Perhaps a new “Franchise” of an already existing Business Enterprise that is in the business of “salvage”.  (SALVATION).


A “gift” I would imagine for “services rendered”!

Here is where it gets really sticky!  And, I’ve said it all along!  These “Globalists” and “Satanists” are not just hiding the Truth…, or keeping secrets from the masses!

That would certainly be bad enough!

What they are ALSO DOING…, as we can see now,  is going out into the world (the world of the profane and the undeserving…. (that’s YOU by the way…)) and ACTIVELY creating FAKE, and FALSE RELIGIONS, in order to mis-lead the masses…, and to keep them ignorant of the real truth and real knowlege!   

What did Albert Pike say about this:


That’s right the as “Freemasons” are:


But what does the Bible say about it?


The Bible continues to say this as well:


Lying and Deception is NOT a good thing!  Purposely mis-leading the masses is wrong…, and it is EVIL!


What the Freemasons believe is that NO ONE can return to the heavenly realm through just “blind faith”…, but only through hard work and through the constant and dedicated striving for KNOWLEDGE!

But…, that is not what they teach in their “religions” is it??  In fact…, many of their pseudo Christian Religions teach that it is through blind faith ONLY…, that one can attain heaven!   Faith in Christ as your Savior!  (No other knowledge needed).

So (in some cases) they are “teaching” people they call THE PROFANE…, the exact opposite of what they really believe!


More will be coming!










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