By: Bradley Loves


Many of the people reading in the Alternative Media and the New Age Blogosphere think they have it “figured out”!

They think they have a pretty good idea as to how much they have been lied t0!

TRUTHFULLY…, we have not yet even begun to scratch the surface of the lies and deceptions perpetrated upon humanity at the hands of those who worship LUCIFER…, or are more commonly known as: SATANISTS!

The true spiders web of deception spans thousands of years AND…, has infiltrated every single part of YOUR LIFE!   That’s right…, the deceit has infiltrated YOUR LIFE!

Once again I will be digging into who’s who…, and what’s what in history.  The first two article I wrote concerning this subject are in these two links:

Roll up your sleeves for yet another expose’…, it’s about to get really crazy!

I have written extensively that there is a element within our society that wants to create a DARK REALITY!  They are using the Ancient Mystery School teachings…, or the dark side of Magic…, called: BLACK MAGIC to achieve their nefarious goals!

There is no part of our current human society that has not been affected at this time!  In fact…, much of what you believe to be the truth, is based in Satanic ideals and Luciferianism.

Shall we begin?

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For those who are interested…, our “modern day science” has been lying to us as to just how far back in time “ANCIENT BABYLON GOES”.    The Sumerians and the Babylonians who followed them, reach back in time to the Anunnaki…, the Draco, and the Reptillian/Human hybrids that they created.

College teachers will tell you that Babylon was at a high point at 2,000 BC.  They will not tell you that Babylon developed from the Akkadian Kingdoms, which developed from the earlier Sumerian Kingdoms!

The reason this is all labeled PAGAN RELIGIONS, and that it starts in Babylon…, is that is where the foothold of modern day Satanism comes from.


Secrecy, Deception, and telling Lies…, became the very fabric with which these Mystery Religions were to be woven!  In a world where it was already clearly understood that knowledge was “power”…, it was decided that true knowledge was to be kept out of the hands of the masses, so that they in fact would NEVER gain any power!


“Illumined”…, mmm…, where have we heard that before?  Oh yea…, Illuminati!…, the followers of Lucifer!  Those who see him as the “Bringer of the Light” or “The Day Star!”

Interestingly…, as Jodan Maxwell has said on many occasions in his videos…, Lucifer is actually the Planet VENUS!

Venus is always seen in the night sky just before the dawn…, which is why both Venus and Lucifer were called by the Ancients:


This is also why the “V” for victory sign…, which was always being “flashed” back in the 1960’s, and was passed around from person to person (as if it meant nothing), was in fact referring to the planet Venus!  Instead of being the “universal sign of peace” (as most thought)…, it was part of a “Pagan Mystery Religion” that is still very much alive and well, even back in the 1960’s!

That Mystery School still had those at the very top – The Adepts…, and those at the very bottom – The Profane!

So, this hand symbol not only signified the planet “Venus”…, (or love and peace) but it “Secretly” stood for Lucifer, to those who were the adepts and the so-called initiated into “true knowledge”!

So here we have our first prime example where something as simple as a hand “sign” placed in common every day use…, meant two different things to two different levels of understanding!

So all those people who were flashing the “peace sign” …, were in fact flashing a Luciferian Hand Symbol without even knowing it.


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Gnosticism is just a very fancy covering for the Pagan Mystery Religion that was starting to get some really bad press!  They had to do something…, and what they did was equate their Mystery Teachings with WISDOM and KNOWLEDGE!


Gnosticism, just like the earlier forms of Mystery Schools sought to JUSTIFY and MAKE EXCUSES as to why it was 100 percent advisable to lie to, deceive and fool the masses of people on Earth…, while hoarding the true knowledge within the hands of only a few!

Once again…, the simple TRUTH…, which can not be over looked here, is that it was ALL ABOUT POWER!

Once you take off all of the fancy coverings, and all of the justifications…, it boils down to who has power…, and who does not!

Truthfully the Gnostics were and are NO BETTER than the more sinister and direct Luciferians, because they still believed in HIDING THE TRUTH!



But wait…, remember this guy Albert Pike, the 33rd Degree Freemason?  What did he say?



Hold on…, so what we are finding is that at the VERY TOP OF MODERN DAY FREEMASONRY…, they consider themselves to be a representation of the Ancient Mystery Schools (specificially Babylonian)!

So wait!  All that HOGWASH about Freemasonry being a Christian and a Godly…, service orientated organization is a complete and utter LIE!  But as we can see from the slides above…, the GNOSTICS think and believe in the very same way of doing things as the Freemasons do!  They are one and the same thing!

At the very top…, they both consider themselves to be BABYLONIAN!    Are you starting to finally get an understanding of why Iraq was invaded?  Do you know why there is a war going on in Syria as we speak??

Those are the very roots of Babylon!  And, the very beginnings of all of the DARK MAGIC we are experiencing now!

What more does our “friend” Albert Pike say?





Okay…, so here it is right out of the Bible!

….by your sorcery (Black Magic) all the nations were deceived!

So, if I’m not mistaken here…, the gist of this passage would seem to tell us that it is NOT a “good thing” to use deception?    What am I missing?   Lying to others constantly is a bad thing…, it seems to be saying.    Can you argue with that??

It’s right in the Bible!

But wait!  What does Albert Pike…., known Luciferian and 33rd Degree Freemason say?


So…, if I’m not mistaken…, in the slide above, he is telling us that it is OKAY to lie, deceive, and use false explanations and give false interpretations!  Of course…, to him, Lucifer is God!

Okay…, now here is where we start to see the COMPLETE and utter deception of the FREEMASONS (Mystery Babylon) infiltrating every single part of our society…, in ways we could not have imagined!




Okay.., so the “founder” of Bible Watchtower and Tract Society…, more commonly known as: Jehovah’s Witnesses… was C.T. Russell.  Yet…, here we can see that he is buried under a Pyramid near Pittsburg, PA.   You know…, I thought the Jehovah’s Witnesses were all about “CHRIST”!

Is there possibly something about C.T. Russell…, that we don’t really know??


However how many people are aware of the Logo of Freemasonry of the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR??


Take notice of the “Crown” with the slanted Cross placed over the sun.

Let’s take a good look at C.T. Russells grave again!  It’s got the “KNIGHTS TEMPLAR” Crown and Cross!   How is that possible if this guy started the Jehovah’s Witnesses!



Now…, get ready for this one!   It shows us the MARRIAGE between the Knights Templar…, AND…, the Freemasons!


So apparently…, “MYSTERY BABYLON” (the great Harlot…, the great “deceiver”) has infiltrated the Knight’s Templar…, and the “Christian Religion” as well!

Here is a Picture of the Masonic Center of Pittsburg!


And now look where C.T. Russell (founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses) is buried compared to the Masonic Center of Pittsburg!!


“Oh Snap!”

Here is a slide of the Cover of an early Watch Tower publication!


Notice the Knight on the right side and the Crown and Slated Cross on the left??

“MYSTERY BABYLON” strikes again!!


I wonder why he “needed” to die in a Roman Toga???


Oh…, he was a 33rd Degree Level Freemason…., THAT’S WHY!!

And, as a result…, he was part of “Mystery Babylon!”    He was part of the group that believed it was “OKAY” to teach the masses false teachings and misrepresentations…, because:  “As the Profane…, they deserved it!”

Are we “learning” anything yet??

A book by C. T. Russell


Hmmm…, plan of the “AGES”….

That wouldn’t be a “reference” to the NEW AGE would it???

Remember this??


The books above tell us the NEW AGE…, was also started by Freemasons…, and thus started by:  MYSTERY BABYLON!  


Now we get into the connection to the Rosecrucians!


Check this out!


Where have we seen the Star of David inside the Circle in the New Age??


Okay New Ager’s…, NOW are we learning anything yet?

Remember what L. Ron Hubbard’s son said about his father in an interview with Penthouse Magazine (pictures of whores and harlots).


But before he started “SCIENTOLOGY”…, L Ron Hubbard was a Rosecrucian!!


Here is another copy of C. T. Russell’s book with the “Winged Solar Disk” on the cover!


Here is the Egyptian Winged Solar Disk, which is a symbol of the Sun God “RA”!


But wait…, where in the NEW AGE have we seen versions of this symbol??



Notice that the “Winged Heart” is really a representation of a Winged Disk…, because it is super imposed on top of the “O” which is a representation of the SUN!

If you don’t think so…, look at the Blue Rays coming out of the “O”…, which proves that it represents the sun!

So this:


is THIS:


And it is located on just one of the many websites claiming to be ALL ABOUT the NEW AGE!

But wait the NEW AGE is this:


This Golden Age of Gaia Website also runs many Channeled Messages…, some of which come from the so called: Saint Germain!

Here is a picture of Helena Blavatsky taken with someone she claims was Saint Germain!


But who was Helena Blavatksy???


Okay…, now New Ager’s…, are we learning anything yet??

More will  be coming!

All my love…


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