By: Bradley Loves


Jesus was called “CRAZY” by many “upstanding” people of his day.

Oh yes…, there were Lawyers, Politicians, Military Police, and Civic Leaders in THOSE DAYS too!

What??  Did you think that it was so very “different” back in those days compared to what we have now??

The ROMANS had a “Senate” and a Government as well!

They built roads, bridges, aqua-ducts, and huge military complexes.

They had buildings like Libraries, Universities, Public Buildings and Government buildings as well as large Public baths and schools.

The built huge amphi-theatres for public entertainment (live theatre acting) and played musical instruments in concerts.

They built the wonderous “Colleseum” in Rome for the “gladiator” games which was truthfully built for “public entertainment”…, in much the same way that we build our large “stadiums” across the united states for American “Football”…, which is also a newer version of modern day gladiator games and “public entertainment”!

Do you think they did not have a “society” back in those days.., much like we have today??


There were “laws” and “rules of conduct”…, and “courts”…, as well as government and civic leaders whose “job” it was to enforce these laws and rules of conduct!

They had “public scourgings” and ultimately CRUCIFIXION…, as their form of “capital” punishment.

Yes…, it was horrid…, but…, if you look at Saudi Arabia today (2017)…, they STILL (yes still) chop off peoples hands  (or heads) as a form of punishment for crimes.., AND…, have actually sought to bring back public “crucifixion” (hanging people on the cross) for major crimes!

In 2000 years…, NOTHING HAS CHANGED!

Okay…, so we have a little bit more technology than they did back then…

We have cell phones, computers, and televisions.  Cars, busses, and planes.  (And if you are privy to all of the secrets…, A SECRECT SPACE FLEET)

BUT…, the basic way that people think…, and the civic and governmental Institutions that have been at the core of human society since the days of Babylon HAS NOT CHANGED!

The Satan Worshipping Elites…, which were in charge back in the days of ROME… are still “in charge” today…, and their horrid “legal systems” as well as their rules of Banking…, and (magical) Contracts…, Lawyers and Judges…, ARE STILL CONTROLLING OUR PLANET!

NOTHING HAS CHANGED in that regard!

Men and women…, who just want to live their lives and “get by” are bowing to the “rules” and paying “taxes” to the very same Child Sacrificing Criminals that were in charge back then, and which are only doing “business” under different terms.

These new “structures” of doing business today are called:


Jesus…, saw clearly how EVIL.., all of this entire system really was…, and he CALLED THEM ON IT openly and publicly!!

He spoke about their “snake like” ways, and their vile attempts to CON and to FOOL the masses.

HE spoke to the common man and the common woman about all of this…, and therefore was “labeled” as a subversive by the “police”…, the “military”…, and the Government of his day!!

Many “upstanding” Romans “Citizens” who paid their taxes, held jobs, and followed either Jewish or Roman Law…, saw Jesus as a CRIMINAL who needed to be “dealt with”.

So what has changed??

Guys like me…, who write against the EVILS of the SYSTEM…, are being labeled by the Deep State…, (an arm of the Secret Government) as subversive!

I am being “targeted” with Electronic Weapons of harrassement…, my computers are very literally “fried” every 2 or 3 months!

My home is constantly subjected to Microwaves so that I can barely sleep at night. And the very air I breath…, as well as all over the world has been so “chem trailed” that most men and women have been “breathing in” tiny self constructing biological robotic cells called Nanites…,  for a decade or two now.

This makes myself…, and all human beings far more susceptible to MIND CONTROL and renders their central nervous systems to be severely DAMAGED and thus their lives very difficult to endure!

So WHAT has changed in 2000 years??

Still the same Elite Satan Worshipping goups…, simply operating in a world with more available technology is all!!

But the very CORE of what they stand for…, and the SUPPORT that they get from the “ignorant” common man and woman…, who simply want to live their lives without making “waves”…, HAS NOT CHANGED!

Human beings still take the EASY ROAD every time they are given a difficult choice!!

They do not want to be labeled as a “trouble maker”…, and so they ALWAYS do what they are “told”.

If the TSA…, wants to make rules saying they can grab every man, woman and child by the genitals…, and sexually molest them before they “travel” on an airplane…, then most human beings will DO NOTHING in order NOT to make waves…, and simply allow this horrid and abhorrent behavior to be done unto them!!

I’m sorry to be frank here…, but THEY ARE ALL COWARDS!

You may want to call me a hypocrite…, because I live in this world as well…, but you may be interested to know that I have NOT USED a plane in my travels ever since the TSA started grabbing peoples genitals!


If every man or woman simply STOPPED USING THE AIRLINES…, permanently…, in protest…, the “practice” of grabbing their genitals would stop within a few short months!


You see…, because YOU CONSENT…, and have no courage to SAY NO to abhorrant behavior.., even if it means never flying again…, THAT is how they can continue to do it to everyone!!!

The trouble is that just like in the days of Jesus…, there were citizens who thought that he was a “trouble maker” simply because he did NOT want to follow the rules as laid down by the Jews and the Romans.

Now…, ask yourself this…, how many CATHOLICS…, and how many CHRISTIANS out there in the world are 100 percent complete and total HYPOCRITES…, only because they lament what happened to Jesus…, (every seven days) but have exactly the SAME type of mental attitude today as those men and women who wanted to see him killed 2000 years ago?

Time to be brutally HONEST in your own life…, and ask yourself if YOU support what he stood for…, which was a total CHANGE for humanity and the way it does things…., OR…, do you support the very same “legal systems”.., the “banking systems”…, and the “Governmental/Religious systems” that he actually spoke out against before he was killed??


These are the very same systems that are in place in our world today!!

These are the same systems that we all “support” with our taxes and our “votes”.  We support their Satanic Banking Systems with our signatures and all of the various “contracts” that we are called upon to sign when we simpy engage in doing “business” and “commerce”!

These “systems” are ALL based in Satanism…, in Theft, and in Corruption at the highest levels!

The people at the very TOP of the leadership structures of the world we live in are all PEDOPHILES even as they were back in the days of Babylon!

They do (in secret) Ritual Child Sacrifice…, even as those men and women did in the Ancient Days of Babylon…, when little children were openly sacrificed to MOLOCH!

The OLD TESTAMENT SPEAKS OF THIS…, and even Jacob was going to sacrifice his own son Isaac on an alter…, because he wanted to please GOD…, by doing what all of the other men of the day did when they wanted to gain spiritual favor from their Pantheon of other “gods”.

We are “told” by the Bible that GOD told Jacob to do this to test him…, but I highly doubt that GOD “told” Jacob to sacrifice his own son!


And I doubt very much that GOD wanted this kind of sacrifice!!  In fact these types of sacrifices were done to please DEMONS…, even as they are today!!


Stay tuned…, More will be coming!!

All my love…


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