By: Bradley Loves



You see…, (believe it or not) I pray every day to GOD…, our loving Prime Creator, that HE will help me to clearly “see” the TRUTH…, and then be able to clearly “reveal” that TRUTH in all of my writings.

And so…, over the course of the last 3 years…, MORE and MORE “truth” is being “revealed” to me…, and the dots are connecting faster than I can possibly write about them.

The PROBLEM that I am having here…,  is that what is being “revealed” to me is information that ONLY makes sense…, when your MIND and your SPIRIT…,  is completely clear of DELUSION.

When you wipe away any pre-concieved ideas, false teachings, AND (for those brain washed with Religion) any fake SPIRITUAL ideas…, THEN you really can “see” how it all fits together!

THIS VISION…, this wholistic way of “seeing” the way that it all fits…, unfortunately does not translate very well onto the page!


It is like a man who has 20/20 vision and can see for miles…, who is trying to describe what he sees in the distance to a very large group of men and women who have very BAD vision, and can see maybe a few hundred feet!

NOTHING that the man with good vision describes…, can be “seen” or “verified” by the people with bad vision…, and so…, they DISCOUNT what he is discribing…, simply because THEY can not see it themselves.

This does NOT mean that what is being “described” is not there…, is not happening…, OR…, is not the TRUTH…, it simply means there are a whole lot of people with faulty vision who can’t see clearly!

THUS…, those of us who really DO SEE clearly…, bang our heads against the wall in frustration while trying to describe what is really going on out there in the world…, to those who can’t seem to see it!!!

Then…, to add MORE problems to the faulty vision problem…, are the so called SPIRITUAL BLOGGERS…, who REFUSE to entertain any ideas that they label as:  NEGATIVE!

Calling some of the best researchers on the entire planet: FEAR PORN DISTRIBUTORS…, as if we are all back in kindergarten…, and “name calling”…, is back in fashion…., these “SPIRITUAL BLOGGERS” who are equally as blind as those they are trying to lead…, attempt to demean, degrade, and obstruct those of us who have come to this planet with a MISSION of epic importance!!

That mission was to TELL THE TRUTH AT ALL COSTS!

That mission was to lift up the carpet, and to reveal the DIRT & GRIME that is under the rug once and for all…, no matter how “bad” it is!!

That mission was nothing more than a COMPLETE and TOTAL unveiling of the TRUTH of what is really happening on EARTH in all it’s ugliness and appalling horror!

Instead of “applauding this” as wonderful…, and aiding in the courageous struggle for TRUTH…, these “spiritual bloggers” are standing in the way, and calling names!

These “spiritual bloggers” would have thrown tomatoes at JESUS himself as he called the Pharisees “wolves in sheeps clothing”…, and condemned them for being part of the “synagogue of Satan”!

They would have “name called” and “condemned him” as he spoke to the masses for being a FEAR PORN DISTRIBUTOR, and then told you NOT to listen to him because he was being:  NEGATIVE!!

So again…, WHAT has changed in 2000 years???



Let’s try again…, and take it step by step…, and see if I can show you exactly HOW it all fits together!

First you must “suspend” your “disbelief”!  You must try to at least give this information a chance to be heard and thought about…,  before you “run” to a channeled entity or a new ager…, or a priest…, or.., or…, or…,  to try to get another version!


Here is the first thing I am going to say…, and you just have to “let it be” for a moment as a “given” so that I can show you how and why this is the TRUTH.


Everything that is happening is based upon a LIE…, a CON…, and a DECEPTION!

(Just becase YOU can’t see that…, does not make it untrue).

No part of our culture or our society (the way we are living collectively) is salvagable…, because ALL of the systems that we take for granted in our daily lives are based in DARK SATANIC MAGIC!

The “reason” this is possible…, is because all of this started to happen very long ago…, back in the days of Ancient Babylon!

The evil religions practiced by the LEADERS of Babylon…, and thus were handed down to the Egyptians, the Greeks, and then the Romans…, were a type of SATANIC & RITUALISTIC…, “demon” worship…, which has been going on for at least 4 thousand years…, if not for the last 12,000!

Men and women, who are tying to simply live “normal” lives today,  have NO idea just how “locked” into BLACK MAGIC our society, our cultures, and our reality really is!!


  • Every WORD you say…, is a CONTRACT!

How is this possible…, you may ask?

(Excerpt taken from: THE WORD GOES FORTH!)

Imagine yourself standing waist deep in the middle of a small pond.

You have become very quiet. Not a ripple stirs across the surface of the water. Your hands hang straight and still at your sides.

So silver- flat is the surface around you, that it is like being at the center of a vast mirror. Then very gently you begin to rise and fall upon your toes, just a little at first and in perfect rhythm.

Waves begin to move from you toward the distant shore. A dreamy peace fills your heart. You are enchanted.

A childhood dream of a fairy circle has come true.

From you as a center, perfectly timed concentric circles are lifting and falling and widening. A rosy flush gleams along each smooth crest.

Still maintaining your rhythm, you increase the tempo.

A wonderful thing happens. Waves, moving also with increasing speed, gradually assume a rich orange glow.

A clear pleasing yellow follows. Faster yet you rise and fall, rise and fall. The yellow slips on shoreward, followed now by delicate green waves. With each increase of speed, the color shifts from green to blue; from blue to indigo; and from indigo to violet until at last you are surrounded by a pulsating rainbow.

Suppose you grow curious and begin to experiment a bit. Perhaps the clear yellow has appealed to you. You find again the speed that produced that wave, and then you rise and fall rhythmically at that tempo until all about you spreads a sea of gold.

Or you may have preferred the rose-colored sea. Slowly you drop to your first motion, and wave follows wave to the shore until you find yourself at the center of a living rose.

“Magic!” you cry. Yes, it is a kind of magic. You have invoked the law of vibration from which all manifestation springs.



Sound is vibration!   Words that you speak are therefore VIBRATION…, and send forth waves!   What you speak…, goes out into the ethers…, and not only is “heard”…, but also CREATES waves as well.., which MUST bring forth a RESULT!

The BIBLE tells us that we must NEVER take oaths or pledges!  It also says that We must NEVER make promises or “swear” to anything lest these things be used against us!

There is a VERY IMPORTANT REASON for this!!

Sworn “Oaths” and “Pledges” can be “used” by DARK MAGICIANS to bind the soul that made such an “oath” or a “pledge”!

To those men and women who have the knowledge of ANCIENT & ARCANE MAGIC…, the ability to take a man’s own words and BIND HIM with them…, is child’s play!

Because what we are “experiencing” as our reality is really a culture and a society that was handed down to us from Ancient Babylon…, almost all of the things we do in our daily LIVES and take for granted are EVIL!

For instance:

The taking of Oaths and the making of Pledges…, is a magical practice that SERVES Dark Magicians and serves their ability to “control” men and women by BINDING their freedom!!

That YOU as the reader can not see or understand this…, does NOT MEAN it is not happening!!

Now…, WHO…, in our Society…, and in our “culture” are required to take OATHS…, and to make PLEDGES??

Here is a short list:

  • All PRIESTS must swear an OATH
  • All JESUITS must swear an OATH
  • All JUDGES must swear an OATH
  • All POLICE must swear an OATH
  • All men and women who enter into a “government office” must swear an OATH
  • All Doctors must swear an OATH

But not only these…, but even college students who join “sorority’s and fraternities…, are made to take an “oath” and give a “pledge” at their young ages!!


Because it is “important” to have these “kids” (who are quite ignorant…,) to come to think that taking pledges and giving oaths is NOT a big deal!

It is to mentally “prepare” then to believe that the SATANIC way of doing business is NORMAL!

How many people reading this article actually realize just how it is that MAGIC (Magnetics) really work??   Hands please??

Do you realize that there are (truthfully) invisible beings called: ELEMENTALS…, who actually work to aid in the manifestation of our reality??

Do you realize that these elementals have to follow COSMIC LAWS which are based upon the rules of CREATION??

Do you realize that the “WORDS” you say are so vitally important…, that they are governed by COSMIC LAWS which you may not be aware of??

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF A GROUP OF VERY DARK MEN…, WHO WERE AT ONE TIME, THE KEEPERS OF ANCEINT AND ARCANE KNOWLEDGE…, decided to keep the knowledge of exacctly how our universe worked HIDDEN from every other man and woman.


“What if”…, they began to teach the common man LIES…, and in so doing began to USE the “powers” of the UNIVERSE against each and every common man and woman.., so as to BIND THEM??




Unless and until…, you get and understand that there is a hidden and magical (magnetic) level in play that helps to manifest reality and concerns EVERYTHING that happens here on EARTH….



Let me repeat that…, and with all truthfulness and sorrow for those who think otherwise…

Unless and until…, you GET…, that there is a hidden and magical level “in play”…, and in very real terms…, has an effect upon everything that happens here on the EARTH…



And…, it gets worse!

Those who call themselves the “DARK”…, those who are the Satanic followers of LUCIFER…., BECAUSE THEY DO UNDERSTAND THIS…, are NOT BLIND!

(Only those who actively DENY this…, are blind)

So…, Even though…, they are in fact EVIL people…, (anti-life)…,  they DO TRUTHFULLY KNOW and can SEE CLEARLY that this is the case!

They know this..,  because they have access to Ancient and Arcane knowledge from the mystery schools…, and were “taught this” as children by their own parents!

So…, they take care to “protect themselves” from the fallout of any OATHS and PLEDGES which may BIND THEM…, unless they choose to be BOUND!



Words themselves are very “sketchy things”.

Almost ALL advanced beings “speak” through the use of telepathic communication!  They “speak” using mental “pictures” and images…, which are sent with “feelings”  and thus leave NO DOUBT as to what is being communicated!

Telepathic communication can NOT be argued with…, and the meaning can NEVER be mistaken!


Our “society”…, and our “culture”…, (which I have labeled as 100 percent SATANICLY CONTROLLED) …, has PAID men and women called:  LAWYERS and JUDGES endless amounts of money to interpret and twist the “meanings” of WORDS.

Court battles,  as well as many peoples lives, have been determined by the simple twisting of the meaning of words!!

How can TRUTH ever be determined by the twisting of a mere word??

TRUTH can never be hidden or undone simply by re-inventing the meaning of a word…, and YET our entire LEGAL SYSTEM.., and by that, I mean the whole entire EARTHS LEGAL SYSTEM.., is 100 percent SATANIC because this is ALL that it seeks to do!!

This “SYSTEM” is interpreted by Lawyers and Judges who take OATHS…, and are thus now magically “bound” by their own words…, and are no longer FREE!

(This is 100 percent factual…, and truthful)

For when a man takes an OATH…, there are instantly beings on the hidden and unseen levels of our universe which spring into action as a result…, do not doubt this!!

On those unseen levels.., there are BOTH Angels and Demons!

The DEMONS are the ones who “enforce” the OATHS of LAWYERS AND JUDGES…, for they are working for the DARK!

They are working for the Dark Satanic Magicians who work with the dark and binding magic of contracts!

And…, if a lawyer…, or a judge refuses to “fulfill” their OATH (taken stupidly)…, real “consequences” on the Earth for that man or woman will be put into play by those who “enforce” these OATHS.

If you can not “SEE” this…, then once again…, let me apologize to you but sadly…



When our young children go to school…, and are “taught” the spelling of words…, it is NOT an accident that it is called that!



Because they are geo-metric shapes…, which can be shown to have a function mathematically…, they carry both tremendous power…, and can organized in such a fashion as to have an “unseen” affect!

The very first thing our children are “taught” in school is “SPELLING”.

And…, unless you are BLIND…, then you must admit that is a clear “nod” to what they are actually doing…, i.e…., casting magic SPELLS!

That the children themselves are not being  “told” they are doing this is:


Our children are being “taught” in their schools to play in the VIPERS DEN of words…, the meanings of which can be twisted and twisted…, again and again, to suit ONLY THOSE who control the Courts and the Governments…,  all of whom that have taken OATHS and made PLEDGES… because for them to even HAVE these jobs, means that they are working within the SATANIC SYSTEM!!


Is there any part of this that still remains “unclear” to you as the reader??


Therefore…, to “support” any of it…, is to support the EVIL that it seeks to maintain…, which is complete CONTROL over the MIND and the SPIRIT of man!

I do not “write” this blog only for my “health” or as a “Hobby”!

I am not writing so that other “bloggers” can call names, and say that what I write is: FEAR PORN!

I am writintg to expose the ENTIRE TRUTH in all of it’s nature…, and to expose the EVIL that has been happening upon the EARTH for at least 4,000 years since Babylon!!

I am doing what JESUS tried to do 2,000 years ago…, and FAILED to ACHIEVE!

He tried to EXPOSE the corruption and the vileness of the same system we are living under now…, 2,000 years ago!

Because the SAME SYSTEM was in control back then!!

The same types of COURTS.., the same types of JUDGES…, the same types of GOVERNMENTS, who were based upon the SATANIC SYSTEM of:

Words…, Contracts…, and Spells……


Now.., for those of you who ask…, how is it we are supposed to communicate then?

The truth is that “WE” were once very telepathic!

I have said this and written about this before!

Our bodies…, were genetically modified to be DUMBED DOWN!

More than likely by the Atlanteans…, or OFF WORLDERS…, somewhere between 12,000 and 6,000 years ago!!

And so…, BECAUSE we can not communicate “normally”…, i.e. By telepathy…, we are subject to a SYSTEM OF CONTROL that is wholly designed to do nothing BUT CONTROL the slave created human through the use of WORDS and DARK MAGIC!

More will be coming!!!    See Part TWo……







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