By: Bradley Loves

Some bodies of water, like the one shown above, are almost a mile deep!!   And yet, to look at it from the surface – it just does not seem possible!

As an avid reader of my blog, I know that you are smart, well balanced, and able to see things that most people are not!

However, in all honesty,. even guys like me (the writer of the blog) have a difficult time wrapping my mind around the depth of corruption taking place in our world!


So I get it!   I understand when normal people just can’t comprehend how EVIL and how CORRUPT the playing field is out there!

But that is what happens when BEINGS of ill intent use lies, secrecy and deception to operate BEHIND the scenes and under the radar of what most people are perceiving.

However, if you are going to achieve anything great in this world…, you must stop looking merely on the surface of the water (the surface of perception) and learn to DIG DEEPER!

Anyone who takes what they are given at FACE VALUE is missing 95 percent of the picture!!

As you can see, if you were to judge the ice berg above by what you can easily see from the surface.., you are missing almost ALL of it!

And so…, there are guys like me who are who are strangely different than most people because I RARELY look at what is on the surface, and instead immediately ask what is UNDERNEATH or BEHIND what I am seeing!

Does that strike you as strange?

And yet…, this is why I can write this blog!   I have been this way all my life!


There is no other way for humanity to survive!

You see, “WE” are under ATTACK!    I am not the only one saying this either.  I am just one of many who are calling peoples attention to something that they have FAILED to LOOK AT.

Now why have they failed to look at it?

It is because the “thing” or the “essence” of what I am trying to show them is hidden just beneath the surface!  This means that you just can’t see it with your normal vision or what most people call standard perception!

Beyond standard perception there is an entire “realm” of beings, technologies, and activity that has an effect upon all of us!

Because we have not paid attention to this “realm”…, these beings through the use of technology have taken to manipulating and steering our REALITY!

What we see happening on the surface of our perception is not taking place for the reasons we think, or as a result of forces or actions we are familiar with.

In other words…, the WIND that is blowing in our sails is not a natural wind, but is an ILL WIND that is being controlled and conjured on levels we don’t normally see!

Now maybe (hopefully) you will understand why I have written and said many times already that you must LEARN to see what is NOT on the page!!

This seems almost cryptic in the way it is delivered but maybe this time, because I’ve used pictures and said it differently, it makes sense.

I’ve also said that you must learn to read BETWEEN the lines!  And I’ve also said that when you are listening to someone giving a speech or talking about any subject…, you should always ask yourself :



Think about all of these little things that I’ve said before on this blog and then add them up in your head with what I’m saying in this article.


What you see on the “surface” of perception is hardly telling you ANYTHING!


What this is basically saying is that you really don’t know what you are missing if you do not LOOK BELOW THE SURFACE!

It is for this very reason that I started to write a Special Series starting in 2015!  It was called:  THING BIGGER – LOOK DEEPER for the very reasons that I am telling you about!  Further more…, this very article that I am writing now…, I knew that I would be writing when I wrote the very first installment of THINK BIGGER – LOOK DEEPER!

Now do you see that this  blog you keep diligently reading every single day is totally UNIQUE?

There is no other blog like it out there on the internet…, except maybe the writings of Q-Anon!  What Q-Anon and I have in common is that Q and I can predict (very accurately) years in advance what is coming down the road!

How is it possible??

I have called this a “teaching” blog…, or more accurately an educational blog (not a news blog)…, for a good reason and there is a interesting twist to it the way it is constructed.  The twist is that it is being written backwards with full knowledge of what is coming in the future!

If you start reading it from the very beginning and read it up to the present day, then you’ll see that just like peeling away the layers of an onion, you’ll see that more and more of what was put in front of you right from the very beginning – is actually the TRUTH because more and more “PROOF” is being put in front of you as time goes by.  The TRUTH thus simply becomes self revealing because what was once UNDER the surface is now ABOVE THE SURFACE!

In other words…, I don’t “change” my mind about what I write…, and I don’t “change” my teachings whenever the wind changes and blows from another direction!


It does not change in one year, not in five years, not in ten years!  100 years from now…, everything that I wrote on this blog will remain the TRUTH regardless of what is happening out in the world.

TRUTH never changes!


If you wanted to give yourself a gift…, you’d re-read THINK BIGGER – LOOK DEEPER and look at all of the installments that have been written so far!  You’d compare it to everything that came after it and then you say:  Yep…, the message has not changed!

You’d also notice that I promised 13 installments of THINK BIGGER – LOOK DEEPER when I first started the Series and so there are still FIVE MORE yet to be written!  Each one of those I know about!   How do you suppose that is possible??

If you did read the entire 8 installments of the series you’d see that all I am really doing is DIGGING DEEPER and DEEPER into what was already placed in front of you starting in January of 2015.

I am showing you in many different ways…, how what was written in 2015 was only what was on the surface…, and the rest of the BLOG is showing you what is under the surface! (The part you could not see at first)

In this way…, just like YODA suggests to LUKE…, I am helping you to UNLEARN what you have learned!  I am walking you through the steps to see what is under the surface and not apparent at first.

I hope this makes things more clear…, and I will continue to write with the express purpose of helping you to see what is not written on the page…, and what people are NOT SAYING no matter how many years have to go by!

Keep reading, keep looking deeper, and keep asking:

  • What is not written on the page?
  • What isn’t this guy or gal saying that needs to be said?
  • What am I not seeing?
  • What is being AVOIDED and not talked about?
  • What are they trying to hide?
  • What’s written between the lines?

Do this and  you’ll see just how much corruption and how much evil is hovering just below the surface of your perception!

Knowing what is going on out there is what DISCLOSURE is all about!  You can not fix a leaky pipe until you find the leaky pipe!   Keep looking, it’s out there!

You HAVE the ability to do it!

More coming later….

All my love…


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