America, The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

But is this the truth?  America, like so many other places on Earth, is now hanging on by a single thread! Today, America is better described as: The Land of Mandate by Force and Home of the Terrified.

Only souls who still have courage, love, morals, ethics, and an ideal of serving others are holding this 245-year-old country together and keeping it from falling into total chaos and destruction! 

Did you notice that I put courage before love in the statement above?

There is a very good reason for this. The reason for this is that “love” becomes totally meaningless if and when the people who have it and still can feel it inside of them lack the courage to act! Morals, ethics, and the ideal of serving others also become totally meaningless if and when those who hold them dear lack the courage to act!

Courage comes first and must always come first!

God our loving Father values courage above all of the countless other attributes that He created. This is why. He knows that without courage nothing else can be done here on Earth.

A man cannot be a man, nor a woman be a woman – without courage.

In the Illuminati movie called – The Wizard of Oz – the Illuminati magicians make fun of the entire world, and they tell us in this Hollywood movie that the three things lacking in the main characters are brains, a heart, and courage.


If “WE” collectively had these things (which they don’t believe we have) then they could never do to us what they are doing to us right now! This is why the three misfits were so unsuccessful in helping Dorothy. Dorothy, who only wanted to go home, could not get there because her companions lacked a brain, a heart, and courage.

Only a little dog was smart enough to figure out that there was a “man behind the curtain” and showed them this by pulling back on that curtain so that they could all see what was really happening in truth, and that what they were looking at above the alter, the fake head, was an illusion and a cheap magic trick.

In other words, according to the Illuminati, the “dog” had more brains, more heart, and more courage than the main characters in the movie who were cowering in fear while standing in front of an Illusion. This is their hidden message to us all, and this is what they think of us.

They think that we lack brains, heart, and courage!

They honestly and truly believe in their dark and blackened souls, that “dogs” are smarter than we are, and this is why they put that very scene into the movie!  Are they correct?  Are dogs smarter than we are?  If not, then how did it come to this? Americans may still have some love in their hearts. They may still have some morals (not many, but some) and they may still have a few ethics left over, but without the courage to act on these attributes, they mean nothing.

In California, in another completely stolen election that this time was a recall election for the completely corrupt Governor Newsome, it could never have been stolen “IF” so many Americans had not helped in the theft of it.

Bought off, bribed, corrupted, self-interested, and lacking in every good virtue, hundreds if not thousands of young Americans aided and abetted (yet again) in another stolen election to ensure that corruption could stay in power.

These people love nothing but themselves and absolute power. They are young socialists who fancy themselves as “magicians” and “witches” and “warlocks” and have no use for morals or ethics, but instead they seek spell books and magic wands. They seek power here on the Earth, and will take money from anyone who hands it to them for any purpose even if they are being paid to hurt or damage others.

They hold no value over human life because life itself does not give them any power. They seek power over life, and thus they seek power over others. Without knowing who or even what they have become, they are Luciferians in the making. They are Satanists who seek to advance themselves by wielding magic and then by using it against other people. They hold no morals, ethics, values, and principles other than what money can buy them and so cheating for them becomes the norm. It is the standard operating procedure they use, and the “ends” justifies the “means” in every endeavor.

How they get to their goal is not important, and life, love, and truth have no value to them.

This is the newest generation of young Americans, and the parents of these children are blind, stupid, and ignorant of what it means to be a parent or to raise a child. We did not get to this place over night, but through many decades of neglect of honesty, integrity, morals, ethics, and most of all a neglect of courage.

My dear readers “this” is how it came to this.

Our children were given the freedom to choose, and they chose darkness and they chose Satanism. They were conned and fooled by smooth talking Illuminati front men who were everywhere, but mostly inside of their very own schools. We blindly handed our young children over to them and they grew up believing in socialism and communism, which are simply other words for Satanism.

They were then offered money for doing things that were less than savory and almost every single bad decision and bad choice that they made was made specifically because they lacked courage. Their parents never taught them to have real courage and so these kids have lived their lives in fear. Can you say triggered?

And thus, they seek only power as an antidote for their endless fears. Now, in the children’s defense, how pray tell can children learn about courage when their parents are cowards?


Aren’t we seeing, as we speak, grown men and women all over the world in the medical professions, doctors, nurses, coroners, lab technicians, and hospital aids, all just doing anything and everything they are told to do, in order to keep their jobs and continue to get a paycheck?

Is this courage or fear?

Aren’t we seeing, as we speak, a global effort by grown adults in the CDC, the FDA, Big Pharma, the FBI, and countless other agencies to hide the truth of what the pandemic really is, and what the jab really does, and how many people are actually dying from the jab and not from the sickness?

Is this courage or fear?

Aren’t we seeing, as we speak, the news media lying about everything that is happening in this country for fear of losing their own jobs and fear of losing their paychecks, and so they are terrified to speak out?

Is this courage or fear?

In every walk of life, here in America, we can see grown men and women cowering in fear and unwilling to speak up or speak out against any of the evil they see happening around them, and as a result of this fear, many people, real people, are dying.

Please tell me how young children can learn about courage from cowards?

So again, I must ask you:

Are we now living in The Land of Mandate by Force and the Home of the Terrified?

  • Is The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave only a vague memory?
  • Is it something that used to exist – “Once upon a Time” – in a Storybook?

Have these people, millions of Americans, forgotten what it means to BE an American?


In our defense, there are government officials and military officials who know everything that is going on. There are countless so-called American leaders who know all of the crimes and all of the corruption only because they are part of it.

The stolen, yes it was stolen, 2020 election and the huge cover up of that very theft is case in point. We’ve got lawyers, judges, cops, sheriffs, agents of all kinds, government workers on the federal, state, county, and city levels, who were in on it.

We’ve got school boards for crying out loud, mere school boards, that are acting like they are in Nazi Germany, and are acting like the children in their care are criminals.

We’ve got city councils that think that they have more power than the very people that they work for, and are now prepared to mandate rules that will send their own employers to jail and put them out of business if they get a chance to do so.

How does it come to this?

How do mere Schools Boards have so much power over children and the children’s parents have none? Why are city councils ordering around the very people that they work for, and why are they acting as if we the people are criminals and that they alone have the power to direct what goes on in the city?

Are we now living in – The Land of Mandate by Force and Home of the Terrified?

It sure seems to me as if we are.

Where oh where is the courage that used to live in the hearts of all Americans – Is it gone forever?

Not a single American who lacks courage can tell me that they still have morals, ethics, values, and even love, because these attributes mean nothing without the courage to back them up.

If you as an American truly have lost all courage, then you have lost everything and now you only have the vague “memory” of the love, ethics, morals, and values that you claim you once had.

Again, without the courage to act, you have nothing left!

This, my dear friends, is why God our loving Father values courage before all else! He knows that without the courage to act, there are no values, ethics, morals, standards, or principles on Earth, and furthermore, there is no Godliness, no kindness, no joy, and yes, my dear readers, there is even no love!

Courage must come first!

Without it, there is only an entire country filled with people who are kidding and fooling themselves with a memory of what used to be “Once upon a Time” …

The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave



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