Alex Collier Quotes taken from the Video above:

  • It never (ever) should have gotten this bad here on Earth or in the Galaxy!
  • The Galactics NEVER knew what was happening on Earth until the horror and tyranny here reached upward into the 5th Dimensional level some 350 years into the future…
  • The Draco and the Orion’s were operating in Pocket Universes and in hidden Spaces and Artificially created Reality Bubbles where it was really difficult to see what they were actually doing…
  • There will be discussions about Non-Interference Protocols to make certain that this never happens again… (Anywhere in 3rd Density)


Bradley Loves Quotes not taken from the Video:

  • GOD has sent Emissaries from outside of Space and Time – to watch how all of this is unfolding according to HIS plan.
  • All Time-Lines have now been reduced down to a single POSITIVE OUTCOME – which HE has designed.
  • The breaking of GODS RULES will never be allowed to manifest in this Galaxy or Universe to the extent they once did.  All resulting negative Time-Lines will be erased and reduced to dust.



The Universe is set to operate like a very large (and extremely precise) clock.  There once were 12 dimensions on the clock – it was reduced down to 11 – and now there are once again 12 dimensions back on the clock! 

So can you please tell me where the 12th Dimension actually came from if there wasn’t already a SUPREME BEING or force OUTSIDE of all of the Dimensions that could actually “create” dimensions and add them to the clock without messing up the entire flow of the Universe?

Getting down to it and where the rubber finally meets the road…


This information is for everyone concerned, so listen up.  There are things that CAN happen in time and space that are not necessarily noticed at FIRST. 

There are many rules to this game, but IF certain souls, beings, or entities are desperate enough to break all of GODS holy rules, then they (for a time) are able to get away with certain things if they are insane enough to hide what they are doing. 

It goes very bad for them once they are caught!


Especially any New Ager’s who tend to worship 5th Dimensional Beings, and who also love to Channel them for information.

  • 5th Dimensional Beings are above us – and they know a lot – but they can not know and do not know what 6th Dimensional Beings know…
  • 6th Dimensional Beings are above those in the 5th – and they know a lot – but they can not know and do not know what 7th Dimensional Beings know…
  • 7th Dimensional Beings are above those in the 6th – and they know a lot – but they can not know and do not know what 8th Dimensional Beings know…
  • 8th Dimensional Beings are those on the 7th – and they know a lot – but they can not know and do not know what 9th Dimensional Beings know…
  • 9th Dimensional Beings are above those on the 8th – and they know a lot – but they can not know and do not know what 10th Dimensional Beings know…
  • 10th Dimensional Beings are above those on the 9th – and they know a lot – but they can not know and do not know what 11th Dimensional Beings know…
  • 11th Dimensional Beings are above those on the 10th – and they know a lot – but they can not know and do not know what 12th Dimensional Beings know…
  • 12th Dimensional Beings are above those on the 11th – and they know a lot – but they can not know and do not know what those who exist OUTSIDE of Time and Space know.
  • The extraordinary Beings that truly exist outside of time and space are above those that exist on the 12th Dimension – and they know a lot – but they can not know, and do not know what those who Occupy Full Standing, and who are in service to the THRONE OF GOD!



They can and do go anywhere, at any time, on any time-Line, and on any level within GODS ENTIRE CREATION.

Sadly, almost without exception, it is these very Souls that are persecuted the very most when they enter into the lower dimensions, and they are usually killed by humanity if they come as low as the 3rd Density of Earth.

They carry such a high vibration, and they bring such TRUTH within them, that most people just can not comprehend the truth that they are trying to bring forth.  In addition to this, many people literally HATE to be near them long enough to hear what they are saying because the level of truth these souls are bringing in exposes every single fault and every single failure that they have, or are currently engaged in.

People do not want their own short comings pointed out to them.

These souls are like X-Ray Machines in that their LIGHT exposes even the tiniest faults and infractions, and forces people to see even the little sins and errors they are engaged in.  People from 3rd Density are never comfortable around souls like this – and they hate suddenly having to be very “aware” of their short comings simply as a result of standing next to someone with that much LIGHT.

These high level souls act like mirrors that gives off a blinding light which exposes every single evil, fault, and failing that they have in them such that the further into EGO these people are – the more exposed they feel, and the more they just HATE and LOATH the soul that is exposing them.

Without exception, those who are being exposed in this way always seek to KILL, DESTROY, or at the very least imprison the Soul Being which is exposing them in order to feel more comfortable in the idea that they can possibly hide their own sins, and thus hide their own shame from GODS HOLY SIGHT.

The intensity of light/truth that these souls bring to this low level of Creation is so extremely revealing and exposing that most people just can not stand the truth that they bring, and usually go into extreme denial and embrace the idiotic New Age thought system that says there is no such thing as evil,  just so none of their own short comings needs to be looked at.  Even so-called “Spiritual People” do not enjoy being next to these high level souls – because even THEY have every single error and short coming within them exposed while standing next to that kind of light.

Jesus was KILLED for just this reason! 

His lofty and perfect soul was sent here directly from the THRONE OF GOD!  Jesus was the embodiment of GOD while he was here on the Earth and came as GODS SON.  Just standing next to him exposed peoples short comings big time.


  • If you are very pure, and are a really good and decent human – you will LOVE THEM.
  • If you have all kinds of hidden vices and hang-ups that you just can’t let go of, vices that are in direct contradiction to GODS RULES – then their very presence will expose these things that are still inside of you and will thus make you feel extremely anxious and uncomfortable around them. You will feel utterly exposed and you will HATE THEM.

To hurt or kill just one of these souls is about the most horrible thing that you (as a soul) can ever do!   Most especially if they are here on GODS DIME – and have been asked by GOD to come for his purpose.

While they are here on the Earth, GOD protects them as much as HE possibly can.  However, if they do in fact get killed – and so many of them do – then they are lifted up even higher than than they were before, and the ones that killed them will wish they had never been born.


Please remember as well that if your “information” is coming from beings who live on the 5th, 6th, 7th – or even the higher Dimensions – and these beings seem unclear or unsure IF GOD the loving Father actually exists as a real being – then they are simply not highly evolved enough to know that yet from their own level.

So, if you want to know about GOD our loving Father – then please find someone who comes from a much HIGHER LEVEL than those as stated above, and ask them.

By the way – these high level beings don’t need to be flying around above the Earth in ships either! – In these strange and very difficult times that we are all facing, they might just be walking around on the Earth like everyone else.

All my love…


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