By: Bradley Loves

To get to the Truth, One must first go through the strange, then the bizarre, and finally the Ludicrous!


No one ever said that finding the Truth was going to be easy!  And, in many cases…, it is only when a person has gone through what most people would consider strange…, that they are even ready to entertain the Bizarre!

Once you’ve entertained the bizarre, you find that beyond that, are many things which would seem totally ludicrous!

It is only when you’ve come out the other side of Ludicrous…, that you find the TRUTH!

Our “system” of governance…, and our “system” of religion…, and our “system” of education was SET UP!

Does that last sentence seem unfinished to you?   It’s not.   It was ALL A SET UP, which is another word for a CON.   It’s a closed loop system which funnels and redirects every question back to ground zero so that no man, woman, or child can question their way OUT of the system.

In other words every door out…, leads to a passageway that leads you back in!

This is can only be termed as odd…, or strange…, or just damn frustrating.

It is ONLY when you are able to admit to yourself…, that the ENTIRE SYSTEM we are living under is rigged, that you can make any progress at all in finding the TRUTH.

That’s when you meet the “bizarre”!

What I mean by that is since we have been so completely PROGRAMMED to think, live, and believe in certain ways…, then once we are actually faced with a situation that does not “fit” into those limitations that are set up by the closed loop system, we indeed feel like we’ve stumbled upon the bizarre.

If you are willing…, and are able to open up your mind to what most people call the bizarre, (and still keep your feet on the ground) …without getting bent all out of whack…, that’s when you find out even more things happening which seem ludicrous, ridiculous, and crazy!

Once you’ve gone through all of these ideas (and have managed not to lose touch with reality)…, that’s when all of the dots come together…, and you are able to find out the TRUTH!

Like it or not…, THIS seems to be the process, and if you are not willing to even consider the strange…, then you are NOT EVEN CLOSE TO THE TRUTH!

Truth seeking…, is a day by day, and moment by moment endeavor which really never ends and can not be done for you!

It is YOUR MIND which needs to expand…, and therefore…, none of the information, nor any of “my” experiences will get you to expand YOUR MIND.

Even if the door to the cage is open…, it is YOU that have to allow your mind to fly free from all of the imposed limitations that were set up by the closed loop system.

This means looking at things that you never thought were possible.


This information goes against the “closed loop” thinking system!  Every “religion”…, every government, and every educational “system” denys it’s existence!

Therefore, by definition, ANY article or post that talks about TIME TRAVEL, PROJECT PEGASUS, LOOKING GLASS or any other such thing is seen as “strange”.

It’s not normal to consider these ideas…, and therefore…, the closed loop system makes certain that EVERY ROAD (this means every question) leads right back to the per-determined answer.

Perhaps…, many people might say…, well…, to each in his own time

Which means that sooner or later…, many humans might be willing to consider these “ideas” at some time in the future…, but they are just not ready now!

However…, there is a monumental PROBLEM with taking this position, and it is this:

By NOT being willing to even entertain the idea that TIME TRAVEL and QUANTUM ACCESS are actually happening…, then we can not move from the “strange”…, to the “bizzarre”.

You see,  if TIME TRAVEL and LOOKING GLASS technology seem “strange” to you…, then:

WHAT THEY ARE DOING WITH THAT TECHNOLOGY BEHIND YOUR BACK…, certainly moves us into the bizarre!

But…, here is exactly where we bump into the problem at hand!

Pray tell…, how can I write an informative article, telling you the reader…, ALL OF THE WAYS they are using this technology against us…, if you do not even want to consider that it exists?

How do I help you to move on from the “strange” to the “bizarre”?

Now in a perfect Universe…, it might not matter so much if regular people took their own sweet time learning about all of the things that were happening here!

The problem is that WE DON’T HAVE THAT KIND OF TIME!

We don’t have that TIME…, specifically because it is the LAW OF TIME which has been broken!

Many of the people living on the surface have taken “solace” in the New Age Movement…, and yet no one recognizes that this movement is in fact a CARBON COPY of organized religion!

It is a newer and updated version of a cog inside the CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM!

It takes us right back to the beginning of where our MIND CONTROL STARTED!  And this is why I rail against it!  It’s supporters are getting more and more fanatical about “defending” their teachers, masters and gurus…, without EVER questioning what they say, even in the tiniest bit!

I’d like to start writing articles that tell my readers exactly HOW time is being used against us…, and the technology involved.  Can I do that without having everyone blow a fuse?  Or…, will you go right back into the very “comfy” sofa of a “religious format”?

As we speak…, there are hundreds of “so-called” New Agers who are wolves in sheep’s clothing…, offering their followers a little bit of the new technological information…, while at the same time…, keeping their followers firmly held inside the OLD RELIGIOUS PARADIGM OF WORSHIP!

Too many New Ager’s literally fall on their knees…, praying and supplicating to so called Guru’s and Masters…, when it is a very good bet that these beings are actually living and FEEDING off of those “energies”.

Can you as the reader start to see that the ENTIRE SYSTEM we have lived under until now…, and that includes the RELIGIOUS FORMAT…, which includes any and all forms of worship (especially of Ascended Masters) is part of the closed loop system?  Which is the “FEEDING” system?

Once we’ve been able to come OUT OF THE CLOSED LOOP SYSTEM CAGE…, can we finally confront the strange, the bizarre, the ludicrous… and finally the TRUTH.






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  1. You’re THE COOLEST, Bradley!!!
    Keep on singing us the bittersweet song of T*R*U*T*H !! “Gimme a T…….!!!!”

  2. Bradley thank you for wanting to share with us your insights on the “Time conundrum”. Please do not wait for signs of a glimmer of awakening from the people out there. There are more of us than you think who are ready for this. Witness the landslide victory of the Brexit vote. Yeah I know less than 2% difference in the numbers. Fact is I believe the margin was so wide that they had to concede otherwise they would have had a revolution on their hands. On a certain level the British people have woken up and unleashed a ‘game changer’. Anyway just remember that even with the slickest and most professional edit of a “movie” sometimes a tiny bit slips through unnoticed. There have been moments in my life when I felt convinced that something like that had just happened. A little adjustment in the Matrix which they didn’t think I’d notice. But I did. Perhaps an edit to remove a moment of “reality” that I was not supposed to remember or see. Or even recollect…….

  3. Yes, please continue writing such articles, which help us get out of the cage.
    Facing the bizarre and ludicrous may be uncomfortable – I feel dizzy at times – but once we aim at knowing the Truth, there is no going back and, as you said, we don’t have the time to linger.

    Never mind New Agers. I used to be one of them and feel sorry for them, of course, but I sense most of your readers expect you to share your knowledge now and are thankful for it.
    Can’t wait to learn more about time travel and quantum access!

  4. Linda Torgrimson

    Definitely no fuse-blowing here. This and your previous article are most enlightening, and fascinating reading. I love learning this sort of stuff. There is so much disinfo out there and it is far too easy to get sucked into these false belief systems. Please continue with these articles.

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