By: Bradley Loves

This article is simply a “full disclosure” piece.  It’s a sort of heads up to those who come here to read…, and a sort of “walk a mile in my shoes” sort of thing that I should have done a while back.

Since I started writing “full time” about 15 months ago…, I have gone through 3 I-pads…, and 5 lap-top computers!

A “little” known tactic and technique that is being used by the powers that WERE, is to use a computer’s internet connection as a sort of homing beacon where they can then send a “directed” missile attack toward that particular computer over the INTERNET!

Every computer has it’s own unique serial number (just like a car) so “identifying it” is easy…, and there is NO WAY to hide that number.

Because of what I write…, the powers that WERE are using their deep, dark, military hackers to seek out and (basically) destroy my computers with vicious software additions.

Now…, since I NEVER add software I don’t need…, they have to do it by back door means.

They do this through the internet connection…, and this can not happen overnight…, but usually takes 2 to 3 months.

I’ve managed to get AROUND problems that came up by constantly “REFORMATTING” my hard drive and erasing everything on a weekly basis!

The powers that were countered that move by UPLOADING spyware and controlling software directly to my BIOS AND REGISTRY…, which does not get erased during a format.

(Basically a chess move where they laughed at me)

In order to do this…, they must USE A BACK DOOR (given to them by micro-soft) and take control of my computer…, and then add their attack software directly to places where it can not be erased!

This (by the way) is why BILL GATES is considered by many to be a CRIMINAL of the highest order!

He sold out and gave the government and the military ALL BACK DOOR ACCESS into the micro-soft programs which in NOT commonly known.

This is ALSO why he got put on the COMMITTEE OF 300.

So, I’ve been reduced to buying an entirely “new” computer every two or three months simply to keep on writing and telling the TRUTH…, and getting the message out to those who want to hear it!

The cost is about 250.00 per computer (I get the cheapest ones I can find)

Naturally this type of thing is NOT happening with all of the Alternative journalists…, but very few alternative journalists are writing the type of things I write…, and you have to understand that ONLY THOSE who are telling the TRUTH DAILY are under this type of attack!

It know of several truth-tellers who keep having these same problems so I am certainly not the only one.  But I would venture a guess to say that IF any journalist has NOT had these problems…, then they have NOT been telling enough of the TRUTH to warrant such attacks.

Interestingly…, since I have seemingly been able to foil their dark plans…, (with my own counter moves)…, dark plans which most certainly were simply tactics being used to DISCOURAGE ME from writing…, (since the on going cost of new computers would be too much)…, they have now taken to a whole different tactic!

No longer are they destroying my computers from the inside, and making them unusable.., (because I always just get a new one) NOW they are using my computers personal IDENTIFICATION number to track which wi-fi connections I use…, and then to LIMIT my access to connecting to the Internet on those particular wi-fi’s.

I don’t know exactly how it works…, but it seems that I can get only a weeks worth of use out of a particular WI-FI connection (coffee shop/restaurant) BEFORE…, my computer can no longer connect to the internet at that location!

I’ve given up on having a personal connection long ago…, because that can be messed with almost immediately!

What this basically  means is that there is some sort of “tracking” going on…, and some sort of means whereby these a**holes use the identification number of my particular computer and see which WI-FI’s that I connect to…, then then slowly SHUT DOWN THE SPICKET on that connection so that it’s difficult to even changes pages on the screen!

They don’t cut if off totally…, they just make it so hard to do anything, that any activity I do on the internet (like research and write articles) is so slow that hopefully I will just give up!

All of my normal connections have been coming up as LIMITED over the last month or so…, if I stay in one location more than a week. So now I have to keep moving around!


Naturally this is TOTALLY ILLEGAL!  Naturally this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL!

Remember however…., these men and women who do this are CRIMINALS!

I don’t care if they “work” for the NSA or the CIA, or the secret military!  They are criminals and need to be punished AS criminals.

They don’t like the idea that there are journalists out there who DARE to tell the TRUTH to the public!

And since they can’t quite LIMIT FREE SPEECH yet out in the open.., they have taken to doing it subversively…, from a distance and behinds the scenes, which means they are practicing a form of GORILLA WARFARE against certain individuals on the internet!

Just like the evil, and dark criminals they are…., they operate in the shadows, and in the dark!  They never come out in the light of day where everyone can see what they are doing!

Only those men and women who HAVE SOMETHING TO HIDE operate in the shadows!

Needless to say…, in order to bring the type of information to you that I write personally…, I have to have EXTREME PERSISTENCE or they would have shut me down long ago!


Full disclosure of what those of us who are telling the TRUTH have to go through each and every day to bring it to you, and why when so-called LIGHT WORKERS attack us for what we write…, it is not appreciated.


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