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Deep State Center Holds – John Ratcliffe Nomination Withdrawn…

The epicenter of the deepest defensive mechanism of the Deep State is the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI).  The SSCI is the bunker, the intelligence manipulation operations headquarters. The SSCI is where the political nuclear weapons (black files and IC gathered political surveillance research) are housed.  As a direct consequence the SSCI is the most corrupt and manipulative committee in all of congress.

President Trump has withdrawn the nomination of John Ratcliffe because both wings of the most corrupt deep state apparatus had formed a hardened defense in the SSCI:

Let me be perfectly clear.  The issue is the SSCI.

The weaponized issues of corrupt DC endeavors are always associated with the SSCI.   It is also not coincidental that ODNI Dan Coats was Senator Dan Coats…. and where was his tenured membership prior to becoming Director of National Intelligence?   Yup, the SSCI.

It always comes back to the SSCI.

The Senate Select Committee on Intelligence houses the entrenched Decepticons and Democrats who participate in oversight of the intelligence community, including their black arts.   It was through this committee where much of the opposition intelligence about candidate Donald Trump was relayed and shared.

Donald Trump was an outside candidate; a disruption in the global way of things.  He questioned NATO, he challenged “globalism”, he challenged the perpetual war machine.  In essence he was a risk.  Hence the SSCI aligned against candidate Trump and continued that opposition into the “insurance policy” phase to remove President Trump.

The pre-election operations of the SSCI is why the 2016 Vice-Chairman of the committee, Dianne Feinstein, abdicated her position as soon as Trump won the election.  She knew eventually the SSCI would be in direct confrontation with President Trump; and Feinstein knew what actions they had taken.  She didn’t want to stick around for the bloodbath.

Remember: “The SSCI is working closely with special counsel Robert Mueller”.  Remember: “The DOJ and FBI must not work with administration investigators”.

Enter Senator Mark Warner to take Feinstein’s place.   Yes, the same Vice-Chairman Warner who was caught conducting covert “rather not have a paper trail” communication with dossier author Christopher Steele through liaison/lawyer Adam Waldman:

The institution of the SSCI was/is a participant along with the FBI and DOJ soft coup plotters inside the “small group”.   The committee members were actively engaged and supportive of the agenda to remove President Trump.

That’s why all of the “small group” officials, those who participated in Spygate etc., always wanted to appear in front of the SSCI committee (Burr and Warner), and not in front of the House committee when it was chaired by Devin Nunes.

The SSCI participated in the small group corruption.

That’s why SSCI security officer James Wolfe threatened to subpoena the entire committee when he was caught in a sting operation leaking the Carter Page FISA warrant.  Wolfe was only carrying out the instructions of the Chairman and Vice-Chairman.   That’s why the DOJ dropped the charges against him for leaking classified information, and buried his actions behind a singular charge of lying to investigators.

The SSCI is the center of intelligence corruption.

Earlier this morning former ‘small group’ coup participant Rod Rosenstein sent a message to the SSCI to hold firm on not accepting anyone except Deep State Sue Gordon to replace Dan Coats.  In essence the message is don’t allow John Ratcliffe as DNI.  Notice how Rosenstein tags Richard Burr (and Graham)…

Knowing the SSCI has black files on their political opposition; gathered through years of surveillance using databases and monitoring; and knowing those files also extend to the immediate families of targeted politicians, Rosenstein’s signal in combination with the messages from Comey, Brennan and company, was crystal clear.

There was no path for John Ratcliffe to get through Senate confirmation when the Deep State interests are aligned against him.

(via NYT) On Thursday, Senator Mark Warner, Democrat of Virginia, who is the committee’s vice chairman, said the law was “pretty clear” that the acting role goes to the deputy when the director of national intelligence leaves. “This is something that’s very bipartisan,” Mr. Warner said. “Every member of the intelligence committee has enormous respect for Sue Gordon.”

[…] There appears little chance that the Senate, which is currently gone for its summer recess, will swiftly confirm Mr. Ratcliffe, in light of the bipartisan skepticism about his qualifications and questions about the honesty of his résumé. (NYT Link)

This is the way of the swamp.

















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