By: Bradley Loves


And just when you thought it can’t get any worse…, or get any weirder…, you’ve got adults in congress acting like tiny little children at the playground calling each other names and throwing out insults.


Congress has gone complete “GRADE SCHOOL” rules with their antics and the only thing we haven’t seen yet is congressmen “beating each other up” on the playground over a seat on the swings!

See this image:

This supposed “adult”…, (term used loosely) is caught on camera basically calling the “Attourney General” of the United States of America a “chicken” for not showing up for a requested interview with the House Judiciary Committee!

Naturally…, it is a Democrat who sinks down to this level of childishness!  The only thing he didn’t do is to call Bill Barrs’ mother some really dirty names, and move up and down the podium clucking like a chicken…, although Im sure he probably wanted to!

Since WHEN did Congress sink this low??

Once again…, it is CLEAR that the American Government NO LONGER FUNCTIONS…, most specifically because it it made up of FIVE YEAR OLDS!

My advice…, send them all home with a spanking and re-populate Congress with REAL ADULTS.






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