By: Bradley Loves


This post (hopefully) is going to demonstrate just how easy it is to FOOL perception!  It shows us how just because we “SEE” something does not mean we should always BELIEVE it!

Below I’ve posted two very good videos that concern how perception (and therefore “reality”) can be manipulated through fake visual imagery and propaganda!

Instead of the axiom: LET THE BUYER BEWARE….., these videos tell us…


Not all is as it seems…, and we are certainly NOT living in Kansas any more Toto!

TRUTH is the greatest thing we can possibly ever have!  It really is our ONLY protection!  Those that willingly destroy the TRUTH are in fact destroying EVERYTHING that means ANYTHING.

To say there is no such thing as TRUTH…, is to become the very minion of SATAN!

Fair Warning:  The video entitled Government Secrets Revealed is actually a “Flat Earth” video…, and even though I personally do not think this is the case…, I am presenting the video because it brings up some good points.




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