Make no mistake about it my wonderful readers, we “collectively” were in some REAL TROUBLE, and things were dire.

Enslaving a human beings body was only just a start, and as bad as that is, something like that can never truly and fully affect a man’s thinking – or his souls allegiance to GOD the GREAT CREATOR.

Those who follow Lucifer – or follow the other Dark Forces within the Universe knew that if they were ever going to reach their final goal, they had to get control of a man’s MIND if they were going to effectively control his physical body BEFORE attempting to make the final move against his soul.

Something this diabolical has to be done “willingly” with the help of the victim – or the consequences to those who are doing it is Judgement of the worst kind from the Great Creator.  Therefore, consent of the victim was absolutely imperative – if even only on a sub-conscious level.  This kind of consent could be as simple as “surrendering” and “giving in”.

Please forgive me when I ask those of you who are my regular readers to understand that you just have NO clue how deep the rabbit holes goes, nor what kind of technology has been rolled out and ALREADY used on you!!

In just this one case, you are neither ignorant nor stupid, you just can’t possibly THINK on the level of Darkness that these reprobate, husks of used to be souls can think on.  Therefore, you can’t possibly conceive of or imagine the kind of evil that they are truly capable of because it defies all description.

Firstly, we have quite accurate information coming from Gene Decode (a man who I do believe truly loves GOD) and who says that there is a level of thinking (consciousness) that is even worse than that of a total psychopath!!  He says that there is a level of thinking below that level that is so depraved, and so filled with pure evil, that we as normal human beings can not possibly comprehend it.

On this issue, I agree with him fully!

This is something that even the so-called “White Hats” were not aware of simply because they (at first) were willing to totally discount any incarnated human soul who claimed to be connected to GOD and who  might have very High Level Information for them to consider.  I do understand why however.

Due to Organized Religion and the Catholic Church, they believed that any claims or any knowledge of GOD or GODS PLAN were to be summarily discounted as foolish.  And that, very naturally, is exactly why the Draco and the Orion Grays infiltrated and then took over organized Religion and started to do pure evil through the Catholic Church.  It was so that anyone who claimed “knowledge” of GOD – would be dismissed as loony.

This was also a “set up” for the American Military and other World Wide Militaries for their sudden “interest” in Lucifer, in Satanism, and in Black Magic.  It happened because if the Catholic Church was so evil – then naturally Lucifer and Black Magic must be “good”.  And this is why “Satanism” became 100 percent acceptable inside of the US military as a possible religion to belong to and to partake of freely. 

Also totally acceptable within the US Military were other groups who espoused and partook of any type of Magic (up to and including Black Magic).

This is how men like General Michael Aquino, Captain L. Ron Hubbard, Alister Crowley, and Jack Parsons were able to get together in some of America’s most secretive Military Installations (JPL) for instance, and were allowed to do Black Magic Rituals to their hearts content.

Their sick machinations included attempts to open Portals to Dark Realms, Conjuring Demon Entities, and trying to bring extremely demonic souls into the physical world by catching them and forcing them into unborn fetuses.  And this was MILITARY people doing this by the way – not just run of the mill Luciferians.

The “BATTLE” is so much bigger than you can imagine!

Tiny tid-bits are just now starting to come out from various sources where it has come to light that the Orion Grays were being totally controlled by a very high level Artificial Intelligence (AI) that had spread itself like a virus throughout the Galaxy and was about as EVIL as it gets. 

Because these Orion Grays were Hive Minded – then the AI Signal that was coming into the top level Grays was being broadcast to all other lower level Grays in their group. Because of this, it became necessary to actually capture 9 of the highest level Orion Grays in order to be able to HACK, penetrate, and disconnect the incredibly evil AI Signal and disconnect all of the lower level minions from the rogue signal which was not only controlling their minds, but controlling their bodies as well.

Please take the time to watch this important video:

This is what these entities – the Orion Group – were being “ordered” to do to the rest of us in an Attempt to get control of our very SOULS – which are exceptionally special in the grand scheme of the Universe.

The “JAB” and Covid 19 were only the first steps in the long process to first conquer our MINDS and make us like the BORG.  The next step would have been to create a HIVE MIND under total control of the ROGUE AI – the final step was taking control of our very souls.

Stay “tuned” for Part Three


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