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Aleister Crowley

If you believe that there is no real difference between RIGHT and WRONG…, then you are accepting “SATANISM” into your life…

Mark Passio



Countless “Channeled” messages have been spread (more or less like a disease) all across the internet and are moving many unsuspecting and innocent people into Satanism!

In fact, the core teachings of most of these “messages” is one that if followed to the letter…, will ultimately lead the reader or the listener directly toward a Satanic mindset!

Mark Passio is very clear when he says that “SATANISM” is not what people think it is…… (watch the video)


Let’s do a “what if” scenario to see if you can see why!

  • What would “YOU” as a logical thinking human being do “IF” you truly believed that each man, woman, and child living here on the Earth “contracted for” or “wanted” all of the bad or horrible experiences that took place in their lives?

In the grand scheme of living out your life while here on Earth…, you’d probably just DO NOTHING if you came across difficult or hard to deal with circumstances and situations which at first seemed intolerable.

  • You might simply console yourself and do the New Age thing – “by sending them good vibes” – and then be on your way.

You certainly would not go out of your way to HELP anyone who seemed to really need it, because after all…, THEY WANTED THAT!

(Whatever “that” is)

Furthermore…, “IF” it could be proven that certain people or groups of people (Secret Societies or Dark Brotherhoods) were working very hard to create “bad” circumstances for all of us living here on the Earth…

  • you’d probably do the New Age thing and – “refrain from judging them” – because well…, there is really no such thing as “good” or “evil” after all.

Thus…, the thing that you would be MOST interested in or concerned with while living here on Earth is taking care of yourself FIRST and looking after your own situation!

But let’s revisit what Mark said in the video above:

If you honestly believe that there is no real difference between RIGHT and WRONG…, then you are accepting “SATANISM” into your life…

Mark Passio

He also said something very telling in the video above at the 1 minute and 40 second mark:

  • Self preservation is the highest good…, and is the very FIRST tenet of SATANISM…, or said another way – TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF FIRST AND ABOVE ALL.

IF it was brought to your attention that certain people were working very hard to “socially engineer”our National cultures in order to get us to get us to accept things like…

  • Changing ones own sex, ie “transgenderism”, or worse, trying to get us all to accept that sex between adults and children is a reasonable idea…, then you’d probably not want to “judge that” because well…, everyone who comes to Earth “contracts” for everything that happens them!

Or, what about the “cultural” imperatives which are trying to pit one man against the next or one group against the other like…

  • Hating “white men” for creating repressive “conditions” for Blacks, Gays, and for Women…
  • Limiting Free Speech because all people who say anything considered by an “ideological group” to be hateful – SHOULD BE BANNED…

IF you were totally convinced (as many New Agers are) that an “ASCENSION” is just around the corner…, and that EVERY man, woman and child is going to suddenly “ascend” into a higher dimension…, then no matter WHAT types of events, happenings, cultural changes you see, or even despotic calamities you may see transpiring here on the Earth…, you’d probably NOT want to get involved in any of that because well…,


Thus, the thing that you would be MOST interested in while living here on Earth is taking care of yourself FIRST and your own situation!



I want to draw your attention to a dubious CHANNELED MESSAGE that I found posted on KP’s website just yesterday!

Original found here:

The Channeled Message above is really dangerous because once again…, it uses our collective “belief” in an ASCENSION to get us to STAND DOWN.

  • And what I mean by “stand down” is to take no real action on our own…, and to simply sit back and allow someone else to take care of things FOR US!



  • IF you honestly thought that all of the “bad” people were being rounded up here on Earth as we speak…, and that LOVE HAD ALREADY WON.., (as the gentleman who wrote this piece would have you believe)…, then would you personally be “motivated” in the least little bit to get out there yourself and to clean things up?  (Probably not)
  • Or…, (more than likely) would you do the very natural “human thing” and just sit back comfortably in your chair and LET OTHERS TAKE CARE OF IT FOR YOU?


If you are a New Ager…, and you really thought that your meditations and the coming ascension were all that really mattered to you…, then you’d probably sit in your home and DO NOTHING!

Now…, as I’ve written many times before…, this “type” of CHANNELED MESSAGE is a very clever “stand down” message that is aimed specifically at “good hearted” men and women here on Earth who have been falsely taught by the NEW AGE!

Interestingly…, the author of this particular post is named “Michael Love”…, which sounds a whole lot like Bradley Loves…, doesn’t it?

  • And, I’ve been told that certain LUCIFERIANS at the highest levels are reading my blog and HATING every word that I write!
  • Perhaps they are looking for a way to “counter”what I write each day with some really “nice sounding” articles of their own…, written by a guy with a similar sounding name??

Only this man named “Love” …, says that there is no such thing as BAD or EVIL…, and that we are ALL going to ASCEND VERY SOON!  (Read the entire thing)

If you believe that there is no real difference between RIGHT and WRONG…, then you are accepting “SATANISM” into your life…

Mark Passio



  • Haven’t we all been down this road?
  • Wasn’t the hype and the run up to 2012 enough for you?
  • Do you realize how much of the LUCIFERIAN AGENDA was able to be initiated and implemented because in the years running up to 2012 really “good men” were sitting on their hands doing NOTHING??


Now…, I want you to watch once again the same video done by Mark Passio, who was a PRIEST IN THE SATANIC RELIGION FOR YEARS!

(And so he should know what he’s talking about.)



He has said many times (in other videos he’s done) that those in the highest positions of the LUCIFERIAN BROTHERHOOD were going to write many NEW AGE BOOKS that would secretly be teaching people all the “tenets” of Satanism…, but would not CALL IT Satanism.

They were simply going to call it the NEW AGE!

(And in their opinion, the NEW AGE means the coming New Age of Lucifer)


SO, what is the FIRST TENET OF SATANISM according to Mark??

See the video above starting at 1 minute and 40 seconds in!

  • Self preservation is the highest good that there is, and this is the FIRST tenet of SATANISM…, or said in another way…, TAKE CARE OF YOUR SELF FIRST.

Said in yet another way…,

  • Don’t worry about what is happening to others because they “contracted” for those things…, and they “wanted” that…., just take care of yourself and your own ascension….

If you can’t see the connection here…, or connect these easy to connect dots…, then I’m sorry but maybe this blog is not for you…, and you need to go to a remedial type of teaching blog until you are able to catch up!

Now…, if you are wondering…, YES…, I just said exactly what you thought I just said…, and that is that when someone tells you in a written post or in a channeled message…,

…Don’t Worry about what is happening to others because they “contracted” for those things…, or there is no such thing as “GOOD” or “EVIL”…,

…then that someone (no matter who it is) is TEACHING YOU SATANISM!

This is true even if the man’s name is:  MICHAEL LOVE…, and the name of his “blog” is: LOVE HAS WON

See image below:

The statue above is a SATANIC ONE..., even though it seems to be saying something truthful.

Just because people dress up in nice clothes…, OR have very “nice looking” websites with “nice sounding names”…, does not mean they are “good”…


We’ve all got to be smarter people…, and even though I have lots of respect for guys like KP (I think he is a good person)…, he is addicted to Channeled Messages and the fake idea of a coming Ascension.

Thus, countless people read this kind of stuff and when they do…, they simply sit back in their chairs…, relax…, and DO NOTHING about any evil they see happening right in front of them.


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