By: Bradley Loves


I’ve said it before, and I’m going to say it again so that as many people as possible can hear it and hopefully “get it”!


When crunching out “What Happened” in our world of “games and cons” you HAVE TO (read: have to) take into account every single thing that you ALREADY KNOW for certain has been hidden from the public – but is still an ACCURATE DATA POINT that can not be argued with.


Therefore, every single “DATA POINT” that you have come to the conclusion is “TRUE” beyond a doubt – HAS to be factored into your assessments for every single event and every single question that you may have to discern about WORLD EVENTS!


The Only Thing that you have to know, is that TIME has been compromised!  Nothing is as important as this fact!


Phil Curso Jr. (Son of Lt. Colonel Philip Curso – Army Intelligence)


There is a process that every real TRUTH SEEKER needs to go through if you really want to know the TRUTH, and it really is just a strategic discipline, but you MUST use it before jumping to conclusions about what you see on the TV or hear on the NEWS – or even read in an online blog!


Here is an example of how it gets done:


1). A problem or an EVENT occurs anywhere in the World!

2)  You place the problem or the event into the TRUTH SEEKER GRINDER!

3)  All already KNOWN facts must be applied to the problem no matter how insane or crazy it sounds and then you discount them one by one.


Here are Examples of Known facts – which MUST ALWAYS be factored into every attempt to discern the TRUTH!  The ones at the beginning are the MOST important ones!


A)  Time has been compromised – Quantum access of information exists – information streams are coming from the future to the past!

B)  Satan Worship/Luciferianism is REAL – Real men and women in Government – Secret Societies and Agencies have been creating and controlling events in order steer reality toward a desired goal for hundreds (if not thousands of years) and now they have Time Travel!   (See A)

C)  The Freemasons (at the highest levels) are Luciferians, and have their hands on both Time Travel Technology and are constantly steering and controlling events to create desired goals.

D)  The NEW AGE was created by the JESUITS!

E) Hidden Wars and Battles for control of Earth/Business/Money/Power are taking place between competing factions of Secret Societies BY PROXY!

(Witless armies of brainwashed fools are pit against each other for “higher agendas”).

F) The common everyday people of planet Earth are considered “expendable fodder” for these elite factions as they carry out their PROXY WARS in an attempt to Establish a NEW WORLD ORDER for Lucifer.

G) MK ULTRA is very real – and MIND CONTROL is considered to be paramount in the fighting of these proxy wars.

H) The corporate controlled mass media is on the side of the Satanists/Luciferians!  The Media Presenters are as bad as most Hollywood Actors/Music Industry people who have sold their souls to Satan!

I) Hollywood and Los Angeles, as well as San Francisco, CA are huge Satanic Hubs on the west Coast of America.

J) LUCIS TRUST (which has connections to the United Nations) and was created by Alice Bailey and her husband Foster Bailey (who was a Freemason) is a front, or a cover, for the Luciferian Agenda World Wide!  This makes the entire NEW AGE (at the very top levels) LUCIFERIAN.

K) The Catholic Church has been infiltrated by Luciferians at the very top!  This makes the entire Catholic Church (at the very top levels) LUCIFERIAN.

L) What ever dogma that comes out of the Catholic Church (from top levels) can not be trusted!  What ever dogma comes out of the New Age (from top levels) can NOT be trusted!

M) Extreme mind altering and mood altering Frequency Based Weaponry is being used on the public world wide in order to keep them in a state of confusion and under MIND CONTROL.

N) The Secret Space Program is very REAL – and technologies which are possibly hundreds of years ahead of what the public has access to are being HIDDEN and HOARDED in secret underground cities and deep underground military bases (DUMBS).

O) There are secret space program bases located on the Moon and on Mars – the knowledge of which being is kept from the public.

P) The Federal Reserve (which is in league with the Luciferians and the Satanists) is manipulating all currencies – Gold and Silver – and all other mediums of exchange in order to ENSLAVE humanity – to keep it from waking up – and to usher in the NEW WORLD ORDER of Lucifer!

Q) Honest, hard working and innocent people are being TARGETED in this “war” only because they stand for TRUTH, Honestey, and LOVE.

R) CHEM-TRAILS – GMO’s – FLUORIDE – BIG PHARMA – VACCINES are all part of the “war” against humanity!

S) Almost all members of Congress in America – and members of other Governments world wide have been compromised and are being BLACK MAILED to go along with the Satanic New World Order!  (They NEVER act in our best interests)

T) The CONTROL for this NEW WORLD ORDER take over involves beings and entities from OFF WORLD!

U) DARK MAGIC – SPIRIT COOKING – the conjuring up and the use of demonic – other dimensional entities are being USED against humanity in the fight to bring in the New World Order!

V) This is a WAR of “GOOD” vs. “EVIL”    It is a War of GOD vs. LUCIFER!

W) All of this is being HIDDEN from humanity at the present moment because the LUCIFERIANS are not yet strong enough, and are not ready to “make their move” publicly!

X) Until the Luciferians believe without a doubt they will win the battle, (and there is no chance of losing) we will continue to see LIES and DECEPTIONS rolled out daily from the Media, from the VATICAN, from the UNITED NATIONS, from the FREEMASONS, and from the NEW AGE!  (They are at WAR with humanity!)

Y) YOU and your family are “part” of this WAR – whether you want to be or NOT!  If the NEW WORLD ORDER wins – everyone who is not part of their group WILL BE ENSLAVED!



So, now that we have some KNOWN FACTS…, here is the process:


1)  Problem or Event Occurs

2) Take problem or event and apply ALL KNOWN FACTS to the problem or event BEFORE trying to decide what actually happened!

3) Draw conclusion based upon taking ALL KNOWN FACTS INTO CONSIDERATION.


Pick the best conclusion which makes sense based upon KNOWN FACTS – (even it seems like a conspiriacy or far fetched!)


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