By: Bradley Loves


I’ve said this before, but it needs to be repeated every so often so that new readers can also understand!

What I do here on LOVE TRUTH is unique!   You have never encountered it before anywhere you go!

What my blog is not:

  • This is not a NEWS BLOG!
  • This is not a “Spiritual Blog” (in the New Age sense)

What my blog IS:

  • This is a “TEACHING” blog.
  • It is meant to be used as such.
  • It is meant to educate.


My audience is vast, even though you may not think so!

I am writing for:

  • Loyal readers who want to learn about TRUTH
  • Select “White Hat” men and women in the Military
  • A group of extremely dedicated TIME TRAVELERS
  • Large Groups of students and scholars about 100 years into the future.
  • Select ambassadors and representatives of other worlds, realms, and dimensions (aka ET’s)
  • Men and women who are desperate to leave the CABAL
  • Code Breakers and NSA officials who could use the help in sifting through an enormous pile of deception at the Government level.

As such…, the posts and articles on this blog may seem to be varied, unusual, cryptic, out of step with time and space, emotionally charged, and purposefully prophetic.

This is why picking and choosing which post, article or video you want to watch is a mistake!

I’ve said THIS before as well.  Every article is an extension of every other article.

Every post is a continuation of all other posts!


Use the “images” in one post to connect it to every other post it connects most directly to!


If the NSA wanted to do something interesting they would graph every article I’ve ever written in three dimensional space and then draw lines between all of the connected images.  (I just wonder if a picture would appear)

That being said…, I use information in videos to make or stress points that I write about.

Sometimes information in these videos is critically important.

Finally…, almost all of this is written in code and 100 years from now people will be finding cool and very interesting connections between every article I’ve ever written…, as well as predictions that came true that I had no way of knowing (?) at the time.

So…, the best way to read is to read all posts and articles in line as they are written, not skipping any, and then using the links I give (images) to find the other articles I’ve written with the same image.


All my love….


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