Well, even though this may be lost on some – perhaps many will see the TRUTH in this single post.  It is a recipe on how to WIN in a TEMPORAL WAR where both TIME TRAVEL/LOOKING GLASS and MIND CONTROL are being used and deployed by the enemy against all of the rest of us.

It is actually very simple, but almost everyone will discount this for two reasons:

1) They do not understand the extent to which they are already under Mind Control

2) They do not believe we are in a Temporal War.


The enemy has deployed extremely advanced technologies against the human race. 

That being said – they use MIND CONTROL – as one of their most primary weapons.  They then use huge Super Computers and Quantum Computers to look at Simulations of the entire earth environment and of every man, woman, and child participating “in the game” so to speak.

They do this so that they can make predictions as to what is coming – and what people will do – i.e. “choose” based upon their perceptions and their thinking – most especially while they are under the blanket of the MIND CONTROL.

The ONLY way to defeat all of these technologies is to STOP USING YOUR MIND to make major decisions – and to start using your HEART!

The problem here for most people is that they NEVER use their heart to make any decisions for their lives and for the lives of others around them.

They will always – down to the last man and woman – try to “THINK” things through and try to rationalize and justify every single decision.

This is where the enemies technology can beat them every single time – and can very accurately predict what most people will in fact do.

Once the technology accurately predicts what you will choose – then they set TRAPS for you and your family based upon your already KNOWN choice. 

This is where TIME TRAVEL/LOOKING GLASS comes in.

The only way to FOOL – and to OVERCOME all of this very expensive and advanced technology is to make ALL choices based in the HEART and based in LOVE.

A computer can not possibly LOVE – nor can it FEEL – so it can never project, ascertain, nor predict any sort of outcome based on any decisions made in LOVE.

IF humanity were to start making all of its decisions based in LOVE – then the computers/algorithms/quantum devices and other things being used by the dark could no longer predict what was coming in the future – and would have to literally WAIT for the very moment the decision was actually made – just to see what was going to happen.

This is why they want to get everyone hooked into a HIVE MIND as soon as possible. The goal is to be able to predict with 100 percent accuracy every choice – every single time.

They want this because they know that if everyone makes decisions from the HEART and from LOVE – there is NO WAY to predict that.

This is why – IFeveryone simply STOPPED TRYING to “think things through” all the time – which is mostly attempting to rationalize/financially justify their decisions – and instead only followed the LOVE IN THEIR HEARTS–  then “we collectively” would be winning this TEMPORAL WAR.

Now, this does not mean that I am advocating the process of the New Agers.  I am not advocating their process, because they many times refuse to use their hearts and instead use their minds in a very passive way – defaulting every decision back to non confrontation and passiveness.

This is STILL using the mind, and is very predictable.  They do this usually thinking that making decisions this way makes their “choice” LOVING every single time…


Jesus himself taught us that – we need to stand up and stand AGAINST EVIL – whenever we come up to it and find it.  We use our heart of love (in the moment) to have righteous indignation or even anger at what we see taking place and then ACT ACCORDINGLY.

However – if there is no way to accurately predict the choice we will most probably make – because we are always choosing with our HEARTS – in the very moment that a decision needs to be made – then MIND CONTROL is useless – because we did not USE our minds to think it though – and TIME TRAVEL is also useless because there is no way to accurately predict what response to take to an action that came from the HEART.

This is also why – IF everyone simply LOVED and took care of everyone else – neither the CABAL nor the OFF WORLDERS could have ever done this to us or to our planet.

The most “unpredictable” chess move is the move that is made from the LOVE OF YOUR HEART AND SOUL (for the benefit of MANY others) – while staying away from the MIND that tries to justify the actions of the HEART.




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