No matter how much I write, no matter how much I try to show you, nothing I say here on this Blog will be taken to heart or learned by men and women who refuse to see!

Such is the nature of our Universe!

The TRUTH hides from those who do not want to embrace it. TRUTH is a perfect gentleman – and it will not FORCE itself upon anyone who wants nothing to do with it.

Only lies and deception will “force” themselves upon others because force is the nature of the dark side! Light is there if you choose it or not, but does not insist that you do! Darkness and tyranny insists and then forces anyone who is nearby to embrace it – or else.

When I say that I can “SEE” all the way to the end of the road – I mean just that! I can clearly see exactly what it would take to perfect this world – how the world actually works – and what is necessary down to the last dot to correct all of the problems.

Naturally few – if any – people in power care about what it would take to make this a perfect world!  Few – if any – CARE about working together to bring in LOVE on this level of manifestation.

Most instead want to GAIN POWER over others and to use the power they have amassed to live in ease and comfort while others do all of the work around them! They want to satisfy all of their basest desires and instincts, while never having to face the consequences of those actions.

I am going to let my readers in on a little secret, a secret that most of you must have already guessed and perhaps I’ve already mentioned elsewhere…, people like me RARELY come to places like Earth.

We come only at times when considered absolutely necessary – and usually only under the direct authority of PRIME CREATOR HIMSELF.

Otherwise “we” avoid this place like the absolute plague!

From the very moment a soul of this caliber comes in as a young child – they will look around in sheer horror at what men and women do to each other on this Earth, and are literally perplexed at their obscene inability to constructively get along with each other and work together towards a goal.


Souls of this caliber bring in ALL – not some but ALL of the knowledge needed and necessary to know how to fix every problem that mankind faces, but are almost always NEVER CONSULTED BY ANYONE.

In fact usually the opposite is true – in that they are either tormented, maligned, stalked, harassed constantly, and in certain cases – killed!

No one wants to know how to “fix” things here on the Earth because there is NO HUGE PROFIT in a world that runs well!

There are no markets to corner, and no great riches to amass!

A well working planetary system is based upon equality and equal measure! This means that all are respected and all are cared for! The only caveat is that everyone contributes toward the good of the group.

You are not allowed to simply do nothing – but you are allowed choose in which way you can best serve and contribute to the benefit of everyone.

The FREEDOM and HAPPINESS in this type of society is endless – since technologies take care of most of the hard labor – and most people are thus able to use their time in very worthwhile pursuits.

There are no really rich people, and there are no really poor people in this type of society because that would be considered OBSCENE by the group as a whole – and quite unnecessary!

Life itself is considered to be the VALUE of being here along with the opportunity to learn, grow, serve others, and to become a better being! It is NOT about possessions, things, status, or symbols.

Earth is currently UPSIDE DOWN from the way almost every other decent civilization lives – and that has to do with the LUCIFERIAN REVOLT taking place against the CREATOR!

The Luciferian Hierarchy – which has gotten a huge foothold here on the Earth – controls this planet with an iron fist from behind the scenes and uses every single deviancy, insane measure, and practice to keep the DARKNESS very powerful here – while the masses who live here – not knowing anything different – sadly end up supporting their own imprisonment!



Just as so many who came before me – I will not be coming back!

The allegory of the cave was first seen in Plato’s REPUBLIC – BOOK VII (Book Seven) – do not under estimate what Plato was trying to convey by placing this story into a book called: THE REPUBLIC and further placing it in BOOK SEVEN of the series.

Everything has meaning and knowing what I know – this is as it should have been!

Here is the proper interpretation of the ALLEGORY OF THE CAVE

A Dialogue

The allegory is set forth in a dialogue as a conversation between Socrates and his disciple Glaucon. Socrates tells Glaucon to imagine people living in a great underground cave, which is only open to the outside at the end of a steep and difficult ascent. Most of the people in the cave are prisoners chained facing the back wall of the cave so that they can neither move nor turn their heads. A great fire burns behind them, and all the prisoners can see are the shadows playing on the wall in front of them. They have been chained in that position all their lives.

There are others in the cave, carrying objects, but all the prisoners can see of them is their shadows. Some of the others speak, but there are echoes in the cave that make it difficult for the prisoners to understand which person is saying what.

Freedom From Chains

Socrates then describes the difficulties a prisoner might have adapting to being freed. When he sees that there are solid objects in the cave, not just shadows, he is confused. Instructors can tell him that what he saw before was an illusion, but at first, he’ll assume his shadow life was the reality.

Eventually, he will be dragged out into the sun, be painfully dazzled by the brightness, and stunned by the beauty of the moon and the stars. Once he becomes accustomed to the light, he will pity the people in the cave and want to stay above and apart from them, but think of them and his own past no longer.

The new arrivals will choose to remain in the light, but, says Socrates, they must not. Because for true enlightenment, to understand and apply what is goodness and justice, they must descend back into the darkness, join the men chained to the wall, and share that knowledge with them.

The Allegorical Meaning

In the next chapter of “The Republic,” Socrates explains what he meant, that the cave represents the world, the region of life which is revealed to us only through the sense of sight. The ascent out of the cave is the journey of the soul into the region of the intelligible.

The path to enlightenment is painful and arduous, says Plato, and requires that we make four stages in our development.

  1. Imprisonment in the cave (the imaginary world – Fantasy)
  2. Release from chains (the real, sensual world – Illusion)
  3. Ascent out of the cave (the world of ideas – Moving from Complexity to simplicity)
  4. The way back to help our fellows – Teaching that Truth is VERY SIMPLE and that keeping everything simple is what GOD wants)


“The Republic,” was written in B.C.E. 517.

Mankind is no further advanced today than they were 2,500 years ago because they have followed every single dictate of the Luciferian Revolt- taking up their revolt against GOD our loving Father!

Please don’t kid yourselves!  You have no idea how much technology and how much of Earth’s REAL HISTORY is actively being hidden from you!

Believe me when I say that Ancient Egypt had both electricity AND machine technology!

They carved all of the huge granite obelisks with MACHINES! Get used to it because this is the truth! So, if this is the truth – then how much more advanced is mankind now than it was back then?



You are being LIED TO AND CONNED DEEPLY by the Elites who first raise up and then destroy civilizations over and over again – only so that short periods of time between the rise and the fall seem to be making swift progress.

This “progress” is an ILLUSION perpetrated upon the masses by them!


They know that if there was not at least the ILLUSION of forward progress, then mankind would see conclusively that they are not moving forward at all!

So they allow the world go through a period of great technology – only to hide it once again – then destroy civilization only to very slowly recreate that very same technology over a thousand years all over again.

They REWRITE HISTORY to make you believe that YOU are living in a period of growth and moving toward a better world – when all you are doing is moving forward toward what the world already had before – a thousand years ago!

Today’s version of Monstrous Elites are screaming for you to become a PROGRESSIVE – which is simply a code for moving you all forward to a place where mankind has already been just before they pull the carpet out from under you and blast the world back into the Stone Age – AGAIN!


Your “progressive” NEW WORLD ORDER is the last stop on the road to a place where the Elites can once again set up the next fall of mankind and push humanity back into the depths of darkness – with NO TECHNOLOGY at all – and no proper memory of what took place here since history will simply FORGET that it all existed – for the next thousand years.

Thus, they can once again rewrite history and make the next 50 generations to come think that the invention of ELECTRICITY and MACHINE TECHNOLOGY is something “they” suddenly thought of a thousand year from now.

How many times must EARTH go through this madness before people like me are actually consulted and listened to (if ever)?


Most people do not want eyes to see with – but instead they want only what HOLLYWOOD tells them to want!

They want only what the Luciferians tell them to want. They want merely for the short term – and are happy with what they are given by Elites who consider them to be mere cattle to be bought and sold like livestock!

Huge groups of people are BUYING AND SELLING YOU even though you have no clue this is happening.

Money, dollars, sex, lust, greed have become their allies in this world in the race to get as much as you can – and live better than the rest!  But dear soul – YOU have all done this several times before!

When oh when dearest humanity do you wish to get off of the Hamster Wheel and stop working so hard to GO NOWHERE?


The Luciferians who rule over you tell you to want this stuff only so that THEY – who are pure parasites – can stay in control of the Earth forever! They hand control of the Earth and all of the money down through the generations of their own families and if and when they re-incarnate – they always re-incarnate into these very same families!

They have learned enough about consciousness and about the soul to be able to do this!

There is nothing more I can say!

If the world wanted REAL FREEDOM – men like me would be sitting in the halls of power being consulted daily as to what needs to be done next to make the world a far better place.

No such help is being asked for – and like I just said above – TRUTH is a gentleman!

It does not force itself upon others! It offers and nothing more! The world is wholly putrid at this time only because those who are in the halls of power are both EVIL and CORRUPT!

Their continued reign depends upon continued evil and continued corruption!

So it is and so it has always been! Unless and until humanity (in mass) rises up against its corrupt leaders and demands that they step down – there will be no mass enlightenment – and no move toward a better life for everyone.

History will merely REPEAT itself – once again!

It is the people who are being enslaved who must realize their situation and stand up and say NO MORE!



The MATRIX – RELOADED tells you exactly how the LUCIFERIAN REVOLT works and how it seeks to deal with the problem of FREEWILL by attempting to control it.

They “allow” a civilization to rise up to in order to give mankind the ILLUSION OF PROGRESS – and then destroy it before it gets to the point where it actually gains the necessary enlightenment to shift dimensions!

In this way – they keep it enslaved on the lower levels of human consciousness – in survival mode – and keep humanity from ever progressing out of their system of total control!

I can not say it any better – because you are being told in this clip EXACTLY what their plan is.

So…, there you have it! You either ALL WORK TOGETHER TO STOP IT – or they will do this to you AGAIN – as they did before!

And the HAMSTER WHEEL will continue for a long, long time to come.

Your choice – as always! GOD our LOVING FATHER OFFERS you a way out – but never does HE INSIST!

When I (and others like me) leave the Earth, now that we’ve been here – if humanity has not made the right choice – we may check in from time to time just to see how many millions of years it takes for the larger part of you to finally throw off your elite enslaver’s once and for all!

All my love…



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