By: Bradley Loves


I am truly forever grateful to each and every one of those readers who continue to support my work with their loving donations!

At the beginning of the summer, I tried to run a fund raising campaign setting a very reachable goal of only 4,500 dollars that would help me keep going with my research for many months to come.

Like all of the rest of my requests for financial support for this blog…, and my previous one…, for the most part (except for a very select and loyal few who always are willing to help)…, it ended in abysmal failure, given that I took in a total of only about 800 dollars.

That was 4 months ago…, and so, (once again) I’d like to ask that anyone who is willing…,  please help with some loving donations.  I get about 1,000 readers coming to my blog daily and would like to ask that more than 15 people send some help (if they can).

One thing that I can certainly assure you of is this!  There is NO MONEY being made by those of us who are in the Alternative Media…, and certainly no one is “getting rich” by spending the better part of their day doing research, watching videos, and desperately trying to pick through all of the chaff being put out on the internet by PAID SHILLS and PAID TROLLS…, many of whom have a direct line of credit coming from the CIA or the NSA.

All I can say is this:

“The powers that should not be”…. are willing to PAY millions if not billions of dollars to keep you in ignorance by LYING to you in any way they possibly can.  If you are not willing to help those who have the sincere courage, and the inclination to tell the TRUTH…, then it is clear that you are basically CONSENTING to whatever is put in front of you, by those who would deceive you. And whatever you get…, is what you wanted.

This is just the way the Universe works.

If you can help…, please send a loving donation to my Paypal account address which is:

(My e-mail is no longer working, but the Paypal works fine!)


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