Far from doing this for my own ego – it was all done for YOU the reader, you the patriot, and you the lover of God!

I never wanted a writing career, or to become famous in any way, shape, or form.  But I did make a promise to God and I had to see it through!

My entire life was put on hold, and (as expected) the Black Hats came after me very hard for simply telling you the TRUTH!

They used every manner of asset they had available and deployed them against me, up to and including Gang Stalking, Corrupt Agents and Cops, Voice to Skull, Remote Neural Monitoring, exotic frequency weaponry, off the books hidden Operations, physical and astral implants, and even looking glass and time travel.

Therefore, the real depth of what I wanted to say to all of you (what God really wanted me to say) has still not been said! 

Very honestly, the rabbit hole of deception goes so very deep, that I could simply not write about all of it (yet) based upon the views, the acceptance, and the willingness of normal people to pass on what they were reading here at Love Truth Site.

I felt strongly that there was simply not enough interest in the full depth of just how bad it was (how deep the rabbit hole goes) and I found no compelling reason to risk my life even more than I already have risked it for such little interest in what I am doing here.  My assessment is based upon the total readership here on Love Truth Site, on Telegram, and on Rumble. 

So, will I ever actually write to the extent that God and the Holy Spirit actually want me to? 

That really depends upon you and humanity at large, and also depends upon the ground conditions that are happening here in the theater of battle.  (The battle of Good vs. Evil)

As a teacher, I have no interest in coming into a dangerous classroom where there is a very good chance that I may be killed, just for one or two students who actually showed up, when the subject matter is of vital importance to the entire campus of students world wide (billions).

I have done the basics!  I have warned all of you about what was coming!  I have shown you HOW they do it, and what basic METHODS and TACTICS they use.  For now, that is enough!

As I’ve said…, I AM JUST SO VERY TIRED!  (Exhausted would be a better word)

Aside from a few regular love donations (and monies that I have been able to earn if I do odd jobs) – I have lived on mere pennies for nine long years.  And even after winning a small sum of money for what (in my opinion) was a deliberate attempt on my life by a big energy company in Arizona that tried to take me out with a huge service truck…, even THAT small amount was very quickly stolen back from me by the Corrupt Court System here in America and extremely greedy and PIGGY Lawyers, Prosecutors, and Judges who have nothing but money and live lavish lives while hurting countless other people for dollars. 

(You see, unlike Donald Trump – I am not a Billionaire and just cannot afford the endless Court harassments being made against me by unscrupulous Judges, Attorneys, and Prosecutors working for a wholly corrupt system…)

By now, you must be able to see just how corrupt it is merely by watching what the SYSTEM is doing to Donald Trump!  It is wholly unjust and wholly corrupt. It can’t be saved.

You’ll have to forgive me also for bringing this fact to your attention – but it may interest you to know that most Volunteer Souls and Emissaries did not come to Earth with an “innate knowledge” of how to work and game the Luciferian Money System to their advantage.  So, very sadly, most of them never did very well financially.

(Most enlightened places in the Universe to DO NOT require money to live on – and so the people who do very good things for their cultures are always REWARDED by everyone else who benefits from their efforts.)

This does not happen here on Earth.  Those who do extremely good things and save millions of lives (like I did by telling everyone NOT to get the JAB) are rewarded with basically nothing.

What the Holy Spirit really wants YOU to know is that all around you (as we speak)  some of the very highest and grandest souls that came here to help humanity are living in absolute squalor as a result of the insane court and financial systems that have been put in place by the Luciferian and Free-masonic controllers.

What is most despicable about all of this is that almost everyone living on the Earth has been TAUGHT to judge and assess what each human being is worth simply by the size of the BANK ACCOUNT.

If someone is poor – then their life (according to the Luciferian System) has NO VALUE whatsoever…

Whether you are willing to admit this or not – a huge percentage of people living on Earth actually think like this!  And it even becomes much MORE obvious with this conflict between Israel and Gaza…

Why do you suppose that the lives of 2.5 million people living in GAZA are meaningless to almost every single Main Stream Media News Anchor in America?  Especially FOX NEWS? 

Could it be that they (the Gazans) are all mostly very poor, uneducated, the wrong religion and therefore have NO REAL VALUE?

Could it be that the very News Anchors that are working here in America on FOX (and all other networks) and are telling the entire world (daily) that Israel has the absolute right to roll over GAZA with all of its military might and to kill as many people living in that area as it takes to win the battle all get paid somewhere between 12 and 20 MILLION DOLLARS every single year and THEREFORE have bank account balances that you and I could never even imagine? 

Could it be that these News Anchors (every one of them) all believe that the lives of others who do not have at least a million dollars in their bank account are somehow EXPENDABLE just because their lives are worth so much less than the lives of those who have $$$ in the Bank?

What other reason could there be for the constant onscreen blathering that “ISRAEL” has every right to deploy ALL ASSETS and to destroy the lives of 2.5 million people??

Not even common everyday Israelis want this, and most people who can think clearly are PROTESTING very hard against it.

Yet there are News Anchors on every Media Outlet here in America that are screaming that GAZA should be destroyed!  What (pray tell) is GAZA?  Gaza is not a strip of land…, instead it is the home of 2.5 million people!

I’ve said this before and I will say it again.  There is something else going on in Israel as we speak.  Much of what you are seeing on the News is clearly being STAGED!

Even so, it is perplexing to me to see so many people (people all around you) who are taking sides in a battle where BOTH SIDES are being funded by America…, and a battle where both sides have increased the level of rhetoric to where the other side needs to be totally wiped out!

My concern is that there are people here in America (and around the world) who have jumped on that band wagon and have chosen a side!

Again…, real human lives have become VALUE LESS to the world in large part because these people do not have MONEY.  And sadly, the people who have the most money (Clintons, Obamas, Bushes, Epsteins, Hollywood, and criminals of every sort are actually being protected by the system.



If this does not happen, then all of humanity will pay the price in a very severe way!

Consider yourselves having been warned.  I warned you all three years ago about the JAB and the fallout of what the JAB would do.  Not only was I correct, I was 100 percent correct.  I will still write (but at a much slower and more reserved pace). 

I will NOT be handing out the far deeper information that could get me killed because humanity as a whole has NOT taken the actions that it needs to take to make the world SAFE for the Volunteer Souls and the Emissaries of the Lord our God.

For now I will say this. 


Your future is in your own hands!

What are you willing to do to see a wonderful, healthy, and beautiful future come to pass for everyone living on Earth?  This is something that God wants to know!!

All my love


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