By: Bradley Loves


Three years ago, I compiled a “list” of e-mail addresses of people willing to support my Blog and support my work.

Today, I am asking everyone who reads here, and who wants to do so, to forward a current E-mail address for my updated list.

This is for emergency purposes ONLY.

At some point in time, either this BLOG, or even WordPress itself, may be compromised…., and everything you see could disappear in an instant.

I have backed up all my work as well as I possibly can!  But wordpress has not responded to any of my attempts to contact them (even in e-mail)…, and apparently do not “bother” with people who do no PAY THEM big money!

In other words, “no phones calls” from the “little people” PERIOD!

If the Censorship that is blatantly happening on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, and other platforms happens here on WordPress as well…, then my only way to redirect any of my readers will be through a massive e-mail campaign while I am building a new site.

So, if you wish…, please send me your e-mail for this list.

I would also ask one thing more.  Please consider that if you are on my emergency list of readers, (currently only two hundred names) that I may ask you to spread the word around to as many people as you can once a new site is up and running!

Send  your e-mails to:



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