By: Bradley Loves


Five years ago – when I started writing, I had no idea how soon the Deep State, aka THE CABAL would make their moves!  I knew things were getting bad, but did not know exactly when they would pull the trigger on their most deviant plots.

I wrote:  THE GREAT CON OF MAN – THE END GAME, – BIGGER FISH TO FRY, and THE TRIUMPHANT as a way to “explain” to the public, what I saw coming down the road – and to my readers how they used THE MEDIA and deviant forms of BLACK MAGIC to CON us all and to pull the wool over our eyes!

It worked!

I now see people using “words and phrases” that I invented in some of my earliest writings.

There were at least a dozen examples of things I wrote in the THINK BIGGER – LOOK DEEPER series of posts used in the documentary – OUT OF SHADOWS!

I was like:  Holy crap – I wrote that stuff – when I saw the “former stunt man” talking about things like:  TELL – A – VISION  inside of his documentary.


That is why I am currently re-writing it and (as I did with THE GREAT CON OF MAN – THE END GAME) making it more clear and LESS VAGUE!

Almost everything I wrote in the beginning was written intentionally vague and with many spotable errors so that I would actually survive and not get killed.

Although they finally tried to kill me last summer using an “auto accident” as their method of disposal – it was classic work and easily seen for what it really was!

No one was as surprised as THEY WERE when I actually survived – because they hit me with the biggest TRUCK they had – traveling as fast as it could go!



At any rate, I am very proud to see that the GREAT AWAKENING, something that I had a small hand in helping to get going – has moved to the level is has come and is now moving across the world!

Even though this blog is small – apparently it can MOVE MOUNTAINS!

Never judge anyone by the size of their blog – or by the amount of money that they control!!!

Instead, judge them only by their solid connection to GOD the PRIME CREATOR!



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