Taken from this article…


We find these excerpts:

  1. The Rothschild’s Private Foreign Corporation, the UNITED STATES of AMERICA, Inc., as well as other Rothschild’s Private Corporations, act under the Law of the Sea, which is Luciferian Law.
  2. The Law of the Sea is international in nature and is based on the Law Merchant derived from the Code of Hammurabi (Maritime “Commercial” Law) and the Law of the Sea (Admiralty) which derived from the Satanic Law of Sumeria and the Phoenicians— the source of the word “phony”. This is the “legal” system of the sea jurisdiction as opposed to the “lawful” system of the land.  As you might expect, the Law of the Sea is based on deceit, as it derives from the worship of Lucifer, the Father of All Lies.
  3. In other words, this is a Pirate Law.  This is why irresponsible employees of The Rothschild’s Private Corporations act like pirates.  They ARE Pirates, operating in the jurisdiction of the sea, and making pirate raids against the land and the people.


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