By: Bradley Loves


First and foremost…, I am an artist!   I love music, poetry, and beauty!

However.., I love people most of all…, and Prime Creator above that!

I never wanted for the world anything more than peace and beauty for everyone!

I certainly never intended to write anything…, ever!

But SOMETHING has gone very wrong!!

It was a very long, and hard lesson for me to have to open my eyes to the FACT…, that there were men and women on Earth who were ACTIVELY working to destroy the world and to bring in a machine-like, anti-human system of control that would wipe out the human spirit once and for all!

The reason I say FACT…, is that it IS a fact…, no matter how many blasted new age messages or channelings get quoted on hundreds of wacky websites!

Denying the rain…, does not make it go away!  I just means that you are willing to “tolerate” getting wet, and “pretend” that it is not effecting you!

My skills are in organization, problem solving, communication and logic!  I was best suited for the business world…, but had to quit cold turkey once I realized how controlled the business world was.

Even in my college days (at only 18 and 19 years old) I was already putting two and two together and finding that “knowledge” was being hidden…, and that there was a scam going on to corrupt human minds!

I learned way back then…, EXACTLY why there are “Greek” fraternities on most college campuses…, and that it was to get as many young and innocent souls as possible into the “PLEDGING” and “OATH” taking world of the Illuminati!

It was all about getting people to do “things” that they would never have done without coercion! (Who do we know that would find THAT useful??)

Of course, the purely SATANIC and DEMONIC side of the “world wide University Greek system”, did not dawn on me until I started doing my investigations into the multi-faceted world of MIND CONTROL.

Below, (once again) is an important link to a written expose’ of just how deeply the Greeks were into human control and mind control even at the “so called” birth place of democracy!

See this link:

There is really no end to the proof…, that we as a species, and as a world have been HAD!  We have been enduring an on-going CON…, and it has been “on-going” for thousands of years!

If you want my REAL OPINION…, (and if you don’t, I’ll give it anyway)  we are still in the midst of an on going CON!

Let me place this next part into the “what if” category…, just for those readers with sensibilities that might be offended…

Here is a brilliant example of “thinking” outside of the box…, and how a logical mind runs “scenarios”…, and finds the logic and connects the dots…, to get an accurate picture and CUT through all of the bullsh*t!


We as a species were under attack from an off world group?

It does not matter whether they are extra-terrestrial, extra-dimensional, demons, archons, fallen angels, Luciferians or…., “other” (insert name).

The only thing that matter is that they are here to “take over”!

However…, there are cosmic rules in play…, that say that they can NOT “get” this planet away from the men and women (souls) who are already living here…, unless it is GIVEN or SURRENDERED away.


This group…, (who ever they are) has done this to many worlds already…, and really knows the ins and the outs of INVASION by INFILTRATION?

What if this group knows that an entire species will NEVER sit still and allow a take over to occur…, because at SOME POINT in the grand take over plan…, it always becomes “very obvious” that a takeover is happening?

At that point…, the “SECRECY” element…, which is necessary for the plan to still move forward unchallanged, has been taken away…, and it becomes an ALL OUT BATTLE!


It was found (on other conquered planets) that if you gave the species you were trying to conquer…, FALSE HOPE…, that things would soon be getting better, and that help was just around the corner…, that many MORE YEARS of hidden activity could take place without open rebellion starting among the masses?


It was found that during the most CRUCIAL period of the conquest.., if huge amounts of “money” (bribes) were offered (not given…, but offered) to the species as they started to become aware of the fact that things were not right on their world any longer…, they would willingly “stand down”…, and wait in the HOPE that the promised money would come, and they could somehow use that money to make the world better?

What if the “promise” of money soon to come was ONLY a CON…, or a stand down trick being used to buy the invading species just a little more TIME??


The social and societal hopes and dreams of the entire planet were reviewed…, and the species own “spiritual expectations” were then USED AGAINST THEM?

What if the “idea” of a imminent ASCENSION…, was also just another CON…, in the bags of tricks being used by the invading ET’s or off worlder’s…, and was being used at the most CRUCIAL period of the takeover…, in order to get those who would be most likely to stand up and rebel…, willing to “stand down” and to TOLERATE great evil (even though they can see it happening)…, because their own “spiritual expectations” are being used against them??


The offers of “loving channeled messages”…, the possibility of “Ascension”, the offers of a Huge RV (which has never yet occurred) were all well choreographed parts of the INVASION AND TAKEOVER SCENARIO…, and were being played perfectly…, in the right order…


Let’s ask this question:

Can you honestly tell me that you (as an intelligent person) can not at least see this as ONE POSSIBILITY?

Can you tell me with all honesty that there is NO WAY…, that this “what if” scenario could EVER be true??

Let me ask you this?

Have you personally EVER SEEN an entire world or species invaded by a conquering force??

How you been there to experience it??

If not…, then HOW do you know for sure how it happens?


If I was going to take over an entire planet…, this is exactly how I would do it!!


Because…, the best way to take over a planet is to:


That way.., you can “run things” through your corrupt minions, and human sellouts, and the species has no clue they’ve been conquered!

Why is this important?

Because if THEY KNEW.., they would rebel!!

The “new owners” of the planet would then want an “accounting” of everything they now “OWNED”!

This of course would include all of the people…, who were now human chattel…, and basically owned slaves!

Of course…, you never tell them this…, for if you did…, they would rebel!

Instead…, you get your human cut-outs to institute “changes”…, whereby every human being is given a “NUMBER”…, and a “Bond rating”…, and the VALUE of each human being can then be catalogued so that it can be properly bought and sold on the off world exchanges!

You convince the humans who have been conquered that they “own” the things that they work for…, but instead what they are really doing is only “renting” or “leasing” all that they think they own…, because it is REALLY owned by the invading Off Worlders…, who are in the process of taking over!

How is this achieved??

Invasion by infiltration!!

You have to get the entire population willing to believe that what is happening around them, is coming from anywhere except the true source! (in this case…, OFF WORLD).

You hire (bribe) the most corrupt members of the species you wish to conquer by offering them endless benefits for coming over to the conquering side…, and get them to SELLOUT their entire species for money, status, and a good life.

You know this has worked in the past…, and will work again…, because every planet has really weak souls who will ALWAYS take the easiest path offered.

You do your “takeover” in small steps over many hundreds if not thousands of years…, so that the species has NO CLUE that it is even happening.

(This would not be a problem for certain species who actually lived up to 1,000 years or longer in one body).

In just a few generations…, the CONQUEST IS FINISHED!


You get the supposed HIGHEST and most PURE institution on the entire planet to be your cover (THE VATICAN)…, and you run the planet through that institution…, because you know that the best place to hide EVIL is under the cover of the what people “think” is the best good.


Ultimately…, just like you need a signature to seal the deal on a contract…, the “paperwork” is NOT DONE…, until it is signed!

This means that at some point…, even if the invasion started 2000 years ago…, those who are doing it MUST make it known to the planetary species that this is what they are doing…, and must get them to AGREE!

This is the one cosmic rule that can not be over looked if they are going to KEEP their “conquest”.

So at the very same time…, they are CONNING those who would stand up and rebel…, (and getting them to stand down with offers of money which will NEVER come…, and offers of an ASCENSION which will never happen)…,

They are turning the rest of the species into a mind controlled/Satanic/Luciferian loving population who only care about “fleshly desires”!

They make everything sexual very cool…, and insure that the entire species has access to unlimited sex!

Yes…, even children as young a 4 or 5 should be both aware of and have access to sex!!  And adults who want to have sex with children should be both encouraged AND assisted in those desires because it further serves to DEGRADE the species.

They also make sure that humans began to want to blend with technology so that the technology they love, will end up controlling their minds!

So they come at the “species” from TWO sides!

For those who are “supposed” to be the leaders of the species and who have spiritual knowledge…, they CON, AND CON…, AND CON them with endless unfulfilled promises, which are circulated (like propaganda) and only meant to keep them off balance, and sitting on their hands in the FALSE HOPE that it will all sort itself out without any actual ACTION on their part!

On the other side of the species…, for those who are not spiritual…, they offer every distraction…, and every possible vice or pleasure known to be effective in order to pollute, degrade and demoralize an entire species!

You make alcohol, endless drugs, and unlimited sex available to this part of the species!  You introduce them to sexual deviancy (bondage, abuse, and torture) and make it seem cool to incorporate this into their sexual lives…, and you also get them to involve children in their dark bondage and abuse fantasies!

Anyone remember this:


What about this:


Or, maybe this from John Podesta’s personal “art collection”??


You make sure that the HIGHEST (and supposedly the most trusted) agencies on the planet are in charge of all of these things and PUSH THEM CONSTANTLY!!

(Although, they do it secretly and behind the scenes!!)

[It is well known the the CIA controls the entire world’s Drug trade, Weapons Trafficking, and Human Trafficking Industries…, and that all of this money is laundered through the VATICAN BANK]

Then you get the agents who work for these AGENCIES to sign ‘non-disclosure’ agreements…, so that they can NEVER TELL the rest of the humans that are being conquered that anything is actually happening behind their backs!

[These are the worst human beings on the planet by the way…, because our species is being conquered as a result of THEIR SILENCE!]

They are sitting and whimpering in the corner like babies while the entire planet is taken over because “someone threatened me”….

Let me just say this….

306 “Presidential Electors” just got thousands of “DEATH THREATS” over the last month (by phone and e-mail) if they cast their vote for Donald Trump…, and every one of them except two cast their vote for Trump anyway.

Isn’t it nice to see that human beings are still willing to stand up to actual “threats” against their lives??

Isn’t that the courageous thing to do??

Doesn’t it feel good to know that real human courage is not dead??

Where has courage died then??


All of the agents who still work for the CIA…, that run drugs into the country and push them to young adults and young teens!  All of the agents who still traffic weapons for the endless wars that are only being waged around the world to weaken all of humanity for a total TAKEOVER!

All of the agents who still traffic young children to the sick humans who have SOLD THEIR SOULS to these off worlders/Luciferians…,  because they are weak and useless…, and are the worst part of our entire species!

Here is where all courage has died!

These men and women “agents” are the biggest cowards on the planet!  They don’t deserve to be living here on Earth with the rest of us due to their cowardly acts!

By only thinking of themselves…, they are sell outs…, and at the proper time…, they will be dealt with!

Okay…, so remember…, (for those who are sensitive)…, this is STILL just a WHAT IF… sort of post!

I’m only asking my readers if they can open their minds to the tiniest possibility that this could happening, and happening in this way!

Can you see how the “PROMISE” of Ascension and of an imminent RV (money) could be part of a CON that is being used against the “best of us”??

The purpose of that CON is to keep those who would most certainly rebel…, from taking any action what so ever and a most crucial time.

Can you at least consider that many of the “channeled messages” in support of DOING NOTHING could be coming from Off Worlders with an interest in the “takeover” of Earth??

Remember this picture??


And remember this:


I offer these ideas for you consideration!!

Consider this entire post one big…., WHAT IF…..

All my love..
























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