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Q-Anon told us that strange things like this would start happening as well!

The “Question” that I want to ask here is if these Minneapolis “police officers” were PAID to do this – and will they be “wisked away” in the middle of the night and vanish without ever facing justice?

Here is another “incident” that took place in neighboring ND, where a cop was killed when he tried to “evict” someone from their apartment when they could not AFFORD to pay the rent!

Thanks to the LOCKDOWN!

Someday – Someday people – I will finally get the respect that I deserve.  I have done so much to help the entire world, and so much in predicting what is coming down the road!  And yet – the number of people reading this blog never seems to increase – and only a handful of people repost what I write.


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Everything that is happening right now in America – as we speak – IS IN THIS SERIES!

So now that we are at this point – look for an extremely VOLATILE SUMMER!

Yes, I just said that – instead of a comfortable summer – where everything is normal – look for extreme limitations, restrictions, and violent outbursts happening all across the country!

Maybe – just maybe – as the summer progresses – many more people (than the normal) will actually start to READ what I write – and care to share it with others!

As I write this – LOVE TRUTH has a daily reader base of between 2,000 and 4,000 people worldwide with spikes up to 6,000 at times!

This needs to grow – and I have only my readers to help me get the word out!


What I’m doing is for humanity!  This is not for my health or for money or for fame!

Yet – the FAKE NEWS MEDIA people get millions of dollars a year to tell you lies – and I can barely buy a daily cup of coffee to tell everyone across the entire world what the TRUTH IS!

Hopefully – I will soon have a “DONATE” button on this blog where I can get money donated directly into my PayPal account.  

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