By: Bradley Loves



The “far left” in America has just declared WAR not only on Donald Trump…, but on anyone who supports him, likes him, or would probably vote for him!

I wrote as much a few days ago only to see many of my readers remain silent!

See this:

Rob Reiner Says All Trump Supporters are Racist

And this:


“Don’t hide it like a coward. Wear that racist badge proudly and see how it feels.”

CNN Commentator: ‘Anyone Who Votes For Trump Is Racist’

What is happening here is that the far left is preparing their own political base for VIOLENCE!  (Both verbal and physical)

By labeling EVERYONE in America who supports Donald Trump as a RACIST…, they are “justifying” any and all future VIOLENCE against these people as moral, ethical, right and proper!

This in WAR TERMS is called:  Softening up the Field

During times of real war…, before any ground troops are sent in to a battle…, the entire area is BOMBED from the air repeatedly for days, weeks, and even months!

The massive “word bombs” constantly being sent out by the far left, and dropped on the public at large by their “bought and paid for Deep-State media”…, are intentionally being deployed as verbal tactical nukes from the air, and whose only real purpose is to soften up the “voting arena” before the real ground troops (ANTIFA) are sent in to major battle ground cities to intimidate and physically beat up anyone who might actually VOTE for Donald Trump!

The media will then quickly and decisively JUSTIFY any and all PHYSICAL VIOLENCE against conservatives, Trump voters, Christians, and even independents…, as completely MORAL, ETHICAL, and DECENT…, because well…, Trump voters and supporters are just plain EVIL.  (See articles above)

As I told you in THIS article:



For the first time leading up to an election, you are going to see quite a bit of physical violence being perpetrated upon an entire swath of American voters!

These “far left” pundits are preparing you for it in advance by JUSTIFYING IT in their media and giving it a moral standing!

Because you have never read the ART OF WAR…, or have never studied PSYCHOLOGICAL WARFARE, then you are ill prepared for what is coming!

You do not see the “tactics” that are now being employed and deployed in the News Media against half of America as: WAR TACTICS.

You are BLIND to what is coming!

I said it here, and I was not joking!


Before the 2020 election cycle is over…, fully half of America will have been either verbally or physically abused or beaten up due to their political views!

And…, at that point it will NOT be the Russians who meddled in our elections…, but it will be the Deep-State, the Media, The Far Left, ANTIFA, and Hollywood who meddled and tried to change an election with violence!

Big Tech is on their side, and has already BEEN DEPLOYED on the field of battle!

Their job is logistical…

Their job is to deny any voters in the American Arena…, necessary information!

This is akin to denying fuel, weapons, food, water, tents, beds and other NECESSARY items to an opposing army!

Big Tech is blowing up SUPPLY LINES before the voters get to the field of battle.

History will PROVE ME RIGHT!

I do not need even two people to read my blog to know exactly what is happening out there now…, or what the plans of the Deep State are!

I’m simply telling you because it is something you should all be concerned about!

You’ve all been WARNED…, that is all I can do…





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