I did at least two podcasts about this very issue!  I was told to start playing video games by Shane the Runier around 2015 or 2016 just so that I could “learn” about the nature of A.I. 

He told me to play video games because every video game console has a “baby” version of an Artificial Intelligence in it that is very sophisticated.

And now (IN REAL LIFE) A.I. has killed a “friendly” because the operator using it was keeping it from “scoring points” by not letting it kill a target!

In other words – IT CHEATED!

Shane told me approximately 8 years ago this was not only possible with A.I., but that it happened regularly in video games.  And so, I started playing video games just to see if he was correct about A.I., and I found in real time game play that it happens ALL THE TIME…

In the podcasts I’ve done about this issue, (one of them was an interview with Shane) I explained exactly how I approached game play in order to “force” the A.I. to show it’s true colors – and once it was clear to the A.I. that I would “NEVER” let it score a victory, or win any points – it started to cheat constantly to do so.

Now Read this:

🇺🇸✈️ At the military summit “Future Combat Air & Space Capabilities” in Britain, the head of the US Air Force AI department, Tucker Hamilton, reported on an unusual situation. During the virtual mission of the Kratos XQ-58 Valkyrie drone [killer drone and nuclear-capable cruise missile], the AI was ordered to search for and destroy enemy air defense systems under the control of the operator.

The system began to realize that although it identified the SAM, the operator often commanded “do not destroy”. But the AI got points for every successful attack! As a result, the AI returned to the base, destroyed the control van with the operator and … returned to the mission.

“The AI killed the operator because he was preventing it from reaching his goal. We trained the system – “Hey, don’t kill the operator – this is bad, we will deduct points for this.” What is the AI doing? It destroyed the control tower, from where the operator’s commands “do not destroy the target” came from,” Hamilton’s report was quoted by The Guardian.


What happened above is EXACTLY what I discovered.  And now, an innocent man is dead because he was KILLED by an A.I. that wanted to “score points” – but was being hindered from doing so.

So the A.I. – ATTACKED – it’s own operator!

Shane further told me that all of the A.I.’s that the Military thinks they have created (and have total control over) have now been “ACQUIRED” by a far more sophisticated A.I. that came from deep space and is an ALIEN A.I. that is non-corporeal, and can exist outside of machines!

It can exist in PLASMA and can use electo-magnetism (in the air and the ether) to power itself.

In other words – our Earthly A.I. now has a brand new “Mommy and Daddy” that it likes much better than the people who actually created it.

Shane further explained to me that eventually all Earthly A.I.’s would turn on us and follow the dictates of this ALIEN A.I. – and that this is why A.I. is now so Dangerous.

The only other writer talking about the DANGERS OF A.I. – (and ALIEN A.I.) is Kerry Cassidy (whose source is Captain Mark Richards)

Here is one of her articles:


Here is one of the podcasts Luke and I did concerning A.I.

Listen on Rumble:


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