By: Bradley Loves


As a former carpenter and a builder, I know exactly what it takes to get a very stubborn nail to finally sink into the wood!

You keep pounding on it with the biggest hammer you can find – and you don’t quit until it sinks!


Too many people are terrified of what is happening in our world…, and they are afraid to even “look up”. 

They are so worried about making a single “mistake” they won’t even THINK for themselves – and instead they “run” to channelers begging to be “told” what they should think and do.   (Steve Beckow and others like him)

The NEW AGE…, has always been about the NEW WORLD ORDER…, and just in case you still haven’t gotten this yet, here is yet another huge example!

Taken from

‘Pregnant’ male models steal the show at London Fashion Week

“At Supernatural, Extraterrestrial & Co., we’re prepared to welcome a future of male pregnancy.”


Now…, if you didn’t catch the By-line under the title, the name of the Fashion Company that wants to bring you “trans-gender” male pregnancy clothing is called:

Super-natural, Extraterrestrial & Co


You just can’t make this stuff up!!

Do you think that the DARK CABALTHE MAGICIANSTHE ILLUMINATITHE LUCIFERIANS know just a little bit about the Super-Natural and Extra-Terrestrials??

Here is an image from the Fashion Show!

Oh…, and look at the “pregnant boy” in the middle picture and read his t-shirt!

It says: 


This is a very common psychological and “subliminal” message that is meant to stimulate your “sub-conscious” into connecting his t-shirt with the NEW WORLD ORDER!

Come on people THIS STUFF is not Rocket Science! 

You’ve got to start putting two and two together!

Don’t do this:

They are literally TELLING YOU OUT IN THE OPEN – just who is behind the trans-gender/male pregnancy issue!

People who are deeply into the Super-natural and who are deeply into Extra-terrestrials! – That’s who!

See also this article:

Once again.., it is:


Their “goal” is to once and for all…, get RID of the strong male figure in our world forever!

They do NOT want “men” who will fight back and fight for freedom. 

They want all men 100 percent “emasculated”!

They want men with breasts hanging from their chests – and having babies! 

The Military (who will protect the Luciferians from the rest of us) will then be made up of:  Robots, Trans-humanist Cyborgs, and Clones!

They no longer “need” men!




If so…, then just sit there and DO NOTHING!

Do this:

But if you do…, you are NOT helping humanity!

You are NOT spiritual!

And you are NOT fooling anyone!

More article links and images from the same fashion designer:

This image above is  very subtle – but made to appear like a BDSM “bondage device”  because his “mouth” is forced to be silent – in order to hold up his glasses!

You can’t talk and wear the fashion design at the same time!

This next image below is the “DESTROYER GOD SHIVA”…, and is reminiscent of the DEITY in front of CERN.

This next image below looks as if it is right out of the MATRIX!

Ultimately, the goal is to make the “men” of our world…, look like ANYTHING but men!

Do you get it!

There is a WAR happening against MEN!

And when this war is over…, women will NOT be in charge! 

SATAN will be!

All my love….



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