By: Bradley Loves


According to The Vigilent Citizen there is a new “Ice Cream” Franchise out there, only this one bases all of it’s “ads” on Satanic Symbols!

Notice the upside down cross, as well as the lighting bolt of Lucifer!

These ICE CREAM PARLORS are spreading all across the US and Canada, however their ads continuously use young children in very strange and overtly Luciferian ways!

Please notice that the boy in the ad above has a “black eye”, as if he’s been hit, beaten or ritually abused!

There is a “monkey” on his back as if to suggest he is carrying a demonic spirit!

The tatoo on his left arm is of an ANCHOR, as if his purpose is to anchor in the subliminal idea of having a Satanic Version of Ice Cream for the masses is a really cool thing.

He is smoking a pipe, which is a traditioinal voodoo symbol and a symbol of DARK MAGIC!

He is also wearing the clothes of a “young pirate”…, and the PIRATE SYMBOL is definately ILLUMINATI and LUCIFERIAN!

Please read this entire article!  (Scroll down past all of the ads to see it all).

Sweet Jesus: The Disturbing Marketing of a Trendy Ice Cream Franchise





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