By: Bradley Loves

This is basically a message to the Illuminati, and their disgusting and altogether “mindless” minions (news media included) who have claimed over and over that humanity is so STUPID…, that it needs to be culled because it can’t take care of itself!

This article has to do with the constantly voiced idea (fake news) that the only reason the “global elite” have a right to do what they are doing, is that humanity is so blasted “STUPID” they just don’t deserve to live.

Well I have some questions for the lying liars who lie, (a.k.a., the Illuminati and their soulless minions)!


  1. Are men and women who tell the TRUTH deemed such a grand threat to you that they need to go to jail?? (Can you say Julian Assange or Edward Snowden)
  2. Why do others who are going to tell the TRUTH need to be murdered??
  3. Why the need to create huge propaganda and misleading stories in the Daily News…, so much so, that almost 100 percent of it now has become lies?
  4. Why are directed energy weapons that TARGET SPIRITUAL MEN and WOMEN being used to scramble their minds and ruin their health??
  5. Why are Social Media groups like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and others trying so desperately to censor Real News??
  6. Why is the NSA and the CIA spying on every single man, woman & child living in the US, recording their phone conversations, reading their e-mails, and accessing their computers through back doors??
  7. Why is it necessary to write Draconian Laws that cheat, suppress, and steal all of the hard earned assests, and the livelihoods of everyone who does not agree with the Deep State’s New World Order Agenda??
  8. Why are all of the “schools” and “teachers” actively TEACHING young children totally incorrect data, as well as programming them with strange ideas and ideals that are far from the Truth?

You see…, I “thought” humanity was supposed to be STUPID!!  This doesn’t make sense!  If people are so stupid…, there should be NO NEED to do these things!

WHY are the global elite working so very hard to hurt, maim, and kill people that they claim to be so much smarter than???

This does NOT MAKE SENSE either.

You know…, I feel there is another answer!

The real truth, which makes far more sense, is that humanity is FAR GREATER and FAR BETTER than the Illuminati will ever be!

And this, and only THIS, is why they are so desperate to hurt, to maim, and to kill them!

Humanity is far more brilliant than they are!  Humanity is far stronger…, and Humanity is more profoundly sacred.  And, they are JEALOUS of them.

This is why the rampant and evil minds of the “elites” are trying so hard to secretly destroy the people:

  • It is because the “elites” themselves are quite STUPID…, WEAK, and UNABLE!
  • In a real “fair fight”…, they have no hope of ever winning!
  • They follow Lucifer…, a cheap, imitation, knock off of a lying “god” who has “no power” to fight it’s own fights, and can’t get enough followers to populate an asteroid.

Thus, they have taken to:

  • cheating
  • lying
  • stealing
  • conning
  • intimidating
  • bribing
  • coercing
  • blackmailing
  • plotting
  • drugging
  • mind controlling
  • brain washing

All because they know NO ONE likes them…, and NO ONE would ever join them if they were completely open about what they were doing.

You see…, this does not sound to me like someone who is “smarter” than anyone.

This sounds to me like people who KNOW that it is they who are stupid…, and they who have nothing to offer.

So…, let’s just be clear about humanity…,

Okay Illuminati and henchmen??

Humanity is FAR SMARTER than you…, and THAT is why you hate them so much!







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