Could we hope?


I have no way to verify this!  But I can HOPE that it is true.



George Soros arrived at GITMO on Feb. 16th, 2019 according to a reliable Earth Alliance source.

Soros was interrogated for over 8 hours and revealed indictable evidence which should bring down some pretty big Cabal players such as Joe Biden, Danny Healy Rae (globalist Irish politician), Tim Cook, and Pope Francis.

Soros is currently sharing a cell with a low rank Cabal member named Stefan Crabb.

Crabb attacked Obama in the main canteen of the Camp 7 for informing on him and other Cabal members.

Obama is currently being kept in isolation for his own safety.

The Cabal is now split in 2 at GITMO with one gang siding with Obama and the others with Sefan Crabb who encouraged Soros to inform on all Cabal members with strong connections to Obama.

More info as it arrives…


I noticed on the Restored Republic Intel Report that “Shadow Super” was saying George Soros is now at GITMO.

It also said that he was rooming with a Low Rank Cabal person named Stefan Crabb. Allegedly this person got into a dispute with B. Obama so they had to put BO into isolation.

This all sounds ridiculous and far-fetched so I did an internet search for Stefan Crabb. I found that one of the top British Politicians in Parliament is named Stephen Crabb.

It said that he was busted in a Sex Scandal last week and had to resign from Parliament.

A few days ago he went into “total lockdown” (hiding) and has not been seen since then.

Now that is interesting.

Rod H.

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