By: Bradley Loves


What we are seeing unrolling here in America (and around the world) is an EXACT play by play re-enactment of what took place just BEFORE World War II.

So many parallels…, so many similarities…, they can NOT be ignored.


And now THIS:

There is NO difference betweeen then and now because it is the very SAME groups and families that are pulling the strings!

People are so easily steered!!

This time…, they are not going after the JEWS…, but they intend to exterminate WHITE PEOPLE!

If the sleeping masses do NOT finally wake up and take their heads out of the sand…, a world wide genocide of EPIC proportions against white people …., is only a few years down the road!

STOP your denial!!

Countless videos exist online of students berating others students for simply being “white”.

American Universities have been over-run by progressive/liberal ideals which seek to destroy America by returning to the very SAME tactics used by Germany just before World War II!


This video is of college students PROTESTING against a professor who supports FREE SPEECH.  They protest by trying to SILENCE him and keep others from hearing what he has to say.

They chant:  No freedom for “hate” speech…, (which is any form of speech they do not agree with).






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