Q: What is this “blog” all about?

A: In one word:  TRUTH

Q: Why is this blog necessary?

A: Because NOTHING that you have ever been “taught” in your entire life has been the TRUTH!  You have been lied to constantly and overwhelmingly in order to simply “control you”!

The very first article I ever wrote publicly had THIS title – and there have been many incarnations of this type of article:

THE GREAT CON OF MAN: Esoterics – The Supernatural – Magicians – Mind Control and the New World Order


In short, it was called THE GREAT “CON” OF MAN

If you are visiting here for the first time – then every single post and every single article will show you and teach you that nothing you thought was true or real is what it claimed to be and almost every single person of Authority or in a position of Power was LYING TO YOU!

Most especially guilty of lying is the NEWS MEDIA – who have taken up weapons against mankind – and now stand squarely as the ENEMY of the people!  

Lying and Deceit IS A WEAPON

These men and women deserve to die traitors deaths –  because they have literally betrayed their own species for money!

There is no greater “traitor” than a traitor of mankind.  

And the first and most important sign or signal that a man or woman is a traitor to mankind is if they willingly LIE to you every single day!

If there is a Civil War coming – KNOW WHO THE REAL ENEMY IS…

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