By: Bradley Loves


Is the world really going to hell?

Or…, is everything that “appears” to be happening here in America being ORCHESTRATED by very dark forces in order to ficticiously create civil unrest?

I have watched the Main Stream Media for the last several days and am absolutely APPALLED by how obviously the media itself is driving division and unrest in America.

Make no mistake…, it is the MEDIA that is driving most of the hate and unrest through their constant barrage of the President and every single thing he says.

There is an agenda here…, and YOU have to be smarter than the average “programmable” zombie/robot.

If you are listening to anything the Main Stream Media is telling you…, then sadly…, you are being both mind controlled and manipulated.

“DIVIDE and CONQUER” is the known agenda of the powers that be…, and the only way to do this effectively is to create EXTREME unrest and division inside the country.

The MEDIA is doing this as we speak as they spend every second of every day blasting Donald Trump…, and not focusing on those who “did” the violence.

In my opinion…, what happened in Charlottesville, VA was a FALSE FLAG…, most likely paid for by George Soros…, which places the blame for this event squarely on the Deep State and those elements within “agencies” that do not have America’s best interest at heart.

Jim Stone had this to say:

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