By: Bradley Loves

For those who have still not watched HOLOCAUST OF GIANTS…, or the UNHOLY SEE…, by Steve Quayle…, you may just want to check those out!

Honestly…, the dots are coming together so quickly and so perfectly now…, it’s almost hard “NOT” to know the truth!!

Firstly…, this video…, will give you some clues!

You see…, most of the Wars going on in the middle east are happening because the “Powers that Be” are desperate to continue the LIE.

They have been hiding the true history of the Planet for the last hundred years…, and they wish to continue HIDING IT!

The GIANTS are the biggest part of the DECEPTION in that they “refuse” to admit they are real…, they did exist…, AND played an astonishing role in the history of our planet.

The “alternative” history given to us all…, IS A CON!


The con is there to force all of the countries of the world into a LUCIFERIAN NEW WORLD ORDER!

Run by the Catholic Church…, and those who have infiltrated it…, they are part of the Luciferian Alliance. (Lucian Alliance).  (Lucy-On Alliance)

I can’t stress how much you all NEED to start checking into what Steve Quayle did in his research with the GIANTS!

For the very first time.., all of this is starting to MAKE SENSE!

The purpose of the SYRIA WAR is to continue to try to HIDE HISTORY!  

Or…, at least to control HISTORY.   That is why Bashar Al Assad “must” go…, in the eyes of the US Governement.

They “must” control the country of Syria.., in order to continue to cover up the TRUE HISTORY OF PLANET EARTH!!

Check out the HOLOCAUST OF GIANTS…, you’ll be glad you did!







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