By: Bradley Loves

I spent two months this summer doing anything and everything I could to earn money.

I roofed a house, fixed barn doors, built decks and custom showers, laid floors and then some.

I did all of that, so that I could continue to write, and continue to help mankind.

Raising donations simply does not seem to work too well for me, and even though a few really good hearted people donate regularly…, it is nothing more than a handful of souls that support this blog by sending money.

Because I did all of that work…, I now have enough to get me into the fall and pay all my bills.

So, I am back with a vengence…, and will continue to write and to help mankind to the best of my ability until once again…, the money runs out…, and I have to quit in order to earn MORE MONEY.

If this is what it takes to FREE HUMANITY…, then I will do what is necessary.

All my love….


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