By: Bradley Loves


Every day…, entering into the “blogosphere” is like entering into a PIT of pure sewage!

Far from being the abundant “blessing” of TRUTH TELLERS and WHISTLE BLOWERS that we used to have…, who really CARED about educating humanity…, we now have an ENDLESS (and it really is endless) parade of sickophants whose ONLY interest is stroking their own ego’s and tooting their own horns “online” in order to get noticed by their peer groups.

Their blogs run ENDLESS intrusive ads (in order to make money)…, and they seemingly publish ANYTHING from ANYWHERE…, on their personal sites all the while claiming that it is NOT their “responsibility” to weed through it all…, but instead they are providing the public with a great and grand “service” by giving them a huge selection of articles of every subject to read.

To those people, let me say this:  BULLSHIT!

That is absolute NEW AGE BULLSHIT!

YOU DO HAVE A RESPONSIBILITY FOR WHAT YOU THINK, SAY, AND DO…while you are here on Earth…, especially if you are going to have an “affect” on other people.

If you are one of those that are grabbing at every single story that comes along and putting it out there, and not even trying to decipher whether or not it is the TRUTH…, or worse…, you are just passing on lies…, then YOU are one of the people I’m talking about here.

We do have a responsibility to help each other…, and that includes taking REAL CARE not to mislead anyone who may not be as knowledgeable as you.

The idea that there is NO such thing as truth…, and that truth depends on your personal point of view is equally useless as the lame excuse that you are not responsible for the lives of others around you.., and is NEW AGE BULLSHIT and CHANNELED INFORMATION.

Not only do we have a responsibility to help each other…, we have a responsibility to keep each other from “falling” into the pit of darkness.  This means we do not “mislead” each other…, and we do not set “traps” of useless information for each other so that confusion is the ending result.

I’ve heard dozens of so-called spiritual people say:  “Well…, It’s up to the person who is doing the READING to decide whether or not what they read is TRUE FOR THEM.  I am not responsible for their enlightenment or their progress.  So, I have NO NEED to be careful of what I am publishing or printing or writing!”

Let me comment on this totally LAME…, and perfectly INSANE point of view by telling you what the truth really is:

We are our “Brothers Keepers…”

Many NEW AGE people think that “enlightenment” is meant to be done by each of us by OURSELVES…, with NO HELP from anyone…, and all I can say to those who think that…, is you’ve become INSANE!

There is NO man or woman who has ever achieved Enlightenment who has not had REAL HELP from countless people along their path…PERIOD (END OF STORY).

That means that in order to achieve the glory and the benefit of an expanded awareness and consciousness…, they got REAL HELP from REAL PEOPLE…, and had the benefit of REAL HONEST GUIDANCE.

NO ONE…, has ever done it ONLY by themselves.

The Alternative Media…, is filled with people who seemingly only want to put endless “CONTENT” up on their page…, and so, they are looking around everywhere each day trying to fill it with pretty much ANYTHING.

Let me give these people a hint:

Filling up the page is NOT your job…, instead, telling the TRUTH is your job…, PERIOD, end of story.

If you have not stumbled upon any real TRUTH today…, or verified any facts (for certain)…, then it is better for you and those you claim to be serving…, to write and publish NOTHING.


Now…, IF…, you think or wish to tell me that you just DONT CARE whether you print the truth or not…, and that I should mind my own business…, then THANK YOU for proving my point!


But then, please be aware…, You are anything BUT spiritual…, you are anything BUT loving…, and why are you doing this again?

You should be selling used cars…, not running an Internet Website.

There are endless examples of what I’m saying…, and dozens of blogs and websites that I could showcase here.  I will not throw stones directly at these unfortunate souls, but instead address this problem in general terms in this article on MY BLOG.

There are also dozens and dozens of stories that have come out in the last few days which are absolute fabrications and so far from REALITY that it makes me wonder how the people who write them can even walk around without bumping into walls.

Here’s a clue…, CHANNELED INFORMATION is the most “iffy” information out there, and there is no real way to prove it.  That is why ANY channeled information should be verified first by checking what is being said as much as possible.

Blind belief and blind faith are NOT VIRTUES!

They are stumbling blocks.

And the endless RV and Disclosure parade are not doing us any favors either!  To much speculation is being put out there and NOT ENOUGH FACTS.

Sadly…, the end of this piece has to address the plethora of men and women who have “joined up” with the CIA, NSA, and military psy-ops groups and are actually getting PAID to spread lies and dis-information.

They are on FACE BOOK…, Twitter…, and everywhere…, using their “talents” to spread as much useless information as they can.

THERE IS A SPECIAL PLACE IN HELL where all of these men and women (even if they were just following orders) will go to.

LIES AND DECIET is bad enough when it comes from those who want to take over the planet…, but for those who help them to achieve their dark goals ONLY to get a paycheck…, now that takes some REAL EVIL…, and REAL LACK of CARE.







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