By: Bradley Loves



(Verb)    to picture or represent in the mind; imagine; conceive.

Image =  I + Mage

(I am the Magician)


Imagine  = (Image + Engine)

Engine:  (Old Origins) 1250-1300; Middle English engin < Anglo-French, Old French < Latin – ingenium: nature, innate quality, especially mental power, hence a clever invention.

Imagination = (Image + Engine + -tion)

Imagination (The true meaning)

“I, a magician” – “using my true mental power” – “engage in the act of, or the state of doing”


  • Every “picture” is an IMAGE!
  • Every “image” is a CREATION!
  • Every “creation” is a potential REALITY!

Thus:  “reality” is created inside of THE MIND!

Everything begins with a “thought”…..


What you “see” as real…, outside of yourself…, is a “reality creation”  which at one time started out as a “thought”…..inside someone’s mind.

None of it…, is “THE TRUTH”,  instead, it is simply an out-picturing of what has been “imagined” and “created”…, by “someone”.

YOU as a sovereign and living being (A Creator) do not HAVE TO PARTICIPATE in the INSANE “imaginings” of a small handful of Dark Magicians!

(The “reality” that we are currently seeing on our World…, is the “out-picturing” of their warped imagination!)

By taking on…., and “believing” as real…,  ANY thoughts, ideas, and imagine-ings of “another being”  (instead of creating your OWN imagine-ings)…, then YOU are placing yourself directly into the CREATION of that “other” being.

You are “surrendering” YOUR personal abilities to create, and then giving those abilities away to someone else!

Even those of you who are “New Ager’s”…, and who sit at the feet of Channelers and Guru’s…, IF all you ever do is to “take on” their thoughts and their ideas as your own thoughts…, then you are surrendering YOUR personal power and ability to “create”…., to THAT other being!


If you “GIVE” something away…, then it is considered ABANDONED PROPERTY!

Anything that is “unclaimed” within a specified period of time is ABANDONED PROPERTY.

Once ANYTHING…, including personal property, things, “persons”, “children”, resources, talents, rights, freedoms, energy expended (including the work you do each and every day)…, has been determined to be ABANDONED…, then the Laws and “rights” of  SALVAGE APPLY!

According to the LAWS OF SALVAGE…, anything that is ABANDONED…, can be “claimed” by anyone who finds it.


Every “Image” is a “PROJECTION”…..

Projectionthe state, or fact of jutting out or protruding


1470-80; < Latin prōjectiōn- (stem of prōjectiō) a throwing forward

Every “Image” is a “PROJECTION”…..

Image and Projection = I + Mage…., throw forward into CREATION…., from my MIND.


Imagination does NOT take place inside your head!   This can be PROVEN!

It is…, “projected” OUTSIDE of your head…, into the space around you!

The happens via the fiber optic  “conduit” called the “third eye” by oriental traditions.

Practice Exercise:

Find a place to sit where you are undisturbed and it is very quiet.

Close your eyes and breath slowly, getting very calm.

Choose a very familiar object that you know very well…, and can “picture” easily in your mind

Example:  An Apple, an Orange…, or a flower….

Imagine (Visualize) this “object” very carefully…, putting your focus and concentration into “seeing it” as clearly as you possibly can with your eyes closed.

Keep working until the object is as clear (or as real) as you can get it.


Keep your eyes closed.

Lift your hand (right or left does not matter) and place it directly in front of your forehead, making sure that it is approximately  1 1/2  to  2 feet away, or 18 to 20 inches.

Very slowly (and patiently) move your hand closer and closer to your forehead…, (third eye) while at the same time keeping the IMAGE of whatever you pictured in your mind.

At some point you will “sense” that your hand has passed through the image before your hand reaches your forehead.

The reason you will “sense this”…, is due to the fact that your “IMAGINATION” is a “PROJECTION”

Emanating from YOU as the SOURCE…, any “IMAGE” you choose to hold in your mind…, gets PROJECTED…, into the MAGNETIC FIELD of manifestation around you!


The ability to make “manifest” anything in the physical realm…, starts with YOUR IMAGINATION!

There is more…, but this is enough for NOW!

This is why I have said over and over again…, that MIND CONTROL…, or the “planting” of images into the minds of the masses of people on Earth…, has the affect of USING THEM to “force create” a Negative Reality!

My friends…, please think on these things!







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