By: Bradley Loves


Everything on this “f’d” up planet is a CONTRACT!

Because the BANK has a “Birth Certificate” with your stolen name put into all capital letters…, every single thing that you THINK, SAY, and DO…, becomes a contract in the world of commerce!

Just because you don’t know this…, does not mean that you are not being affected by it.

For Example:

The simple “act” of walking into a Catholic Church…, and participating in the “celebration” of their “mass” is an IMPLIED CONTRACT!

By participating in their mass…, you are giving NOTICE (implied) that you believe as they believe…, and that your heart, mind, and soul can be USED as conductive ENERGY in support of the CATHOLIC AGENDA.

The steeple on a church is in fact an antenna…, and the conscious energy that is generated inside the building while you are there with others, becomes HAVESTABLE ENERGY.

Who gets that energy??

Who has a right to “claim” the generated group energy that is created inside of that building?

Have you ever stopped to think about this?

Oh…, but wait…, you don’t even know about the HIDDEN SCIENCE of electro-magnetics, and/or how consciousness actually holds a “charge”.

You probably don’t know that the Draco and the Archons (higher dimensional entities) use all of humanity as batteries in the creation of a 4th dimensional substance called: LOOSH

You probably don’t know that LOOSH is a drug of sorts…, and is highly valued and sold for profit all across the Universe!

You probably don’t know that LOOSH is harvested on a level that you can not see…, and that very “strong negative emotions” which include sadness, dispare, hate, agression, desperation, and other forms of negative polarity emotions.

In addition to all of this.., you probably don’t know that even the “act” of going into a Public Building…, (as those in Washington DC)  most of which sit directy on top of major Ley Lines…, is creating an implied contract to give away your “life energy” to the hidden harvesters who own and run that building.

The technology to HARVEST ENERGY is both ancient and everywhere!

Secret Societies…, which have been around since the days of Babylon…, have access to the knowledge of the Ancient Mystery Schools…, and know very well HOW to harvest Energy from people.

The only way you are ever going to really start to “catch up” with what is really going on here on Earth is to start researching ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE and thinking clearly about CONTRACT and CONSENT!

What is it that you are DOING with your time?  Where are you going each and every day?  What “actions” are you taking that may in fact be giving IMPLIED CONSENT to “Earth’s Evil Masters” who then “PRESUME” that you are giving permission to them to rape and steal your personal ENERGY?

I will be writing MORE about this very important concept…, and showing you why every single thing that is happening in the world of politics (think USA) is actually designed to create EXTREME forms of polarity among the Earth’s people so that large amounts of harvestable LOOSH can be created.

Now…, take the EVIL idea of harvesting energy from unsuspecting human beings…, and place it directly into a realm where GOD who created all of us gave us FREEWILL.

You’ve got quite a problem for the energy harvesters.

This is where IMPLIED CONSENT then becomes very important for these messed up entities.

They gave the Earth a “legal system” (as opposed to lawful) which bases absolutely every single thing on


This means that every single solitary thing that you THINK, SAY, and DO has got to be heavily monitored by YOU…, and every detail of your life considered BEFORE you act, in order to make sure you are not creating a CONTRACT to do something you don’t want, or give permission for something you don’t want.


Then work hard to inform everyone around you that this is what is going on…, so that collectively we can CHANGE IT!

The “rabbit hole” only gets deeper from this time on!

I will be writing more on this subject!

All my love….

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  1. megan reid

    Humanity have not done anything wrong at all, for they never had the chance of free will or choice right from the start. But now……. we have a chance to change that, SO LET’S DO IT!!

    WAKE UP!!!!!!!

  2. megan reid

    Implied consent is based on the fact that they “know” and YOU don’t! It’s all trickery! The true creative source is not fooled by this and it doesn’t let the perpertraitors off the hook at all. True consent can only be given once truth and understanding has been FULLY given and accepted! It is very convenient for the evil ones to claim ” they (us) had a choice” when it is crystal clear that we never did because of lies, deceit, mind control, dark magic etc. Not to mention the fact that everything surrounding us is false including the so called DOG that everyone worships in some form or another!

    They have tricked and conned us all but they can never trick or con SOURCE our true creator! so their please of “they wanted us to do it” and “they agreed to it” simply will not stand at all.
    They will all reap what they have sown!

  3. Phil Morrison

    My question is am I wrong in my assumption?

  4. Phil Morrison

    Hello Bradley, my comment has nothing to do with this post! I stopped going to church some 10 years ago, I didn’t feel comfortable reciting the apostles or the niceene crede, community has always been bizarre to me even as a young child! Also I stopped praying before that, seemed like my prayers were misconstrued in some way! My question to you is , can meditation and prayer be intercepted in any way? Seems like mine have been!

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