By: Bradley Loves

This post (found on a “disclosure sight” that runs just as many FALSE stories as True ones) is good background material and is why I’m posting the link.

I had the unenviable experience of having a full 15 minute on-line exchange with the person who went by the name: HIDDEN HAND.

I did it at the time all of this was originally coming out.

Yes…, even back then I was doing research…, and this man (I’m almost positive he was male) basically said he “liked” the well thought out and intelligent questions that I had submitted for him to answer…, and that is why he was willing to speak to me individually. He liked the fact that I “challenged him” (politely) while not believing everything he had to say.

Our 15 minute exchange over instant messaging was an eye-opener into how these guys truly think.  Even though I was polite in our exchange…, I found him to be extremely arrogant to the max…, condescending like no other person I’d ever met…, and had his nose so high in the air…, you could have hung a communications satellite on it.

That being said…, I feel it is important to read the hidden hand stuff (not because it is ALL TRUE) but because it shows you HOW these people think, what they believe in…, and what makes them do what they do.

HERE is a link to the disclosure site:

Hidden Hand Dialogue reveals Extraterrestrial factor in Illuminati control of Earth

Here is the source he says he used:

Happy reading.






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