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He said that the American generals would do anything to get technology transfers. Generals would permit Tall Whites  to kill service men if they were offended, threatened or harmed. He described an incident in his book where a serviceman had to beg for his life when he yelled at a Tall White child.


He explained an incident back in Sept 1965 near the mountain at Indian Springs where the Tall Whites  had their main hangar. One of the cover stories for sightings of Tall Whites  was that they were big horn sheep in the desert. One hunter wanted to shoot one of the ’sheep’ and rented horses and went with his friend. The hunters eventually separated, and one hunter went near the hangar where the Tall Whites  are based, and took a shot at one of the kids. The Tall Whites  grabbed him and handed him to the human guards who were military personnel. The human guards shot him [where he stood] and gave a cover story for his accidental death.


Q. You say that the Generals were desperate for technology exchange with Tall Whites , why do you say that?

They would do anything to maintain good relations with Tall Whites  to get technology.
The Tall White ’Teacher’ had conversations with Charles that demonstrated this. American generals wouldn’t stop Tall Whites  if they were intent on killing servicemen who had hurt any Tall White child….

Are we starting to get the picture yet!  One of the MAIN reasons they would kill (on the spot) is if you threatened one of their children!

The American Generals…, had learned to “stand down” and simply do nothing and let the TALL WHITES demonstrate how they dealt with people who threatened their young!

Some of the American Service men at that time may have thought that “abusing” a child (as long as they didn’t kill them) was okay…, BUT NOT TO THE TALL WHITES!

He doesn’t pull any punches in describing the intimidating behavior of the Tall Whites , and their readiness to use deadly force to protect themselves and especially their children against potential threats – intended or otherwise. Even surprising or scaring Tall White children could lead to Tall White adults intimidating humans with their advanced weaponry as his book makes clear.


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